Sunday, February 28, 2010

How is everyone?

Yeah, another week has passed by super fast and I can't believe it. Its weird to think that this month I am going to hit my year mark! It's crazy isn't it? I kind of have 2 feelings about it. It feels like life before the mission was just kind of a dream and forever ago but when I think back to the MTC it feels just like a few weeks ago. I am surprised at how fast its gone and most of the older missionaries say that once you go over your year mark it speeds up alot. It's gone by super fast.

Earthquakes? Whats going on out there? We haven't heard anything or felt anything about any earthquakes. We are honestly completely oblivious to anything outside of our little apt. here so yeah, we haven't heard anything.

The new area is good and Honma Choro and I are getting along well. We joke around and have a good time. I have gotten to know the members a bit better and they are always super nice. A lot of them are wanting to help us out and dendo too which is great.

Thats great news about whit! Let me know what the test says hopefully it all works out I will keep her in my prayers. Thats way sad about Rachel. I will make sure I remember her. Hopefully it will all turn out ok.

So it wasn't the best week in the world for missionary work. We tried really hard to find some new people to teach but it just didn't quite seem to work out for us. Streeting out here is pretty different than it was in Tanabe. We have tons of chances to talk with people its just getting them to stop and listen is the problem. We will keep working on it and hopefully find some new people this coming week.

I got to go to our service place this week for the first time. It is a place for handicapped people to work. There were a bunch of older handicapped ladies there and we teach them english and help them with their work. After being there for awhile the lady sitting next to me decided to tell the entire class that I was so good looking that I could get married even if I didn't have any talents. Needless to say it took Honma choro and I all the power we had not to burst out laughing. I thought you might like that story.

One thing that Osaka is kind of known for in the mission is the amount of crazy people that are all over the place. I had heard it and thought it was just exaggeration but it is 100% true. They are all over the place it seems like. People standing on bridges talking to the sky. Some old dude walked up and asked us a bunch of weird questions and then just walked off while making a way crazy noise. It always makes the day a little more interesting I guess.

We had a sports night with our church which was fun. One new member brought a friend which was great. I hope that we can teach her later on. It was pretty fun to get out and move around. We played volleyball, basketball, and badminton it wasn't very competitive but it was fun anyways.

We were able to teach Otsuchi on sat. We watched the Joseph Smith DVD with him and asked him why he wanted to listen to us (He doesn't want to join at the moment but wants to hear the lessons still) He said he wants to learn the word of god. He reads the BOM quite a bit and he said that he felt that Charity was important. We tried to set some goals to help him develop charity but he is super super sensitive for some reason and when we put a little pressure on him he said he was going to quite coming. We backed off and he was fine but its a little frustrating. hopefully we can help him realize that he needs to be baptized.

That was pretty much the week. We did lots of streeting and other things but not a lot happened. This next week is busy and should be better I hope.
So package stuff. I will send you a picture of the journal today. Also do you remember those silver and black pens you sent me in a package awhile ago. They said zebra on them? They are super nice for planners. Yeah, I know it sounds nerdy but when you use one everyday its nice to have. If I could get some more of those that would be great. Anything else is fine I love almond joys and snickers and goldfish whatever else you feel like putting in is fine.

Thank you so much for everything
Love you

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