Sunday, December 19, 2010

Hey how is everyone?

Well, I had the craziest phone call ever this morning. I got a call from the mission office telling me they were buying my tickets and wanted to know where I wanted to fly into. Yeah crazy huh. I told them SLC of course and that our ward had split and some other info but yeah it was pretty weird. Once Christmas is over I only have around 3 months so I guess they have to get that stuff started pretty early but its still just weird to think about.

Anyways this week was a bit better. Last P-day we ended up running around almost all day getting stuff. I actually found a place where I can get that Protein powder. If you already got some don't worry about it but if you haven't don't worry about sending it or anything. Also got some weights too and am trying to work our 30 to 40 min a day. If I keep it up for the next 2 transfers I think I will get into pretty good shape. We also found 2 investigators after p day so that was pretty exciting.

Tuesday - We headed out in the morning for an exchange with the District Leader. I went with him in his area he is from New Zealand and way fun guy. We had a blast and were able to find a new investigator which was pretty sweet.

Wednesday - We had District Mtg. and were suppose to head back home to my area but one of their investigators needed to be interviewed for baptism. We had a lesson back in our area so we just extended our exchange for another day. The guy ended up canceling and moving it to the next day. It worked out and we found another guy that night which was awesome.

Thursday - We were suppose to have his interview at 10:00am but he ended up having some problems coming from Osaka and didn't get there until around 3:00 in the afternoon. It was pretty annoying but I interviewed him and had a great interview. He really just wanted to be clean and free from his sins and mistakes. I felt that he was ready to be baptized and passed him. We were able to get back to my area that night to it snowing. It didn't stick but it was coming down like crazy.

Friday - We had a pretty normal day. We taught a guy named Kawami. My comp found him last transfer and has taught him everything but he can't come to church because he has to take care of his wife everyday. He doesn't really listen to us and just talks about a bunch of random stuff. Its really tough and frustrating teaching him. If we could get him to church we probably could baptize him but right now it looks pretty tough. We will see what happens. We also found another guy later that day who agreed to meet with us.

Sat. - We did another lesson with Kawami with a member that ended up being a waste of an hour. The member was pretty frustrated too. Hopefully things can turn around for him but we will see what happens. Other than that it was a pretty boring day. We went out and were able to get one kid to make an appointment for the next day but he ended up not coming which was a disappointing.

Sun - Church was good. The branch is pretty small and only around 20-25 people but they are all really nice. I gave a talk about Christ and his gospel that turned out alright. We were able to talk to one kid later that day and he made an iffy appointment that hopefully will go through.

So it was an alright week. Hopefully we can get some stuff going soon we don't have anyone that looks like they are going to baptized but hopefully we can find them in the next few days. I got both of your Christmas packages thanks a ton! We have a Christmas tree in the house and I got it out and put all the presents underneath it. I am even going to wait all the way until Saturday you gotta be proud of me.

For Christmas calls just give me a call at 11:00 my time. I will just wait for you if you can't figure it out because I don't think we are allowed to call. They are only allowing one hour this year which is sad but it will have to do.

Well I will talk to you all on Saturday I am way excited. Thanks for all the presents

Love you tons

Sunday, December 12, 2010


So I am sending you this email from a new area called Toyooka. Its a pretty interesting place, really different than anywhere I have served before. Its probably the 2nd most countryside area in the mission. We can't street or really do tracting in the city part at all so its different than what I am use to. It is also the coldest area in the entire mission and is right by the Japan Sea. It apparently snows like 1 1/2 feet of snow around the middle of January until the middle of march. Yeah pretty crazy huh. I guess the elders that serve here end up just walking around alot or crashing on the bikes. They have giant snow boots in the apt so I should be ok when the snow comes. My new comp is Elder Hoffman he is from the Layton area. We are zone leaders for our zone which is doing really good. He is only one transfer above me and goes home next transfer. My guess is that I will be his last comp.

Anyways the last few days in Wakayama were good. We were able to get a few lessons with some people that I am sad to let go but I know my past comp. is a great missionary and will take care of them well I am sure. Other than that not a lot really happened there.

I transferred to Toyooka on Thursday and got here in the afternoon. I was way surprised at how countryside it was. Definately not the Japan I am use to. We actually live in a house which is kind of cool. On the down side its way too big. Japanese houses don't have central heating or air and the insulation is really bad so we only stay on the first floor but its a nice change from living in an apt. building for once.

The area is struggling it seems. We only have 2 investigators right now and both have a lot of problems that we need to help them work out. One is a high school kid and his parents don't want him to go to church. We had a lesson with him that went alright. He has a date for 12/26 but its going to be pretty hard for him to meet that goal. Another one of our investigators is named kawami. He was found last transfer and is pretty much ready to get baptized except that he is caring for his wife that has Parkinson and he can't leave his house. He stays inside all day and can't come to church so we can't baptize him. Kind of frustrating but nothing we can really do. We are trying to find a way to help him out but it seems pretty helpless at the moment but we will see how it goes.

We have a lot of work to do. Hopefully we can get things going again here but with winter coming and it getting colder and colder it will be a big job that's for sure. I know that I told you that I didn't need any new clothes which if I went to any area besides Toyooka would have been right but yeah didn't expect it at all. I need some big warm gloves that are water proof. It rains pretty much every other day here so they need to be water proof. Also if I could get some big winter socks that would be awesome too. Other than that I have all the other stuff, coats, long johns, scarf, hat, etc. I went to the mission home and grabbed a bunch of stuff that missionaries left when they went home so no worries other than those things. I think thats all i need. Sorry i wish i would have told you all this before you sent all of those packages.

Oh yeah Christmas calls are coming up aren't they, if you could give me a call around 11:00 my time that would work out with my comps family and their time. If something changes I will let you know next week. I will find more about the whole number thing and how it works but you all seemed to figure out how it works last time. I think the number you need to type in before is 81 and leave the first 0 out of 080 or something like that but I am sure you can figure it out.

Anyways thanks for everything. I am excited to be in my new area, a little worried but I think it will all work out.

Love you tons

Sunday, December 5, 2010


Man, I can't believe that it is already December. Honestly doesn't feel like Christmas at all around here except for the music they play in the super markets but other than that its a weird feeling.

So we had an amazing baptism on Sunday. Everything went really well with Brother Horimoto and we got him baptized. I had the wonderful chance to baptism him which was great. He gave a really good testimony about how if he didn't meet the missionaries he would never have been able to come back to God. He also bore a great testimony about how Christ is his savior and how he knows he can be saved through his atonement and stuff. It was way cool. I had always wanted to find someone and see them go all the way from meeting them on the street up until the waters of baptism and I was blessed to see it. He just got the Aronic (SP?) priesthood yesterday and is really doing great. I can't wait to see him grow. Great guy.

After his baptism we had an amazing Sunday. We had 4 other investigators there and they all made a lot of good friends there. We were also able to find a guy who agreed to let us teach his family the next Sunday which we were super excited about.

Anyways after Sunday we headed out on the 6:10 train to Kobe and spent the next 4 days out there. Man it was a long 4 days but I learned a ton and my testimony grew a lot. I got to see Elder Bureger my MTC comp which was a ton of fun. He is doing good and is serving in Kyoto a way cool place. Later at Zone Leader Conference I got to meet Elder Mcburney which is fun like always he was pretty excited about the package he got and says thanks. I got to stay overnight for 2 nights in Akashi apt. my 2nd area so it was fun getting to do some streeting and go back and see the apt. there. Brought back a lot of memories.

After being in Kobe for most of the week we headed back home and started up again on Friday and we had a lesson with a guy named Didy. His parents are from the Congo but has grown up in Japan and France most of his life. Way cool guy and has lots of questions about god and why we are here and stuff. He was amazed that we can have a relationship with god through prayer and stuff. We were able to set a date for his baptism on the 25th of December hopefully he does well.

We had a few lessons the next day but they got canceled so we did finding most of the day. In Japan we are not allowed to contact women or try to introduce them to the gospel on the street and stuff so we only contact guys but anyways I went up and contacted this guy and started talking to him. I thought that his voice sounded really girly but the way he spoke didn't sound like a girl so I kept going but my comp. kept acting a little different and then I realized that I had just contacted a girl....yeah she was wearing guy clothes and had a guy haircut and was purposly talking like a guy normally would but was a girl. Yeah pretty embarrassing but it made us laugh.

Later we went out to this park/beach place and met a few fishermen. They were way cool and let us throw a few casts into the ocean. Sorry to disappoint you dad didn't catch anything but it was fun. After that we headed back home and had dinner with one of our english students and his kids which was a blast. He fed us sushi and pizza which was way way good. He is super into buddhism and talked about it straight for like 15 min. using tons of hard japanese that neither of us could understand. Loves the missionaries and his family was great.

Sunday was good too. We had planned for 9 people to come to church and were pretty excited but not a single one showed up. Crazy huh. Then out of the blue some little old lady that we always say hi to on the way from the apt showed up. We had invited her to church 2 weeks ago and she said she would go. To tell you the truth we had forgotten about her but she had a great time and said she would come next week. Afterwords we were able to teach the Manago family. They don't have tons of interest but the lesson went alright The dad is a policeman and they are really discouraged in Japan to join religion which is stupid so we will have to work around that. The wife seems to have alot of interest and wants to hear more so hopefully it goes well. We will be going back this week.

So getting that letter from Austen was crazy. I only have a little over 4 months and today is Brandons last Pday. Man its so crazy. Things have just flown by. This week is transfers sorry if there was any confusion but I will find out if I am transferring tomorrow but my bet is that I am. We will see what happens.

Thanks for everything Love you

Sunday, November 21, 2010

So it was another good week.

Last we headed out to a nearby temple and took some pictures.
My comp is way into photography and is way good so we got some pretty good ones I will try to send a few to you today. Hope you like them.

We were way busy this week with all sorts of splits and lessons and stuff I think I will just go over the main stuff.

We had 3 lessons with Horimoto this week and he is going to be baptized next week! Yeah way excited for him. He has a problem with tobacco and we had lesson with him about it and the spirit was super strong. He wanted to follow god and his teachings but said it would be really hard for him to quit so we took a few minutes and all prayed together and when we were done he looked up and said he had made his decision. To quit and follow what god wants him to do. A way spiritual lesson and it was way cool to see one of our investigators so determined to follow what the Lord wants him to do. This week we will have his interview which he should do just fine getting through and then have his service on Sunday.

I went on a few splits around Osaka which was fun. Able to find some investigators in different areas which hopefully will help them. One of the districts is having a lot of problems hopefully we can help them out this coming week.

One of the families we found Yamamoto we were suppose to have a lesson with. We got to meet the husband and he tried to tell us that he didn't have interest but we started talking with him and he ended up having some interest after all and we were able to set up another appointment that is a little shaky. We will see what happens I guess this coming week hopefully it all works out.

Anyways other than that this week was pretty normal. I was out of the area quite a bit and next week we will only be in our area for around 2 days. We have a Leadership training mtg and zone leader council so we will be in Kobe for 4 days. I will not be having prep day on Monday next week but Sat. the 4th of Dec. So yeah I wont be sending you and email next Monday but on sat.

Anyways thanks for all the stuff with school its way awesome that you did that for me. As for the Christmas package I don't need much. I would rather you put money in my account so I can buy stuff to take home or things when I get back to tell you the truth but candy and maybe a CD or two that is on the list that i sent you would be great. Don't worry about any clothes or anything. Oh and I do need toothpaste just one tube should be fine. Can't believe its already that time again. Transfer will be over in 2 weeks way crazy.

Love you tons

Sunday, November 14, 2010


Another great week down in Wakayama. It has got to be one of my favorite
if not my favorite area so far. People are way nice and it just seems to be easy to find people.

On Monday night after Prep. we headed out to do some housing. During most of my mission I haven't had much luck with housing but for some reason here in Wakayama we are doing really well with it. We were able to find 2 Families! Way cool. Teaching families in our mission is super rare so we are way excited. It was a great way to start the week off.

Tuesday - We ran around a lot doing different stuff and it wasn't the most productive day in the world. We went back to one of the families to see if her husband said it would be ok for us to come over the next day. Turns out he has work but said it would be fine for us to come the next week. She also gave us a bunch of Mandrin Oranges because she felt bad. Way nice. I can't wait to teach them. They have a daughter that looks like she is one or two years old so we are pretty excited.
The lesson will be this Wednesday.

Wednesday - We had District Mtg. and then went out streeting. We tried hard but didn't have a ton of luck unfortunately.

Thursday - We headed out to Tanabe first thing in the morning. It was a ton of fun going back to see one of my old areas. It really brought back a ton of memories and I even got to meet some of the members and random people I knew back when I was there. One of the members brought some sushi over to the apt. later that night which was way nice of him. We were able to find around 7 new investigators with all 4 missionaries so it was way awesome. I did a split with Elder Chappell's comp. who is a great missionary. Elder Chappell is an awesome missionary and it was way fun to see him.

Friday - We headed out to the area below Tanabe, Shingu. It's way far away about 3 hours from Tanabe and 5 from Wakayama. It was fun to go down there and see those elders. We didn't have as much luck as in Tanabe and were not able to find but we were able to improve on some of the things we focused on which was nice.

Sat. - We took the 5 hour train back home and got back in time to teach Horimoto a lesson. We taught Tithing, Fasting and Lesson 3 (Christs Gospel) and he accepted it all. He is looking really solid and will most likely be baptized on the 28th from what it looks like.

He really believes that we found him through Gods guidance and that God reached out to him again which is totally true. I love the guy a ton and am way grateful that I have had this chance to teach him.

We also went out to eat with Shinta. He has been feeling alot of pressure lately so we decided to just go out to eat as friends and not pressure him so much with a lesson. We got to be better friends and invited him to come to church the next day.

Sunday - Horimoto was suppose to come to church but felt sick or something like that so he couldn't make it. Hopefully he is ok and nothing is wrong. We will meet him on Tuesday. Shinta came to church and it seemed like he had a good time. After church we went out streeting and were able to get 2 there. We also did some housing afterwords and got one new investigator there.

Later that night we didn't have much time and were waiting for an investigator to show up and we got a call from the AP. He had a few questions for us and told us that he had just gotten done doing a baptismal interview for a family of 4 and that they were all going to be baptized the next week. We honestly were way jealous and after the call said a prayer so that we could find a family in the last 15 min.
we had. We hopped on our bikes and took off down a street near the church to knock on a few doors. Of course the road I took turned out to be dead end so we just decided to do it because we only had a few minutes. We started and got rejected a few times and then we knocked on one door that was way awesome. We told her who we were through the intercom and she came running outside and said she knew who we were and stuff and said we could come back some time. She has 2 kids and a husband. Of course she has to check with her husband but we are way excited. Our prayer was totally answered and we were guided down a street that seemed like a waste of time but turned out to be where we needed to be. Great way to end the week.

So it was a good busy week. This next week is pretty open. We have 2 splits but they will be in our area so it will be a nice break. We should be getting Horimoto's interview done so we can hopefully see if he is ready or not.
Things are going awesome and I love Wakayama its the best

Tell whit thanks for the letter and I will try to get one off soon as a I can.

Love you tons

Sunday, November 7, 2010


Sounds like a crazy week. Good for springville beating Timpview and humbling them a bit. I bet its nice to see springville with a nice team for once.

So this was a way crazy, busy, awesome week.

Tuesday we had Zone Leader Conference in Kobe which is always a blast.
We had a lot of big discussions and talked about how we can make the mission better and what direction we need to go. We were in Kobe all day and didn't get any time to do any work in our area.

Wednesday we headed back and had an exchange with the elders in the next area to us. We had an alright time and were able to find one investigator which was cool.

Thursday - We had District Meeting which is always a blast. One of my comps from when I was in Habikino Elder Draper is in my district again so it was a ton of fun to see him and talk about being in Habikino together. He of course wanted to know what happened to all the investigators we had together and stuff so it was fun.
We also had a lesson that night with one of our investigators that is committed to baptism named Shotaro. We taught him The plan of Salvation and it went really well. We also taught him the Word of Wisdom and he is going to keep it from now on. He really had tons of good questions during the lesson and is reading the BOM and Praying everyday. Really prepared and we are excited to see where he goes.

Friday - We had another exchange this time in Osaka in an area called Senboku we both went down and worked with the 2 other missionaries in their area. It was pretty fun and we had a good time. We were able to find some new investigators for them to teach so we felt good about the exchange.

Sat. - I woke up on time and the first thing my comp. said to me was `we have a problem` turns out he had been throwing up since 2 in the morning until 6:30. We ate at a Chinese place the day before after District Mtg. and he had something bad and got way bad food poising. We had 4 lessons that day so we took our time going back home and had the Elders in the area next to us come back over and help us get them done.

I taught while 1 elder and my comp stayed in the apt. The first lesson we had to cancel but we made it in time for the 2nd.
We taught Horimoto again and it went way well. We started the Plan of Salvation and also the Wow. He said the WOW would be hard but he is going to do it. He has a way strong testimony of Christ and is saying that he really feels like this is god reaching out to him and bringing him back to church. He really loves church and talking to us and is doing amazing. We totally were lead to him and he is way prepared. Later that night we taught another lesson but he didn't have much interest and decided to stop after that.

Sunday - Way good day. My comp had gotten mostly better so we headed over to church and taught Horimoto again. Finished up plan of salvation and just kind of talked. He is way golden. We had Sunday school with him where we learned about tithing which he is fine with.

We have Sacrament last in this ward and it was testimony mtg. We were able to get 2 other investigators there for sac. mtg. so we were pretty happy about that. (Shinta and Shotaro came). Since it was Shotaros first time we sat with him and had members sit with Shinta and Horimoto. About halfway through sac. mtg. I heard some get up and go up and it was our investigator Horimoto. Yeah i was pretty scared but he bore a way awesome testimony about Jesus Christ and how he is his savior. Man you should have seen the faces of the members as he got up there it was the best. Everyone was way impressed and really warmed up to him after that. He should if he doesn't have any problems get baptized in 2 or 3 weeks.

Shotaro and Shinta both liked it and had a good time. After sac. mtg.
there was a baptism for a 8 year old girl and Shotaro went. At the end they have everyone go up and congratulate her and shake her hand and when Shotaro shook her hand he said `I want to get baptized like you and even though your only 8 you are my sempi (Means like senior kind of if you translate it) way cool. He is looking really good but is way busy so it might take him a little longer.
We were able to find 1 more investigator that day so it was good.

So a way good week. My poor comp. puked his guts out but is doing fine now that its all out of him. Yeah he is a half his mom is full Japanese. We get along way good and are having a good time. This next week I get to go back to Tanabe on an exchange so I am way excited.
Its going to be a ton of fun.

Thanks for everything Love you tons

Monday, November 1, 2010

It was a way good week to start off the transfer. I have a new comp and his name is Elder Everett. A really good missionary from Syracuse, Utah. He actually use to live on the Duplex street around the same time we were there too.

Anyways I don't have a ton of time but I will write down some of the highpoints of the week.

So last week Elder Muraoka and I found this guy named Horimoto and set up an appointment with him. It was a little iffy if he would come or not but he showed up. Elder Everett and I took him to the church and started our lesson and tour. We found out that he had gone to church for around 8 or 9 years when he was younger and was feeling like he needed to go back lately and since we invited him he decided to go. It was pretty easy to teach him and we hit pretty hard on the restoration and the need for authority that was restored through Joseph Smith. We committed him to be baptized by someone holding that authority for 11/28 and he accepted. He also came the church the next day and hit off great with the members. He is looking really good and we can't wait to keep on teaching him.

We also had a first lesson with a 21 year old guy named Shotaro. He showed up to his lesson in a suit so we were pretty surprised and when we started teaching he asked us what we talked about. We told him we talk about God and how we can learn if he is there or not and he replied I really really want to know please tell me… yeah pretty awesome way to start off a lesson. Anyways he asked tons of good question and is really really prepared for the gospel. He just needs faith and the experience now. We also committed him for the 28th and he accepted. He is doing great and already reading and praying.

Wha’ts crazy is that both of those lessons happened in the same day and during that day we found 6 new investigators. It was probably one of the most successful days of my mission easy.

We had a really good starting week and were able to find 12 new investigators and up our people that are committed to baptism to 6 so we are pretty happy with how its going at the moment but we should see some more good stuff this week.

This next transfer is going to fly by and be just as busy as the last I think. We have alot of exchanges planned and we have a few meetings that we have to go to so we should stay pretty busy.
I got your package this week which was awesome. Thanks so much. Did Derrick and Whit get my letters? Hopefully they write me back soon.

Love you tons thanks for everything

Sunday, October 24, 2010


Thanks for doing that BYU stuff for me. I will try to figure out the whole print out stuff hopefully we can get this all done in time. I will try to print it out today. Man, I need to find time for the essays too. Crazy, I don't have time.

So it was a pretty good week.

Our zone has been having a tough time so we took 3 days out of the week and did a bunch of different exchanges which helped a ton. We are going to try to take a new route with the zone and hopefully things get better. We will be having transfers this week so that should help things change a bit also but we were able to see more success in the zone.

We were able to get 2 more people committed to baptism this week which was pretty cool. Shinta didn't go through but we re committed him and he came to church he should get baptized this next coming month pretty easy.

I can't believe that this transfer is already over. I will be saying good bye to Elder Muraoka which is way sad. I really have had a good time being his comp and he is an amazing missionary. One of the best I have ever been with, I will miss him for sure. I obviously won't be transferring but someone will come and take his spot this thursday. Its kind of weird sending someone home again did the same thing a year ago.

Sorry this is so short, but I'm running out of time. Oh yeah as for Kaori I do know the Yabutani's. One of their sons Kou is letting us teach his girlfriend he is way cool. I actually did an exchange in Sennan this week. I didn't get to visit Sister Fujita's house but I plan on doing it this next coming transfer sometime. It will be a lot of fun. I have been writing Brandon my whole mission and he seems to be doing pretty good.

I am excited for the package, I am sure that it will be great. I sent both Whit and Derrick letters last week so they should get their sometime this week. It is always tons of fun getting them from them.

Love you all tons

Sunday, October 17, 2010


We had a pretty good week this week. Got some new people and also had a cool meeting with Elder Aoyagi from the seventy.

Monday - We had P-day nothing really special had some fun. Afterwords we went out streeting and tried real hard and found 3 investigators which was way sweet. Pretty excited about it.

Tuesday - We had another busy day. We had to go to a Stake meeting an hour away for our Zone and report on how the Zone is doing and whats going on. We did that at night and before then we did a bunch of finding and were able to make appointments with 2 other people. We also visited the Sawamura family we baptized their son this transfer and talked to them about visiting him while he is in the hospital. We are really hoping that we can start teaching them the lessons and get them interested in the gospel. They said sometime they really want to come so we just need to get it done.

Wednesday - I had an exchange with an elder in our zone. We had a good time and were able to find one investigator. We also taught a lesson to a guy that didn't have a lot of interest and didn't want to meet again but oh well I guess it happens sometimes.

Thursday - We were able to visit Brother Sawamura in the hospital and finally get the confirmation done. We were pretty worried about not being able to get it done so its a pretty big relief now that its all done and over with. He should be getting out around the first of Nov. so hopefully around then he can start actively coming to church more.

We also had a lesson with Shinta which went pretty well. He is still thinking about being baptized and if everything goes well he should go through this next coming Sunday. We are pretty excited for him.

Friday - We had a really cool zone conference where Elder Aoyagi came and talked to us. Before the meeting he wanted to interview as many missionaries as possible. I happened to be one of them, and was pretty nervous but it only ended up being like 4 or 5 min. long and just asked me to talk about my mission. It was a great meeting and awesome to hear from a general authority. It was pretty fun.
After that I went out to Osaka to do another exchange.

Sat. - Spent most of the day in Osaka doing an exchange and after that we headed home and had a lesson with a guy named Onishi. He was kind of weird and did some weird stuff during the lesson like go to the bathroom 3 times but he accepted to be baptized on the 14th of Nov. He says he wants to change his life and stuff so hopefully it all works out with him.

Sun. - Sunday was awesome. One of the members brought his G/F to conference last week and she really liked it so she came again and we did a lesson. We taught her about Christ and baptism and she accepted to be baptized on the 14th of Nov. She even teared up and cried a bit so we are pretty excited about her.

We also had Shinta come to church and it just so happened that his G/F had a talk that day so it was a good chance for him to hear her testimony. She talked about missionary work and all about how she referred him to us and stuff so it was pretty good. After church we went out finding and were able to find 3 people so it was a way good day.

It was a good week for our area but our zone is having a tough time at the moment so this next coming week we will probably be spending most of our time outside of our own area trying to help them. Its pretty crazy that this is the last full week of the transfer its gone by so fast. Next week we have transfer calls, I will for sure stay because my comp. is headed home. I can't believe that Rob Day is already home thats way crazy. Before you know it so will Austen. Its gone by so fast.

Thanks for everything
Love you

Monday, October 11, 2010


So this was a pretty good week but we had some disappointments too at the same time.

Tuesday - We spent most of our day going to a new spot to try some streeting at a college we had never been too. We figured out pretty quick why it hadn't been done by missionaries much... it was on top of a mountain basically but we decided to try it out anyways and we were able to find 2 investigators there which was pretty cool.

Wednesday - We didn't have too great of a morning. We got a call from Kakaichi's friend telling us that he up and moved back to China out of no where. We were pretty surprised by it to say the least. Not much we can do about it but its a little bit of a disappointment he was suppose to be baptized yesterday. The rest of the day was pretty awesome though.

The Tanabe elders came up and I got to do a split with elder Chappel. It was a ton of fun to see him again. He is already a way good missionary and spent a lot of time studying Japanese when he was back at home so he was pretty good. I am sure that he will be a great missionary. We were able to find one investigator which was nice.

Thursday - We had interviews with president which went well. We had to organize it and stuff and our zone is the biggest in the mission so it was a little crazy but our schedule worked out and everything went pretty smooth. Its always great talking with president and getting to learn from him. Our zone is having a tough time at the moment so hopefully we can find a way to help them out. We baptized Sawamura a few weeks ago but he got sick and we haven't been able to confirm him. We were going to go over to his house to do it but found out he was hospitalized so we are way worried when we can get him confirmed now. Hopefully we can do it soon.

Friday - We worked hard and were able to find 2 more people to teach. We also had some members feed us dinner which was pretty great.

Sat. - We spent most of the day watching conference which is always awesome. I really liked the priesthood session it was really great. Anyways conference is awesome.

Sunday - spent most of the day watching conference and then we went out streeting afterwords. We found 4 people bringing the week total to 11 the most so far in my mission. Pretty cool. It was a good week.

Man, Robert Day's homecoming is next week? Crazy. I was thinking during conference and the next time we have conference will be the week I come home. How crazy is that? I got a letter from Brandon and he is headed home soon too it sounds like. Crazy stuff it goes by so fast.

As far as the package just candy chocolate and stuff like that is fine. Not a big fan of hard candy so you can hold back on that. By the time I get the package my comp will be gone so don't worry about shirts or anything like that. Throw a couple letters in too its always fun to read.

Thanks for the BYU stuff I will try to get that Email address to you.

Love you

Sunday, October 3, 2010


Sounds like everyone is pretty busy. Since we are ZL's we are always super busy and its probably the most busy I have ever been on my mission so far. I can't believe its already the 3rd P-day of the transfer and it just keeps on going faster and faster.

Wait Rob Day comes home this month? Wow thats crazy fast. Its going to be way weird with people starting to come home and stuff. My comp goes home this transfer too so its a little weird being around someone who is going home when I am on the last 1/4 of my mission. Its fast thats for sure.

Yeah Elder Chappel came back and guess what... He is in Tanabe in my zone! I served in that area last year at this time so I am pretty excited for him. I have an exchange with him this Wednesday so it will be a blast.

This was a pretty good week.
Monday - We had FHE with the bishop which was way fun. They fed us some pretty good food which is always nice. Shared a message about the BOM with them.

Tuesday - We had an exchange with the elders in an area called Hashimoto. Headed out there and on the way back the train broke down so we had to take a bus to another station and stuff. Took forever.

After that we went out streeting and were able to find 2 people which was pretty cool. We also had a lesson with Shinta who is doing pretty good. We committed him to the Word Of Wisdom and he accepted it. He is a little worried if he can live the gospel well or not and it kept him from coming to church this week which was too bad but I think he will get baptized. He just is comparing himself with other members and doesn't realize they make as many mistakes as he does. Hopefully he can get over it and that we can help him.

Wednesday - We finished up the kokan and dendoed for the rest of the day and were able to find 2 more people.

Thursday - We woke up bright and early at 5:00am and headed out to Kobe for Zone Leader Conference. It was my first time so I was pretty excited. We learned about leadership and it was really great. I got to see a bunch of friends including McBurney which was fun. We stayed overnight in the Mission Home that night.

Friday - President had a bunch of activities which was way fun. We did yard work for the first 2 hours cleaning up the Mission home and stuff. Its been awhile since I have done anything close to yard work so it was pretty fun. Afterwords we went and hiked up a mountain and had a hot dog roast and stuff. Felt like we went back into America away from everything else. It was a blast and we had a fireside up there with the AP's and ZL's and got pretty fired up. We headed home and had a lesson with another investigator who is committed to baptism named Tsuji. We taught Word of wisdom and Lesson 2. He accepted and it went pretty well.

Sat. - We worked hard and found 2 more people.

Sun. - We were expecting 3 people to come to church but not a single one came. A member invited 2 friends but when we tried to set up another appointment with them they said they would call us and wouldn't set a solid appointment or give us their phone number which was disappointing. Afterwords we went out streeting for awhile but didn't have much luck.

It was a good week overall. Had a good time and it went by way fast.
Hopefully we can get some people to church this next week and give them a chance to see general conference. I am pretty excited for GC and it will be fun to watch.

Thanks for all of your support
Love you

Monday, September 27, 2010

Hey how is everyone?

So it was another good week man we are so busy its hard to believe sometimes. The days are really flying by and we are already going into the 2nd week of the transfer.

Monday - After email we headed out to that guys house to see if he wanted to be baptized. To tell you the truth Elder Muraoka and I didn't have a lot of faith that he would actually want to be baptized but we were proved wrong. When we pulled up to his house he was waiting in Sunday clothes and ready to go. we were pretty surprised needless to say. From there we rode our bikes together to the church and had a little baptism with him and the bishopric. I actually got to baptize him. When they asked who was going to do the baptism my comp pointed at me and said him so i did it. I only got to teach him maybe 2 times so I didn't do much but it was a great experience and pretty cool.

Tuesday - We had a bunch of lessons planned for this day but they all got canceled except for one. The one lesson we had was with a guy we had found the previous Sunday. His name is tachibana and when we met him we were really excited to teach him. He had read some of the bible which is pretty hard to find out here in Japan. When we met him at the station he seemed a little weird and wouldn't shake my comps hand or the members but he seemed fine with me. He didn't really talk with the other 2 while we walked to the church and just with me. He used a ton of really hard words and a bunch of stuff that I didn't understand at all so it made it kind of hard to talk with him. We got to the church and started the lesson. During the lesson I had no Idea what was going on at all. His Japanese was really weird and I couldn't figure out what was really going on but I just tried to do my best. During one point during the lesson the member asked him what he was saying and that he didn't understand the words he was using then I realized I wasn't the only one having a tough time understanding. I just thought he was weird or something and kept on teaching. Afterwords we tried to get him to pray about the BOM and to say the closing prayer but he refused so we ended the lesson and started for the door and got outside of the church. We started to wave goodbye and he turned around and said that he had one last thing to ask me. I said ok and go ahead and he said he wanted to tell me so the other couldn't hear so he put his hand up to my ear like a he was telling me a secret and told me to be really careful of the girls in Japan because there is a women like a snake after me and that in America there are 2 special people waiting for me and I have to be careful. I promised him that I wasn't married and no one was waiting but he was 100 percent sure. My comp asked him why he only would tell me and he told him it was because he could see that I was pure and then told us goodbye and went home. I found out afterwords from my comp and the member that he was absolutely crazy and saying all sorts of crazy stuff during the lesson. Things like how he had talked to a raccoon in the forest. Trained and gotten 3 names from the emperor of Japan and a bunch of crazy stuff. His Japanese was so hard that my comp and the member only understood about 1/4 of it so yeah it was pretty tough. Pretty funny stuff. Gotta love the crazies in Japan.

Wednesday -
I had a split with an elder from another area that came to mine. It was fun we were able to find one investigator.

Thursday- We had District Mtg. Its nice not having to get it all planned and ready anymore. It was about the BOM and i really felt like i need t use it in my work more often. After that we had a big planning session for the week and the zone. We also had a lesson with an investigator named Shinta. He is a referal from a member and is her BF. He is reading the BOM and praying and really progressing well. We taught about Joseph Smith and the restoration and showed him the DVD. It was way strong and he felt the spirit for sure. We asked him to give the closing prayer and he said in his prayer thank you for teaching me the truthfulness of the BOM and Joseph smith and some other great stuff. We are pretty sure that he will get baptized.

Friday - We went to another Districts District meeting and then another split afterwords. Since we are ZL's we are suppose to go as much as we can and do splits with everyone. Our zone is the biggest in the mission with around 20 elders to split with so we are going to be doing around 2 every week and still not be able to fit everyone in. I went to a different area and worked with another elder. We were able to find 1 but i hoped to be able to find one more but we didn't get another.

Sat. -
We we worked hard but didn't have much luck and couldn't find anyone.

Sun. - It was a good Sunday and we had one person come to church. We have taught him everything and finished up tithing and fasting on this Sunday. He accepted it and is ready to be baptized but he still doesn't feel like he has prepared enough. We set a new date for Oct. 10th and hopefully he will feel ready by then. He is from china and is pretty awesome. He can't really speak Japanese so I teach him in english which he understands pretty well. We also were able to make up for the day before not finding anyone and found 3 new investigators.

It was a way good week and hopefully this coming week will be just as good. We have Zone leader council which is going to be a lot of fun. One day they have just a bunch of activities planned like hiking and a campfire and stuff and the next day is training so we are pretty excited for it.

Thank you for all your support.

Love you

Sunday, September 19, 2010


Well our 2 Baptisms went through perfect. They both were really nervous but did a good job bearing their testimonies afterwords and a lot of good members showed up and were able to encourage them. It was really cool. I got to baptize Rei (The bigger one) and Suzuki, Shun the skinner guy with long hair and a bad mustache. Man it was pretty awesome and felt way cool to finally get some baptisms again. I actually transferred so I didn't get to be there for their confirmation but hopefully it all worked out yesterday.

Well yeah I transferred. I am now in Wakayama actually the place where I spent Christmas last year when I was in Tanabe. Its a Zone Leader area so yeah I guess I am a ZL now. Our Zone is the biggest in the mission so its kind of crazy with Phone calls and we will be doing at least 2 splits a week with all the other areas while trying to keep our area up and running. My comp. is an amazing missionary from Okinawa (The Island way below Japan with a bunch of American bases on it) He is on his last transfer and is pretty pumped to work hard these last few weeks. He is a really really good missionary and I am going to learn from him. I feel like a new missionary again when I dendo with him because the gap is so big on skills and teaching but he is patient and puts up with it. I am pretty excited for this transfer. We have at the moment 9 people committed to baptism that have a date. Its pretty crazy insane how hard they have been working in this area, hopefully I can keep it going and not let it all go to waste.

Monday - The baptism went great. Members came and even president came to see it. Hope you like the pics. they didn't turn out as good as I hoped.

Tuesday - We got the call for transfers and spent most of the day packing. We had Eikaiwa that night but not too many people came.

Wednesday - We spent most of the day visiting friends and old investigators people that I had met while in Habikino. Also met with Rei and Shun got their addresses and said goodbye. Kind of weird thinking I only met them like 2-3 weeks go but we got to be pretty good friends in that short space of time.

Thursday - So it was transfer day. Hauled all my bags out to Wakayama which is a decent ways away. Its actually in the same stake as Brandon's Grandma so when I go on a split over to that area I might have time to visit her which would be awesome. We did planning and then later that night we had 2 lessons. One was with a guy who has a date already and we taught about lesson 1. He seemed to think it was good and said he would read and pray.

Then next lesson was with Shimada. He had a pretty crazy story. I guess he showed up to church last week on Sunday and wanted to talk to the missionaries. Turns out he was contacted 2 years ago by them out by some train crossings. They talked about some stuff and whats important in life and gave him a flier and parted ways. Turns out when he got contacted by the missionaries he was waiting for a train to come by so he could jump in front of it. Yeah so they pretty much saved his life. We were able to set a date in the lesson for baptism and also set up another appointment. He said he was going to come on Sunday but he never showed up unfortunately.

Friday - We had a day full of finding and streeting and were able to make 3 appointments which was pretty cool. Elder Muraoka is really good at streeting so hopefully I can learn from him this transfer.

Sat. - We had Finding time and found 2 investigators. We also visited a guy who was suppose to get baptized but got scared and didn't show to the baptism last week. We scheduled him again for yesterday but he didn't show again. He said he is going to do it today but we will see what happens. We also tried to visit a guy they baptized 3 or 4 weeks ago who has stopped coming to church and won't answer their calls but he wasn't home

Sun. - We had a lesson with a Chinese guy named Kakaichi. His date is for next week. We taught Word of wisdom, Law of chastity lesson 2 and a few other commandments which he accepted. He is looking good but just is really busy so it will be hard to meet with him before Sunday hopefully we can do it.

Also we had a lesson after church with a member and her boyfriend and set a date for him to get baptized and work towards. He doesn't know if its true or not or if its what he wants to do but we are going to be teaching him from here on out. We were able to find 1 more investigator after church.

So yeah its pretty dang busy. I feel a little overwhelmed but am excited to be here and hopefully help my zone out. I am glad that I got a way good comp and am excited that I will get to work with him. It should be a fun fast transfer.
Sounds like everyone is busy back home.

Love you

Sunday, September 12, 2010


So uh yeah we have a double baptism scheduled for today at 7:00!

Rei and Shun are their names and we met with them 4 times this past week and got everything taught and they are following all the commandments and everything. They passed their interviews on Saturday and came to church yesterday so they are 100% good to go. We are way excited for them and it should be a really good service. President and Sister McIntyre are coming also so we are a little nervous but it should go ok. I will get to baptize Rei and Suzuki will baptize Shun. It should be really great.

Monday - We had a lesson with Shun and Rei this night. We taught the last half of Lesson 2 and Tithing. The lesson didn't go as well as I hoped it would have but they accepted the commitment to pay tithing after being baptized. We did it at a members house and they fed us some way good food and did a good job in the lesson and helped us out.

Tuesday - We had a training mtg. for the District Leaders in the zone which was about working with members. We are going to try our best to get them to work with us a little better so we can get referrals. Hopefully it all works out and we can work together better since at the moment its pretty much just the missionaries but I think we can change that if we focus on it. Other than the mtg. we didn't have anything else.

Wednesday - We had a lesson in the morning with Hashimoto and taught about faith and desire. It went pretty well but he still isn't changing which is too bad. We had an appointment with Rei and Shun. We taught about The Gospel of Jesus Christ, 10 Commandments, Law of Chastity, Sabbath Day and Obeying and Honoring the Law. Yeah, it was pretty dang big lesson. They accepted it all which was pretty cool and the family we taught with fed us a bunch of Sushi and were great in the lesson.

Thursday - We worked hard all day but didn't have a lot of luck unfortunately.

Friday - Had an exchange with the ZL's. I got to go to an area called Sekime. Its right in Downtown Osaka and man.... IT IS HUGE. So many people there its crazy. It was a fun exchange and nice to get a break. I learned a lot from it.

Sat. - We had Rei and Shun's interviews for baptism and they both went through. After getting stuff planned with them we went out to dendo but not a lot of luck.

Sun - both Rei and Shun came to church which made it so they could be baptized the next day. They seemed pretty excited and the members were happy too. After church we had a meal with members which was pretty fun.

So yeah miracles happen. Even with this crazy stuff going on all transfer the Lord really decided to bless us here in Habikino. I am way thankful that I was able to teach these 2 awesome guys. They were so prepared and I didn't really do anything except for teach they accepted it all so quick. I just hope they stay strong after being baptized. It definately strengthened my testimony if we just work hard through tough times with faith and desire stuff will happen even if its the last P-day of the transfer. :) Our baptism is from 7:00 tonight and I will make sure to get pictures and send them to you next week.

For sure one of us is going to transfer but I have no idea who is going to go so I might be somewhere else next week.

Thanks for everything
Love you tons

Monday, September 6, 2010


How is everyone doing? We went out to down town Osaka and ate out with a bunch of missionaries so this email is a bit later than normal. Akina, Murphy and a few other really good friends were there so it was a lot of fun and a good break.

It was both a good and bad week

Tuesday - We went in the morning to teach our 15 year old investigator Chihiro who was committed to the 12th for baptism. We were about half way through our lesson when he started to look really sick and his face went all pale and stuff. He said he wasn't feeling good so we just decided to end it right there and give him a break and come back another day. We called later that night to see if he was ok and to try to set up another appointment with him. His mom answered the phone and she said he was ok but she asked us to stop coming over and to quit teaching him. Pretty frustrating. What makes it worse is that his mom is a member and a RM but pretty against the church at the moment. No one in the ward really knows why so its a bit crazy.

Wednesday -
We rode our bikes way out to a more country side area that we had never been to before and visited our bishops house. Only his wife was there but we shared a quick message with her on the doorstep and went back. Other than that we tried really hard but didn't have any luck.

Thursday - Pretty much the same as Wednesday not much happened, streeted housed etc no luck.

Friday - We had zone conference which is always fun. We talked alot about finding and make natural conversations out on the street. Hopefully we can apply that in our own area so we can find more people.

Sat. - We got 2 referrals from the elders in the area next to us. They found these 2 college guys named Rei and Shun. They both went to church in their area once and accepted a date to be baptized. They lived in our area so they had to refer them over to us. We met up with the elders and Rei and Shun and went out to eat. We went to this pretty well known chain restaurant in Japan called sukiya. They have different dishes the one we got is called gyudon its rice with meat and onions pretty good. They have different sizes and one elder knew about a size called the King size that isn't even listed on the menu and we all decided to give it a try. IT WAS HUGE. I almost threw up but it was way fun. I didn't have my camera on me but I will try to get the pic from the other elders. Afterwords we went to the church and taught the 2 guys about plan of salv. and also Word of Wisdom. They both accepted to follow it even though they both love beer and Rei smokes but they are going to try to stop. Their date is next Monday so its way fast. Hopefully we can get everything taught and finished up before then so we are pretty excited. We have another lesson tonight at a members house and are going to teach Tithing. I really hope it all goes good.

Sun - We had normal church and then afterwords we got to go to our bishops house which was a ton of fun. We ate dinner over there and shared a message. The bishop here is one of my fav. so far. He is way nice and seems concerned about what is going on.

So yeah it was a pretty good week. Sad that we lost one person who was committed to baptism but we got 2 more. Who knows by this time next week we could be having a baptismal mtg.

Love you tons

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Hey everyone,

It was a way crazy week here in japan too. Lots of different things going on back home it sounds like. A little girl got hit by lightning? Thats way crazy. We had a big thunderstorm last night that we got caught in. Not to much fun when you don't have your rain jacket and stuff.

Anyways here was my week.

Tuesday - we had another lesson with the crazy old guy that was committed to baptism. His name is Tatsumi. So he would call me all the time and told me all this weird stuff. We knew he was crazy because he told us he was taking medicine but we figured he could still get baptized so we decided to keep teaching him. We taught him again on Tuesday and he went off on how he can hear voices in his head and stuff. Apparently he normally hears his dads voice but lately he has been able to hear my voice too. Telling him to go to the church at like 3 AM and stuff like that which he obeys. We were pretty floored. Anyways the lesson went alright but I think the member that was there was pretty freaked out because of it all. We laughed about it later. After that we had Eikaiwa which people showed up to this time which was nice.

Wednesday - We had one lesson with a investigator who we committed to baptism and he accepted for the 12th of Sept.

Thursday - We somehow were still able to find investigator but it was pretty crazy. We Also had a lesson with a guy from California that is teaching English. pretty cool guy with a lot of interesting ideas. Its pretty different teaching someone from America.

Friday - We had DM went pretty good and we had lunch afterwords. I don't know if I told you but in my district is a couple missionary and they are way fun. They told us these stories about how they met and got married. After one date the brother proposed to her which is crazy in Utah but in Japan its like unheard of. Anyways it was way funny.

We had a lesson with Hashimoto. Kind of getting old with him he is refusing to change which is frustrating but he did agree to show his dad some pamphlets so hopefully that helps his dad calm down. Other than that not much. Tatsumi did give me a call and told me he couldn't be baptized because of his family which was too bad. He was pretty crazy so it didn't come as too much of a surprise but maybe we can figure something out.

We were suppose to have one investigator at church but he had to cancel on us. The bishop asked us to visit some LA and so we spent most of our day doing that.

Anyways it was a good week we got another person committed to baptism and hopefully we can see him go through. We will see what happens this week.
Thanks for everything.

love you

Monday, August 23, 2010


Man, it is crazy hot. I think this week has been by far the hottest yet and probably the one where I have been the most tired but we had another good week which was great.

Tuesday - It was a long hot, hard day and we didn't have much luck to start our week off. While we worked hard we didn't have much luck and then no one, not a single person came to english class which is a mission first.

Wednesday - We spent the morning going out and visiting LA and old investigators. We decided to go meet one younger investigator whose parents are members but LA. We met with him and were able to make another appointment. When we told the members they all got pretty excited and think that we will have a good chance of baptizing him so we are excited about that. we are going to meet with him this Wednesday.

Also later that night we were out by a train station doing some streeting and as we were headed home i talked to a guy i was standing by while at a stop light. Turns out he was going to church that night and we talked for a bit and introduced the BOM. We were able to set up another appointment for the next week which was way awesome.

Thursday - We were able to meet with Isham at his restaurant which was cool. We were hoping to do a lesson with him but he had a few people eating at his place and his daughter was really loud and stuff so we just ate and invited him to church. He didn't show up which was a bit of a disappointment. We had a lot of hope for him but not much really going on with him and it seems like his desire is not as strong as we thought it might be.

Friday - we found a guy that is from California. His name is Qamar and he agreed to meet with us next Thursday. He is way smart and we talked in english for about 30 min on the side of the street. I am excited to teach him but I think it will be pretty tough the guy is super smart and has really studied a lot about religion and things like that so we will see how it goes.

Sat. - We had a lesson with the random old guy that came to church the week before named tatsumi. He is really weird and we thought that he might be crazy but after the lesson we figured out he isn't handicapped or anything just really weird. So we tried to teach him but he kept taking things off subject and stuff like that which was hard. We were only able to teach the first 2 principles of the first lesson. He agreed to come to church the next day and read the Bom

Sun. - Tatsumi came to church which was cool but i was a little disappointed that Isham didn't show. While we were waiting for the meeting to start I was talking to tatsumi and showed him some pictures in the front of the BOM. One is of baptism so I decided to comitt him on the spot and was able to get a date out of him. So Sept. 12 is his date for baptism. He has a long ways to go and we have so much to teach him but he seems pretty interested and hopefully we can help him out. We ended up going out to do some home teaching with a member later that night which was pretty fun

So yeah it was a pretty good week, just blazing hot. This next coming week is full of lessons and things like that so we are pretty happy to see what happens. hopefully everything goes well. I do have one question for you. Could you try to find a talk called: The 4th Missionary by Lawrence C. Corbridge done in 2002. if you can find it just send it over email to me please

Thank you for everything


Sunday, August 15, 2010


Thanks for the email. Its great to hear from you and sounds like you had a pretty busy week with all of the cousins over to visit.

I am glad that you had a good time giving your talk. I wish I was as good of a writer as dad is and could write good talks like him. In this ward the bishop has the missionaries give a talk every week about missionary experiences so we switch on and off. I gave mine yesterday not too big of a deal, we are pretty use to it but its only around 35 people so not too bad.

This was a pretty good week.

Tuesday - We had a decent day. We spent the morning out trying to visit old investigators and LA members. We didn't actually get to meet any of them but left notes and one of the LA's came to church which was pretty cool. While we were out we met an old investigator and made an appointment which was cool. We had english class later that night but it rained super hard and no one came which was a first so far. For some reason the Habikino english class is really weak and something we really need to work on and strengthen. Hopefully its some thing we can do this transfer.

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday -
We had the leadership conference in Kobe for 3 full days. I stayed in Kobe with around 12 other missionaries and man it was probably the funnest 3 days of my mission so far. We really learned a lot of great stuff from president McIntyre. My fav. part was learning about the Doctrine of Christ and really getting down to the purpose of missionary work and then working up from there. Its kind of sad sometimes how we forget about it but the doctrine of Christ is really the center of the gospel and we just build on it from there. Its something I really want to learn and understand better then teach it to my investigators and hopefully see them change.
It was a ton of fun to see a bunch of friends and make new ones. 12 missionaries in one apt makes it pretty crazy and a ton of fun. I can't wait for the next one and hope that I am still in a leadership position so I can go again

We were able to find one new investigator. He was kind of weird but agreed to meet again on Tuesday so hopefully that works out. Other than that not much luck. We spent most of our time out trying to find people because I had been in Kobe for 3 days and my comp went to a different area so our numbers were pretty bad at that point. At the end of the day we met Ishams wife randomly and found out that he didn't go to Nagoya which was cool. We called him up that night and invited him to church which he said he was going to go to but never showed up.

Sunday -
In the middle of sacrament one guy that is from canada in our ward waved to us to come out and there was some old guy standing outside the church with a Jehovahs Witness bible in his hand talking about religion and stuff. Somehow we managed to get him into the last half of sacrament meeting. He is researching lots of different religions and is interested but doesn't believe that just one is correct. Hopefully we can change that. We didn't get to do a lesson because he had to leave right after sacrament mtg but we should be able to meet with him sometime this week.

After church I headed out to Abeno (Downtown Osaka) to interview the sisters baptismal canidate. She is 7 years old and he grandparents are helping her get baptized. Since both of her parents are not members its considered a convert baptism and I had to do the interview. She was pretty nervous but did a good job and is going to be baptized this coming Sunday. Afterwords we headed back ate some food and went out streeting, we only had an hour and didn't have much finding but for only being in the area for 3 days it was a pretty good week I would say.

Thanks for the package it was really great. I think that this coming week is going to be really good and we should be able to get a few people committed to baptism and hopefully get dates set up.

Thanks for everything
Love you tons

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Hey, how is everyone?

I got your package thanks a ton everything is way great and should be awesome.

So we had transfer calls this week. Elder Draper got transferred to Shikoku a new part of the mission to a place called Marugame lucky guy. I got a new companion and his name is Elder Suzuki. He is transfer 9 and we are Co senior. I am also back to being a DL so my nights are busy again. In my district its just 2 sisters and the senior couple so its kind of boring but oh well it will work. They pulled the elders out of the area due to some problems with members not working with them hopefully they will learn and can get elders back soon.

Tuesday - We spent most of the day getting ready for transfers and getting elder Draper all packed up and his stuff shipped off. We also had Eikaiwa which was normal nothing really special. The one in Habikino is really weak and I would love for it to get stronger but it really isn't moving along too great.

Wednesday - We spent a lot of time running around meeting people. We had a lesson in the morning with Hashimoto so he could say goodbye to Draper. He gets weirder and weirder every time we meet with him it seems like. I don't know if we will be able to do much with him this next transfer or not but we will see I guess. We also met with another guy named Yuta who is a friend of ours we take to activities but he doesn't really have a lot of interest in the gospel. We also met with Isham and said goodbye to him also. We found out that he is going to Nagoya which is way too bad but may be coming back so we still have hope for him. He said he wants to look up the church out there and was going to give me a call but I haven't gotten one from him yet.

Thursday - We went out and got our new comps in the morning. I brought Suzuki back to the apt and we planned for awhile and waited for his luggage to show up. Both of the companies were late and we didn't get out till later and didn't have much luck finding anyone. Suzuki is pretty cool. Something that is driving me crazy though is that since he has come my Japanese has turned into crap. Something I have noticed on my mission is that there is sometimes people you just can't understand or talk to well no matter how hard you try and my comp ended up being one of those people so we are having some communication problems. I haven't been this stressed out about Japanese since my 5th transfer so its way annoying hopefully I can get over it soon. He hasn't had too much luck on his mission so far so hopefully we can see some good stuff this transfer.

Friday - We visited a LA in the morning whose kids have yet to be baptized. The father wasn't home but one of the sons were and we talked with him for a bit. Hopefully we can get a hold of him later. After that we ate and headed out to dendo near a college. Its summer break right now so its pretty barren but we were able to find one new investigator there. After that we went to Fujidera eki and streeted and found one person there which was nice.

Sat. - We met with Hashimoto in the morning and had a decent lesson. We committed him to have some more specific prayers and try to find a way to get baptized. He accepted but was pretty concerned about it we will see how it goes with him the rest of this transfer.

Sun. Pretty normal chuch. Afterwords we visited some people and talked with one LA. He is pretty busy and says he can't come to church but hopefully he changes soon. We streeted at Fujidera like always and it was pretty bad. Some guy freaked out on Suzuki and got up in his face like he was going to fight him so that was pretty random. Not much happened other than that.

So yeah its been alright so far. Hopefully I can get over this weird Japanese wall thing that just popped up soon too its way frustrating. This next week should be fun. I have a 3 day meeting in Kobe where we stay there overnight for all the DL and ZL and Trainers in the east side of the mission. first time they are doing it so everyone is pretty excited. Should be a lot of fun.

Love you tons

Sunday, August 1, 2010


Hey how is everyone? Sounds like some sad stuff happened back home. I am sorry but well I am sure things will turn out for him and he will be able to be with his family forever.

Anyways I got the package kind of... We got the slip at the apt that the post office has it and we just haven't had a time where we have been in the apt long enough to get it we have been super busy so we don't really have time to wait and get it so hopefully tomorrow we should have time. Also tomorrow is Transfer calls so we will see what happens we are both excited for it.

So this was a pretty good week. Numbers wise actually the worst of the transfer but we had a lot of good stuff happen.

Tuesday - We had District Meeting in Abeno. So the other Elders and Sisters in our district are in a place called Abeno which is the heart of Osaka and its pretty much the most city area in our entire mission. There are people everywhere, lots of crazies, homeless people, and pretty iffy people so its always an adventure going out there. We did a split there later in the week that I will talk about. Anyways we had DM and it was our DL's last time. He is from Payson and is a great guy. It will be sad to see him go he is by far the funnest DL i have had on the mission. After DM we had a mtg with Hashimoto to say ``Good Bye`` I tried to be really bold and commit him to baptism and stuff but it just won't get through. We are going to get some members to help us now because as missionaries I don't think we can do much. Afterwords we had Eikaiwa which was alright then headed back out to Abeno for the exchange and spent the night there.

Wednesday - I got to dendo with my son Elder Enta! (If you train someone you become their dad and they your son... yeah i know missionaries are losers but whatever) We went around Abeno and did some dendo but its really hard because its almost too city and no one will listen to you which is frustrating sometimes but you make it work. We went to a bunch of famous places in Osaka and then ate out at an all you can eat Chinese place which was pretty good.

Thursday - We got stood up for a lesson and then just dendoed all day but it was raining so it wasn't too good.

Friday - We had a tour of the church for a friend of ours in the morning that went alright. He doesn't have tons of interest but I think that it was good for him. Right in the middle of the tour I got a call from hashimoto saying he wanted to meet with us so we met him at the church after the tour. He just wanted to get all of our contact information so after we transfer we can still stay in contact. He says he can't meet with us but its not true. He still wants to meet and keeps coming up with excuses i Think. This Wednesday we will have a lesson I think so hopefully things can get better. We went out later that day and did some dendo and only got 1 investigator.

Sat. - We had a lesson with Yuki in the morning and he stood us up for the 3rd time so needless to say I was a little unhappy. We had a lesson with a guy named Isham at his restaurant later that day too. He is from Morocco and is looking for something new. We got an Arabic BOM and went there but of course he wasn't there. We met his wife and ate some food and left a note in the BOM about church. Our 3rd lesson went through with a guy named Hiromichi. We met him the week before. He has interest but is really into hip hop and rap and stuff so he has more interest in the american lifestyle. I don't know if I have told you or not but everyone over here thinks that america is like the most dangerous place in the world. I can't tell you how many times I have been asked on the street if we carry guns with us every where we go and stuff like that. He was asking us questions like that and we found out he does weed and stuff so its going to be a little harder to baptize him but we will work on it. He is a good guy and hopefully things work out with him. He was suppose to come to church but went out late that night and couldn't wake up.

Sun.- So right after sacrament meeting I looked out into the foyer and I couldn't believe who was standing there. It was Isham the guy we visited before he apologized a ton and stuff and we took him upstairs to do a lesson. It went really good. The day before he met us he decided to quit smoking and drinking and to get away from his bad friends. He is looking really good right now and is a great guy. I guess he has met missionaries before and really thinks alot about our church and wants to join a Christan one. He thinks the word of wisdom is great. I committed him to baptism and he said he would get baptized if he feels its right. The spirit was way strong and I am excited to teach him. He is a way cool guy and can speak Arabic,French,Spanish,English, and Japanese so its pretty crazy.

After church we went to the Kato family`s house. It was our 2nd time and they are the coolest family ever. They don't have a ton of interest right now but like talking and feeding us. They gave us Sushi, and a bunch of other good stuff. Afterwords we went to a park near there house and watched some fireworks show that they do ever year. Some religion does it and man it totally owns americas fireworks hands down way cool.

So yeah it was a good week. Thanks for everything your awesome mom I can't wait to get my package tomorrow. I will let you know what happens with transfers next week.
Love you

Sunday, July 25, 2010

So this was a pretty good week.

Monday - so after P-day we went to a place called Nara. So here some Japanese history for you but right now the capital is Tokyo right? Before Tokyo it was a place called Kyoto, I have been there 2 or 3 times and sent you pictures and before Kyoto was Nara so they have a bunch of cool stuff there and its all way, way old. One of the building we visited was the oldest wooden building in the world or something crazy like that. Also we went to another park that have deer EVERYWHERE and you can go up and pet them and feed them and stuff. I will make sure I send you some pictures. It was pretty fun. We went as a district and had a good time.

Tuesday - We had District Mtg and went to eat out afterwords. After that we had some streeting time but didn't have much luck and did Eikaiwa which was normal.

Wednesday - We had an exchange with the other elders in our district. They both came down to Habikino and we did a 4 man in our area for this day. I was with Elder Jones, he is our DL and will be leaving for home next week. He is from Payson so we live pretty close. Way cool guy, really funny, and a good missionary, I was able to learn a lot from him. All together we were able to find 3 investigators for our area and somehow met 2 others from there area and set up appointments so both companion ships got new investigators which is cool. Also we taught Sho the guy that learned english in Australia I don't remember if I told you about him. Anyways he believes in this religion called kofuku no kagaku (Happy Science is the direct translation). They believe that their leader had part of god in him and has been born 7 times on the earth. Each time he was born he started a new religion so our church was already started by him and stuff. Yeah it was a tough lesson but not much came of it. We probably will drop him but we will see what happens

Thursday - We had a lot of dendo time but for lunch we got invited over to a members house. Her name is Tachibana and she is way nice and makes way good food. Apparently Elder Fukui knows her really well (He was in this area) and told her to invite us over which was way nice. Hopefully we can make a better relationship with her over the next few weeks. We were able to find 3 new investigators this day which was cool. One of them is from Morocco and seems pretty promising. He just quit drinking and smoking and says that he misses religion in his life so we will see how his lessons go we are meeting him on sat.

Friday - We had a lesson with a highschool kid but went a little hard and scared him away I think. We couldn't make a new appointment but maybe later when we give him a call. We also found a new investigator that is already christian so hopefully we can help him out

Sat - We had 2 really great lessons. The first one was with a new investigator named Azuma, hiromichi. Way cool guy with pretty good english. He wants to go over to america and work and stuff but anyways he has alot of interest and is one of our progressing investigators at the moment. We were able to teach all of lesson one and committed him to read and pray about it. I think he has some strong desire so he should be able to get an answer pretty easily. We are going to meet him on sat.
The next guy is named daisuke. He actually believes in budism which most people don't. He has an open mind which makes it easy to teach him. We taught lesson 1 and gave him a tour of the church. Hopefully we can baptize him also.

Sunday - We were suppose to have Yuki come to church but he stood us up for the 2nd time in a row now which is frustrating. We did streeting afterwords but not much luck.

So it was another good week. Hopefully we can get these new people to progress a little better and get someone committed to baptism soon.

Thanks for the package i haven't gotten it yet but I am excited I am sure that it will be great. We only have one more p day before transfers which is weird. Its going by pretty fast.

Thank you for everything
Love you tons

Sunday, July 18, 2010


Hey how is everyone? It sounds like the trip out to Oregon was a fun one. I remember going there when we were all pretty little. It was fun and we got to see all that underwater reef stuff. Yeah we have heard all about Spain winning the world cup sounds pretty cool. Wish I could have seen it. Oh well I guess there is always the next one.

So this week was pretty good.

Tuesday - We had a TON of rain all day. We spent a lot of time housing and walking around in the rain but its pretty tough to do missionary work during the rain. We were able to teach Hashimoto again this week. We went over the Plan of Salvation and had him teach it to us to review. He did a way good job and understood almost all of it. He is still working on his parents but during the lesson he pretty much said that we were going to have to wait until he gets a job. After the lesson we did english class which is pretty weak in this area and we are hoping that we can strengthen it over the next few weeks.

Wednesday - It rained all day again. We were lucky enough to stop a guy in the morning when it stopped raining for about 10 min and set up an appointment with him. We also got another by walking around in the rain and I think the guy felt sorry for us so he decided to make an appointment. Other than that just a lot of rain but 2 investigators is really good in the rain.

Thursday - We did a lot of streeting again and were able to find 2 investigators. Also later that night I kind of had a crazy phone call with Hashimoto. While I was talking to him and answering his questions I could hear his mom yelling at him in the background and stuff and he had to hang up on me. I later found out from a member he texted that his mom went crazy on him and said he couldn't go to church at all and stuff, that they were going to disown him and all this other crazy stuff. Its all cleared up now and but it was pretty scary at the time, we thought we were going to lose a way solid investigator because of it. Pretty good day

Friday - We had interviews with president. They have now changed how they do interviews and ZC for all the missions around the world. Interviews and ZC are only once a a quarter now and they have other trainings that the mission president can do and stuff so we won't have another until October which is kind of weird. My interview went good, sounds like I might train again next transfer but its still too early to tell so we will see what happens. After interviews we took an investigator to a YSA activity. They have them every week and the missionary couple that ran it went home and since they left it slowly has been getting worse and worse kind of falling apart so its not as good as it use to be but its still pretty fun. There is a new Japanese couple in the mission running it and hopefully they can pick it back up.

Sat. We got stood up by one of our solid investigators which was way frustrating. I was really hoping to get him a baptismal date at the lesson. I guess he isn't as serious as we thought he was but we were able to make another appointment with him on the phone and we will see what happens next week. We also got a call from Hashimoto telling us that he couldn't come to church this week but that his parents are not going to throw him out and stuff and that his mom is going to come to church next week! So we are way excited, hopefully she will come and the members will do a good job and his mom will let him be baptized. I really hope it all works out, its been almost a year since my last one so I really hope he goes through. We were able to find one other investigator that night which was nice.

Sun. - We didn't get anyone to church this week which was a bit of a let down but next week should be good. After church we went to that weird ladies house that knew all the missionaries which was a giant waste of time. We were only over there for one hour thankfully. She has no interest in the gospel, just in fooling around with missionaries which she has done for 30 years kind of crazy but we probably won't visit her again. After that we did some streeting but it was pretty dead.

So yeah a decent week with some progress with Hashimoto. I really hope he can be baptized he is really prepared and so ready to get baptized he just needs the go from his parents. Hopefully this week turns out good for him.

Thank you for getting that package ready its going to be great I am sure. I am way excited for the books and stuff.

Thanks for everything
Love you

So yeah I just got a phone call from Hashimoto and he totally dropped us. Yeah so his dad supposedly got sick because of him wanting to join the church. His dad stopped eating, sleeping, talking and just was sitting in a chair and all this bull crap. So he decided to drop us and wait until his dad dies to get baptized. I was super super bold with him and straight up told him that he getting baptized is more important than his dad. That he knows its true through the spirit and he has to act on that and stuff but he wouldn't change his mind. His dad is pretty good I won't lie I didn't expect that but man its so frustrating.

I guess we did what we were suppose to by giving him the chance to enter the waters of baptism but he obviously doesn't have as strong of a desire as we had hoped. I am going to try to do kind of a low move by asking him for his address so I can write him and then visit his family by surprise sometime. He said he still wanted to be friends and get my address and stuff and come visit if he was in America and stuff. I don't want to fully give up yet but we will see how it goes. Looks pretty bad right now I pretty much told him straight up that this is his chance to accept the gospel and if he doesn't he will not be saved but he still refused. Man I am pretty frustrated but I guess we just have to work hard and find some other people to teach now. Maybe it will all work out some how.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hey, how is everyone?

So this was an alright week. We had a really good week but kind of a disappointing sunday but anyways.

Tuesday - We met with a few new investigators and the lessons went pretty well. One is now progressing but it will take him a long time to get baptized. He is pretty set in his ways and is the first japanese person I have met that does drugs but is way cool and a really nice guy. We also met with Hashimoto again and taught him the word of wisdom which he said he would have no problems with and would keep. We had Eikaiwa later that night and had some fun.

Wendsday - We had another lesson with Hashimoto and taught him the rest of the commandments and he said he would keept them all. It was interesting that he said that they really weren't hard to keep and they just made sense. It was the first time I had heard a Non member say that and not just look at us like we were crazy so it was pretty cool. It rained for the rest of the day and while we worked hard we had a tough time talking to people in the rain.

Thursday - It was the all mission meeting which was way fun. I got to see all the guys from my MTC district that went to Hiroshima which was a ton of fun. It was weird to think that we have been in Japan for over a year now. Everyone was pretty excited about the mission joining and we are all ready work hard together. We know have around 130 missionaries in our mission so its pretty big. The meeting was great and a ton of fun. We didn't get home until around 7:30 so we didn't really get any time in for missionary work that day.

Friday - We ended up having a lesson with a guy that we thought for sure wasn't going to show up. It turned out alright but he didn't seem to take it too seriously. Hopefully we can help him progress a little better. Later that night we went to a YSA activity with an investigator. It was ping pong night. It was fun but wasn't planned too well so we kind of had to make it a little more fun. One thing that is great about Habikino is that we are in the outreach area so we can go every friday if we have someone to take. Its usually alot of fun and good for fellowshiping the investigator. Hopefully we can keep going.

Sat. - We decided that we were getting kind of bored of doing streeting all day so we tried some new ways to dendo. First we went to the rec center and they didn't have Bball but had ping pong so we figured we would give it a try. I have been playing a bit out here on p-days and thought i had gotten pretty good but man the old ladies there could have wiped us all over the floor if we had played them. There weren't any young people to talk with so we didn't stay for long but its something we want to try again sometime. We also tried going to a park but it was pretty dead.

Sunday - We had 2 investigators come to church which we were way excited about but had a few problems. It was Hashimotos 3rd time so we didn't really worry about him but the other investigator we had high hopes for if he liked church. He wasn't really able to make friends and the first sunday school lesson he went to was on the Law of Chasity... yeah so he left after that but we were still able to get another appointment. After church we went out streeting and this lady walked up to us and said follow me elders i want to talk to you but I am busy so walk with me. After following her around for a bit she took us to her house and showed us this box of pictures and business cards of missionaries from 30 years ago till about 2 or 3 years ago. It was insane, she has known missionaries forever. We got an appointment for next sunday and hopefully it goes well.

After the day was over and we were eating dinner we got a call from Hashimoto. His parents found out about him wanting to get baptized and stuff and told him if he did they would throw him out of the house. So for now we don't really have a solid date for him. He can still meet and come to church but being baptized might be a little tough. We don't have any really good prospects besides him so hopefully it all works out and we can still baptize him. There is still hope and we don't intend to give up but man it was pretty disappointing to get that phone call from him. Hopefully it all works out.

How was the trip to Oregon? Was Aunt Cami still as funny as ever? I am sure she was. Who won the world cup? Let me know how everything is going
Love you

Sunday, July 4, 2010


Sounds like its really hot out there. Man I can't believe how hot it is right now. The humidity is killing me and my comp way bad and it only gets worse from here.

Thats cool about Brandons Bro. They will all be able to speak Japanese when they get home. Hopefully I can study it at school. Thanks for looking at those books for me. I don't know what is good I just need something to help me progress now. I can speak and understand almost everything I just need to work on my vocab., I feel like my grammer is doing ok because I have focused on it most of my mission. But, I feel like I am in a rut at the moment and it would be nice to get out and make some more progress. Maybe the books would help me get out of it. Thanks a ton.

So yeah I am starting to get more use to Habikino. You asked about the apt. its actually one of the bigger ones I have had so far. Not as nice as the Akashi one but its pretty big which is nice. Also has 2 couches which surprisingly makes a big difference.

We had another really good week.

Mon - We had a lesson with a kind of less active family. They fed us dinner it was way good. We get to go every Monday so its way fun and they always feed us which is great.

Tuesday - We had a zone meeting which we planned our goals for the transfer as a zone and ate food together it was pretty fun. I got to talk to Elder Buerger and he sounds like he is doing good. Also Elder Enta is in my district so its fun to see and talk with him. Afterwords we had a lesson with Hashimoto and we were able to set a baptismal date with him for the 25th of July. He is really progressing well and understands everything. Hopefully we can help him along until then. His biggest problem would be that he is trying to hide it from his parents which is ok because he is 25 but i can see it turning into a problem later on so I am not sure what we will do at the moment.

Wednesday - It was a long day of dendo but we were able to find 2 people so we were excited about that.

Thursday - Same deal as Wednesday we had a lot of finding time and were able to find 3 people so things are going good.

Friday - We had 3 appointments set up from the people we had last week but not a single person came which is way frustrating. While we were waiting for them we were able to find 2 more people which made it a little better.

Sat. - We were suppose to meet a investigator at Mcdonalds but he didn't show. while we were waiting i noticed the older man next to us was studying english so that was a pretty easy contact and we were able to make an appointment with him for next week. Later on that day we had a lesson with a new investigator named Yuki. He is really interested and we committed him to be baptized if he finds out it is true and he said yes. We don't have a date yet but he is going to come to church next week and we have another appointment for sat. We have a lot of hope for him.

Sunday - It was a good Sunday. Hashimoto came to church and we were able to do a few lessons with him. In one of the lessons he told us he was doing 3 prayers a day. At first I thought it sounded a little weird the way he worded it so I asked him how his prayers were and how he prays. He told me that he does 3 a day and that he prays first to Heavenly Father then he prays to Jesus Christ and last but not least he prays to Joseph Smith. I was pretty much floored to the ground and tried not to laugh. We had to explain to him again who we pray to and stuff like that. He understood his mistake and said he won't do it that way any more. I guess you have to have that mission experience of someone praying to Joseph Smith some time. He also stood up in the lesson and did a deep bow and apologized about WW2 and the bad things Japan did. He is a bit different than most people but really wants to believe and I think he is going to be baptized.

Later that night we had an appointment with an older guy who just walked up to us on the street and said he wanted us to come over to his house later and talk with his family. He said he just wanted to talk about America and not religion because he doesn't like it. So we headed over and they were way super nice. They fed us this pizza that was dang good, the best I have had in Japan so far and talked to us about all sorts of things. America, Our church, families, culture, missionary work, etc. It was a ton of fun. He had a friend in college that was a RM and I guess has been to church once. He doesn't have much interest but they were nice so we hope there is some way we could help them.

So we found 9 people this week, got an investigator with a baptismal date and a few other progressing investigators so we are really excited at the moment and I am sure this next week is going to be great too. We also have a big meeting with the entire mission on Thursday to kind of meet all the new missionaries from Hiroshima so it should be a lot of fun to see everyone.

Thanks for the package, I can't wait for the books and music. I can't think of anything else but thanks a ton.
Love you tons

Monday, June 28, 2010

Hey its great to hear from you.

Well I did transfer to a new area, I am in a place called Habikino its in Osaka about an hour away from where I was last transfer so not too far. Its one of if not the smallest area in the mission so we don't have to ride bikes that much which is nice. My new comp. is Elder Draper he is just going on to his 2nd transfer so I am still doing a bit of training with him. He is a cool guy.

I was really sad to leave Ibaraki, Akina has been one of my Fav. comps in the mission so far and Elder Murphy was awesome too. I heard from them yesterday and I guess some Part member mom showed up to church and asked them to baptize their 2 kids who are 8 and 10 in the next few weeks. Of course that happens right after I leave but I guess thats how it goes. Since we lost a lot of missionaries this last transfer all of the 4 man apts. went to 2 mans except for one that is a special assignment spanish speakers so the area got combined for the next few transfers. I will miss those guys but am excited to start here.

Anyways I got here on Thursday and we had a big planning session. After planning we went out to do some dendo and were able to find 2 people which was an exciting way to start the transfer off. My comp. is new so I have to do most of the talking but I was impressed with how well he could dendo still and how much faith he has. I think we will see some success this transfer hopefully.

Friday - We got stood up at an appointment but while we were waiting we talked to a few people and got 3 investigators right off the bat which was way cool. I will take one for 3 any day. We dendoed for the rest of the day and I unpacked my stuff.

Saturday it rained all day which was no fun. We were able to find one guy which was cool.

Sunday - We had one investigator come to church. His name is Hashimoto and it was his first time coming. He really had a good time and I think that he is our best bet for a baptism this transfer. He stayed for all 3 hours and we were able to make an appointment with him for Tuesday. We are going to try to nail down a solid date for baptism with him. Hopefully we can pull it off.

I also got to meet a lot of members. They were all pretty cool but I was impressed with the bishop. He really seems willing to work with us and wants to see some more baptisms in the area. The last 2 transfer they have had 1 each but one of them is already less active. We are planning on visiting him soon.

After church we headed out and found 2 more investigators which made 8 in 4 days, most I have found on my mission so far. We have 5 progressing too so I am pretty happy with how the area is doing I just hope that we can see some of them get baptized we will see what happens I guess.

So yeah Its a good area for the most part, Ibaraki had a lot better places to street but I am finding more people here which is awesome. I hope we can keep it up on this pace. Thank you for all of your prayers I can feel them out here.

Oh and for the package I was thinking about a few things. I am no longer district leader, Pres. said they were going to give me a break so i have a lot of free time at night now and want some more study stuff. Could I get a Kansai Ben book? I will get it passed by so I am good to have it. Also if you see a book on amazon or something that you think looks interesting or is suppose to be good to help study japanese grab one (Just one). I am really tired of studying the same stuff over and over. Make sure that it isn't a basic book because I have most of that down but if nothing looks interesting don't worry about it but i do want the kansai ben book if you can find one. (Mark or Dave do you have any suggestions?)

Also I sent you that list of music do you remember? Could I get one or 2 cd's please that are on the list. Thanks a ton. As for shoes I am ok if i need new ones i will buy them out here. i do want some new toothbrushes though that would be nice. Thats all I can think of thanks a ton

Love Cam