Monday, May 24, 2010


So it was an alright week nothing super special. We actually didn't find anyone out on the streets which was a bit of a disappointment. We did have a lot of lessons though which was pretty cool. We had a good time with those and was able to have one investigator become a progressing investigator which is something that we have been struggling with lately.

His name is warren and is from California. He has been in Japan for 16 years and is still here because he wants to stay close to his family. He had a really nasty divorce with his wife and doesn't get to see them much but he tries. We will have a big problem with the Word of Wisdom with him so hopefully we can change that around. Other than that he is great guy and hopefully something comes of it.

We had a sports night on Saturday and it was our best one yet. We had a lot of fun and got quite a few people there. All the missionaries played like we use to before the mission only to find out that we are super out of shape and could barely move the next day but everyone had a good time and it was good for our investigators too.
We didn't get any investigators to church but we did get a LA to come back which was pretty cool. We are hoping that we can keep him to stay active from here on out. We will see what happens with him I guess.

We visited a lot of members and gave them banana bread and told them thanks for helping us all last transfer. Hopefully it helps us get a little more involved with working with them this next coming transfer we are going to need the help.

So I guess the rainy season has started out here. It has rained the last 2 days straight without letting up and looks like it will keep going on through tomorrow too. Its starting to get pretty hot and humid too.

Anyways thats about our week, not a ton really happened. This next week we are pretty busy, we have an exchange with the Zone Leaders and one of the traveling APs and Zone conference so its going to be a bit crazy. Maybe we will find someone that we can baptize this next week.

Love you, thanks for sending the package cant wait,

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