Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Week 9 but whose counting

Well my email that I was just writing just got deleted for some reason so this might be short cause I'm running out of time. Not a lot has happened in the last week except that we did have a seventy come and sit in during our classes. It was way cool and scary at the same time. His name is Aoyagi Choro (Elder). He is a convert from Japan and shared his story with us. It was really cool and inspiring. He gave us some great advise.

How are Burns and Trent doing? I got an email from Trent that was funny, but I can't email him back, so when I get to Japan I will send him a bunch of stuff. I don't think he's gotten any of my letters. Haven't heard from Burns for a while, hope I do before I leave. If you get a chance tell Drew hi, and good luck, I'm happy that he finally gets to come to the MTC.

I saw Brother Smith (the artist) at the doctor's office that my companion had to go to. It was neat seeing him. He's a great guy. Did you get that video? I think I said Hi how are you and I'm excited to go to Kobe, probably some other funny stuff. That was fun.

Tell Whitney that God does know her. That He hasn't forgotten her. She has a lot of people praying for her in here. She will be okay, but it might be a hard time.

Thanks for the package last week. The cookies were great and so was the box cover. The only other thing I need are the pictures and I think I am set. Thanks for all of the packages you have sent while I've been here. Oh could I get some foot powder, my shoes already smell and I'm not even walking a ton or riding a bike.

Well not much else to tell you. We are all excited and pumped to go to Japan. My time here has kind of turned into a big blur. Even though I'm tired of seeing the same walls, my desire to be here and keep learning is through the roof. I love it.

Thanks for everything you do, I couldn't have done this without you guys.

Love you tons,

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