Monday, March 15, 2010

How are you?

Well this week might be a little short I only have a couple of minutes, we found that some zone leader in somewhere else decided to plan a sports meeting at our church a week ago and decided to wait until 9:30 last night to tell us that 15 missionaries would be coming to our church at 1:00 the next day. Needless to say we weren't very excited about it.

This was another slow week but we had a good time.
Monday night was a bit interesting. After P-day we went out to go streeting, after around 10 min. we saw this guy on the ground with 2 girls trying to help him get up. When I first saw him I thought he was drunk or something but he ended up just been super tired or weak or something. We tried to help him get on his feet but he couldn't do it. He eventually got up and tried to ride off on his bike but fell over so we decide to walk him a bit and ended up walking him all the way back to his house. It took us forever and he almost fell over a few times. While walking we found out he hadn't eaten for a week. When we got to his apt. we helped him get inside and it was a tiny one room place with absolutely nothing inside except a dresser, radio, and a Futon (mattress that you sleep on that lays on the ground). It was pretty sad. We don't see alot of that kind of stuff here in a Japan but it was a humbling experience. Needless to say I was alot more grateful for what I had after that.

Tuesday we had service again and we went to a party with our group. They sang a bunch of songs and we had a bunch of crazy things happen that I don't have time to write about but man it was a blast. It rained the rest of the day and we didn't have much luck housing.

Wednesday we had District meeting and went to a burger place that was super good afterwords. Red Robin worthy for sure which is way hard to find here in Japan. After that not much luck but we went streeting.

Thursday and Friday it rained off and on and killed most of our dendo. Not alot of luck but we did find a new area that is super big with people all over the place that could end up being a place we head out to quite a bit now.

Sat. We had a lesson with Otsuchi but not a lot changed. We have decided to try to reteach him the lessons and see how it goes. He really wants to learn but has a hard time actually committing to anything which gets a bit frustrating but we will keep trying. Anyways, after that we went out but not much luck.

Sunday we had a good day but we didn't find anyone. We were able to talk with one guy that was super super close but not quite there.

A little frustrating that we haven't found anyone lately but we will just keep trying our best to see what happens. Hopefully we can get things to turn around soon.

Love you tons

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