Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Departure delayed

Well as of right now I don't know my flight plans because we are staying at least one extra week because of this swine flu stuff. This was going to be our last week, but now we aren't sure. The soonest we could leave is June 15. About 20 people have been quarentined. A lot of people are sick with all kinds of stuff. I had a cough and all that got checked out and I am just fine. If you have any symptoms they make you stay in your room until you can get checked out. This whole thing is crazy. But they are taking good care of everyone so you don't need to be worried.

It is disappointing getting flight plans and stuff last Friday then getting told that we can't leave. We were headed to LA, then Tokyo, then to Osaka. I'm sure it will still be the same when we leave.

The people coming into the MTC will not be allowed to come in with their families. Districts have been assigned to escort people in and ours is one of them, so I will get to bring newbies in. Good news is that I will get to see Spencer and Drew, let them know if you can.

Dad, I hate computers too, I've had my email deleted a few times and we only get a half hour, don't know what the deal is.

Not much has happened this week, class, gym and meetings. Thanks for the cookies and the pictures they were great. Now people won't stop bugging me about Whitney after they saw her picture. The only thing I need right now is to make sure both of my cards will work in Japan. I am worried that I will get there and they won't work. Also could you send me my belt that I used for jeans.

Hmmm...sorry I am boring, not alot goes on here. The language is coming along, but I am sure once I hit Japan it will be a whole different story. I hope Whitney is doing ok, I am sure that she will be fine, it will just be a tough road. I saw Brother Priest the other day, very cool.

Well in some ways it was a disappointing week, but we know we will get to Japan....eventually. As of right now we are planning on the 15, but if the flu thing doesn't clear up they won't let us go, so we'll see what happens.

Love you all,


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