Tuesday, April 21, 2009

So how is everyone doing? Anything fun for spring break? I'm sure it was nice just to have a break from school.

So we really got a new dog. Wow, I'm really surprised about it. Did you get it for Whitney? I'm sure that everyone is having a lot of fun with it, especially Morgan and Whitney. I can only imagine. What do you think of it?

Everything is going well over here for the most part. It is getting a little old sitting in class 10 hours a day but that's what I expected. All the guys in my district are really great and I'm getting along with my companion really well. We all have a lot of fun together. Japanese is hard but I am really coming along and have already caught up to some of the guys.

Anyways, everything else is pretty much normal here. Hopefully the field will open this week and we can go outside for gym time. Our sempi (the guys that were here when we got here) leave on Monday. Man I can't believe I've been here for 4 weeks, its flown by so fast. I got to say goodbye to Grandpa and Grandma they seemed really excited. I'm sure they are doing great, I'm sending them a letter this week. Can't wait to hear back from them.

Thank you so much for the cookies, they were really good and reminded me of home. I also just found the starburst jellybeans in the bottom of my Easter basket that was totally awesome. They are one of my favorites. Thanks for Trents address too.

I've seen Jake a few times and he seems to be doing great. He is worried about the language just like everyone else. I'm sure he will do fine. You really learn fast here and it isn't because your doing it yourself. There is no way I could have learned as much as I have so far anywhere else, it's pretty cool. He said he saw you in the temple the other day. I bet it was awesome.

Our teachers told us that it is a really good idea to bring pitures of our family, friends, house, pets and whatever else we want because the Japanese people LOVE it. I asked Whitney and Derrick to get me some more but if you have any favorites you want to send that would be great too.

Oh, let me know where Joe ends up, I can't wait to hear.

Well, guys, I hope you know that I love you so much and I don't know where I'd be without you all. I really appreciate everything that you have done to help me get here.

I gotta go, but can't wait to hear from you. I'm doing great, having fun and learning a ton.

Love you,


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