Monday, June 7, 2010


Well, it sounds like everyone had a really good week. Morgan had a softball game that actually had a hit in it? Sounds like big news. Sounds like everyone is staying busy and having fun back home. Is it as hot out there as it is back here?

Anyways we had a good week this week.

Tuesday -
We just went out and dendoed but didn't have much luck.

Wednesday -

We had District mtg. in the morning which went pretty well we had a good time. Afterwords there is usually this hamburger place that we go to that has really good burgers but its really expensive so we decided to try to make our own this week. We bought all the hamburger and toppings and headed home and made our own. Man they were way good and only cost around 5 bucks. Ton of fun. After words we did some streeting then had Eikaiwa.

We have had this new lady come to Eikaiwa for the last 3 or 4 weeks and every time she comes she brings a new friend and she did the same thing this week. Its way cool and is really making our Eikaiwa a lot stronger now so its a little exciting considering most Eikaiwas I have been to just have old people who have been coming for 5 plus years or so.

Thursday -
We had a Split with Elder Monson. He is a new AP and is actually Elder Akina's trainer. He is a really really great missionary and we decided to take him out to a really big college area. We ate lunch out there (All you can eat Indian curry) and started to street. By the time we were done we were able to find 2 people and set up appointments. We came back and ate dinner and headed back out again to find 2 more investigators. I was really impressed and felt like it really wasn't that hard. We just needed to talk to more people and Elder Monson really kind of showed us new ways to dendo and got us really pumped up. 4 investigators in one day was the most I had ever found in one day so we were pretty excited.

Friday -
We woke up in the morning and realized we were out of TP so before study we went out to grab some. We walked out of the apt and started to get on our bikes but we couldn't find Elder Akina's bike. After looking around the area for a bit (theres a ton of bikes) we realized it had been stolen overnight. I was pretty lucky considering mine was right next to his unlocked. After study we had to go to the police station and report it which took forever and ended up renting him a bike so we could get around. We headed out to a far place called kamishinjo and streeted out there. After talking to alot of people the last guy we contacted ended up becoming an investigator. He is from China and we will be teaching him tomorrow hopefully he shows up. Elder Monson and the Takatsuki Elders did a split and they also ended up finding 4 new investigators.

Sat - We were invited to go to an ice cream party with the primary in the morning and answer their questions they had prepped to ask us before hand. Things like whats your fav. food, stuff like that. It was a lot of fun and a lot of them were really funny. We did a little lesson with them afterwords and finished up. Afterwords we went out with our ward mission leader to hand out fliers at the train station. As we were handing them out 2 older ladies came up and started talking to us in english. Turns out they have interest and we were able to set up an appointment with them in a few weeks. I hope they come they seemed to have a lot of interest.

Sun -
After I got out of my Ward missionary meeting a member came up to me and said 'Elder Homer I have something for you and I think your going to be really surprised' He walked me down the hall towards one of the rooms and when I walked in I saw Brother Deardon! Man, I was blown out of the water. To tell you the truth I thought something might happen because you asked me that stuff last week but still I was way surprised. It was really great to see them all. Sister Dearden is still funny as ever and gave me a great big hug from you. We got a picture together (Of course Sister Dearden and I have our eyes closed) out in front of the church. Mine didn't turn out too well so you will have to get one of the ones they took. They went to the other wards sacrament meeting and then had to leave a little early to get to Nara on time. It was awesome seeing them and really fun.

After church we ended up going to a members house for a FHE with some of the widow sisters in the ward. There is this one old lady that is 81 but the most energetic, funniest lady I have ever met in Japan. She had everyone go around the room telling her when we thought she was going to die and stuff. Man it was funny. After dinner we went out and did some dendo but were not able to find anyone.

At then end of the week we were able to find 7 new people to teach, the most I have ever found in one week. We were pretty happy and can't wait to see how many more we can find this coming week.

So it was a great week. As a zone we were able to find 49 new people and as a mission over 200 when our goal is around 125 a week. Everyone is really excited and trying hard. Hopefully we can keep it up like this every single week because I don't see why we can't. This next coming week is going to be busy with new people to teach and dendo time. Everyone is excited to get going and its really great. Oh and I also got your package this week. Thanks a ton everything was really great. Its weird to think that this next week I am going to be in Japan for 1 year. Its gone by really fast and keeps going faster and faster.

One thing I was hoping I could get from you would be the Norway mission homes adress. I don't know how they do it out there but if i could get the address so I could just send it there then they forward it to burns and drew and spence I would love it. If you could get that for me it would be great.

Thanks a ton
Love you

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