Monday, March 22, 2010


Sounds like you had a pretty busy week. I haven't gotten the package yet but I am sure it will come soon. Pancake mix? I didn't ask for any Pancake mix did I? We can buy plenty of it here for cheap don't worry about it. My comp and Burgers comp hit their year mark next transfer after the first week. They have been in the field longer but we are older by 2 or 3 weeks I think.

The language is coming along good. I can say whatever I want now and not stumble as much as I use to but its not where I want to be yet. I still have lots of work to do but I really like studying it and am planning studying after the mission for sure as either as a minor or double major if I could pull that off. I am trying to get some Kanji down right now but its pretty tough for me. I have around 120 memorized but can only read most of them. Still working on the writing part. Anyways, I still have tons and tons of work to do with the language but I have come along way from this time last year.

It has started to get warm over here also. We don't have to wear coats and gloves so its nice and it makes it a little easier to talk with people. More people getting married? Thats pretty crazy stuff. Weird to think that I could be old enough to get married. Japanese people seem to think we are crazy when we tell them we get married around 20. They wait until they are older so its a bit different.

Well it was kind of a bland week . . . again. I don't know why we can't seem to get anyone to meet with us. We street really close to our church so we give a few tours a day to people but after seeing the church they don't want to meet again which is getting frustrating.This transfer has flown by even though we haven't had alot of success which is good. Transfers are next week and we have interviews this week so we will most likely know what is going on after interviews. I would love to stay with Honma 長老 for another transfer but I think he will be gone but never know.

Tuesday - we had lots of dendo time in the morning but no luck. We had District Mtg. and went out to eat afterwords. There is a really good hamburger place that sells burgers that are just as good if not better than American ones. We got alot ;) Speaking of food I am afraid that I am getting fat now. In the city we don't really ride our bike much and no hills. There are stores and restaurants everywhere so we can get stuff alot easier and cheaper too. We also don't have a scale in this apt. so I am getting scared. Who knows, maybe I will come home and you won't recognize me.

Wednesday - Elder Honma had some problem with his stomach so we stayed in the apt until around 5:00 then Elder Buerger and i went out to teach eikaiwa.

Thursday - Elder Kudo caught a nasty cold but Elder Honma was ok so we went out dendoing until 4:00. After 4:00 Elder Honma went with Elder Bureger so they could teach a guy they found and I stayed at the apt with elder Kudo and got a good nap in and some extra study. They didn't get back until 9:00 so my day was over.

Friday - It was contacting time all day but we didn't really have any good luck. Not very fun but we did give a tour to a guy that was really cool. Maybe he will come to our sports night but was pretty busy. We will see what happens.

Sat. - We had our lesson with Otsuchi. We have decided to start from the very first principle in the first lesson and go from there. He doesn't understand the gospel well and we are going to try to reteach it all. Our bishop helped us teach and did an amazing job and bore a great testimony that really brought the spirit in well. He invited him to stay for all of sacrament mtg. (He leaves after the sacrament is passed) Otsuchi said he would try. We were pretty excited after the lesson, because he finally seemed like he was going to make some progress. After the lesson we went out dendoing and gave a tour of the church but he didn't really get enough interest to meet again.

Sunday - Otsuchi came to church but left again half way through sacrament. We both were really disappointed about it and surprised when he got up and left. He is 30 years old and lives with his family still. His job is on the computer every day so he basically has no social skills period. We are really trying to get members to fellowship him but when he only stays half way through the mtg its kind of tough for them. I am not sure how to help him but we are going to keep trying.
After church we had a dinner appointment with a few members. It was really good food. The brother that invited us over had rootbeer and gave us some which was a nice treat. (You can't buy it here unless you go to an import store) We helped them make their own Missionary plan after eating and hopefully they will be able to help their friends and family learn about the gospel. After the lesson we headed back to the apt and turns out that Kudo choro got sick again so Burger and I headed out and grabbed some food that a member had ready for us and after that the day was over.

So yeah kind of another week that we didn't find anyone but we are trying hard. The other guys are having a hard time finding at the moment too so its not just us. I really hope it picks up soon. I really like the area its a great place and the members are pretty cool for the most part. I just wish we had some more people to teach. We have interviews with president this week and we will probably find out what is going to happen next transfer but he might not give us any hints so its hard to say.

I am excited to get the package I am sure that it is going to be great. Thank you for everything love you

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