Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I can't really say anything about your email you sent because for some reason it didn't work. Anyways I hope eveything is going well back home.

Nothing really happened this week and we didn't have many appointments but it went by really fast for some reason. Not sure why but it did.

After p-day we went out and were able to hand out one Bom to a lady that had studied the bible before. She didn't know when she could meet which was too bad but we are going to go back soon. While we were riding our bikes I saw a hunting shop which you never ever seen in Japan so I figured why not go in. We ended up talking to the store owner and his wife for around 30 min. They didn't have alot of interest but were really nice and gave us some mikans (mandrin oranges) and told us to come back sometime maybe they can become investigators down the road.

We had a lesson in the morning with a member that is trying to get ready to go to the temple. She has been a member for around 5 years but comes to church off and on and is a bit less active but a great person. She really has a good desire to go and hopefully can soon. We committed her to talk to the branch president so he can help her get prepared. Hopefully she does soon. After that we went out dendoing and had eikaiwa later that night.

We have a bunch of small train stations in between ours and Gobo's and we decided why not go to some of them and try it out. So we went and man it was way countryside. Some of the looks I got from people were pretty funny. We didn't find anyone but it was fun to see some new parts of the area that I hadn't been to before. We had the last Gobo Eikaiwa that night. I felt bad telling the students that it was over and we couldn't go anymore but it was just a waste of time and not worth doing. We got their phone numbers so that when missionaries go back they can get in contact with them and start it up again. Hopefully they put missionaries in there soon. (just as long as it isn't me:)

We went dendoing up until around 6:00 and didn't have much luck. At 6;00 we had a lesson with a the Sugimoto family. We had ran into them the day before while we were out housing and they invited us over. They are really great and a lot of fun. Their youngest daughter isn't baptized yet because she doesn't want to be so we are hoping that we can help her to have that desire to receive baptism soon.


We went out to Minabe and actually found someone. He was around 16 and I think we woke him up but he took a BOM and we are going back tonight. To be honest I don't think he knew what was really going on and just agreed to everything but you never know. I really hope that it works out because we have no investigators at the moment and its getting really old. Other than him not much happened that day but it felt good to finally write a 1 in my planner in the new investigator section.

We had gotten a letter for Tsubasa from Sister Hirota (the lady we taught earlier in the week about the temple). She was her dance teacher and has a good relationship with her. We went all the way out and delivered it to her but she didn't seem to happy to see us. We went and dendoed out there but didn't see anything from it.

It was a normal Sunday, all the normal people came to church. After we left apparantly someone came to church that we had talked to or something and wanted to talk. They talked to the branch president for a bit then left. He only got their name and it would of been great if he could have gotten some contact information but he didn't. Oh well hopefully he comes again. We went out housing for the rest of the day because it rained super hard all day.

That was our week I wish it could have been better but we tried hard. oh well.
Oh I got your card thanks a ton it made me laugh and helped give me a boost. I have kind of a weird question for ya but could I get a Walmart gift card from you? There is a member here that is going to go to BYU's english school next month and has been to Utah once before. She loves Walmart and thinks its the best thing ever (I do have to say I miss it too). As a present I think it would be way funny to give it to her. She is a way awesome member and helps us out all of the time. I told her that you would give her dinner sometime because she will be living in Provo. You could send it in an envelope or something and it doesn't need to be a big expensive card or anything I can pay you back. It would be great Other than that thank you all for everything.

Love you Cam

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