Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Well this was my first week. The first day was by far the worst day of the week. We sat around in our room for an hour and a half not doing anything, but I did get to meet my companion. His name is Buerger Choro (elder). He's from York, Penn. He's had 3 years of Japanese in High School and a semester at BYU.

We had a bunch of devotionals and meetings explaining whats going to happen during the next 11 weeks. I saw Trent at dinner and got to talk to him. That was cool. The next day we actually got to meet our teachers and start class. We got to know our district better too. We have 6 total elders in our district and all of them, except me, have had Japanese (nihongo) in high school. I'm already feeling behind but am trying my best to work hard to catch up to them. We had more big meetings that day and class. We learned how to pray, ask what is your name and where are you from. I started to memorize my Hirrangana which is what they use to write sounds for their language.

There are 3 alphabets, Katakana which is used for non-native words. Hirrangana is for native words. Kanji is for actual words like book or computer. I have all my Hirrangana down and am learning how to write it now. Hope that explanation made sense, probably didn't but that's my take on it.

The third day (Saturday) I finally saw Burns at dinner which was cool and got to talk to him. Still the same Burns but he can speak Norweigan which is crazy sounding. Trent is still the same and makes me laugh. Lots of class on Saturday and I'm starting to get the grove of things.

Sunday was fun. We had lots of study time, which is great because I need to try to catch up. We had mission conference and heard talks from the mission presidency. We had Sacrament Meeting and then another devotional. I saw both Burns and Trent there and so we got our picture together. I'll send it to you when I have time. Burn's companion is huge. The pictures do not do justice. It was so awesome. We watched testament after that and got to relax for a bit.

Yesterday (Mon) was our first day on our real MTC schdule which is class and a LGM (large group meeting) and gym. Gym is fun. You can play basketball, volleyball, four square or just workout. Nice tomove around and use some energy. After conference weekend the field will be open to play soccer!

Well that's pretty much what's happened in the last week. Alot of class. The food isn't great, but it works. The milk is good so I will be alright.

I really appreciate the letters I got during the week from Whitney and Derrick. Aunt Cami sent me one too. Ask her in a few days if she got my letter. The only thing I need right now is an address list which I won't need until Tuesday.

Ok, well Love you guys and miss you a lot. I'll leave you with a little nihongo. Iesu Kirisuto kyokai no shienkyoshi desu. (I am a missionary of the church of Christ).

Love you


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