Sunday, November 21, 2010

So it was another good week.

Last we headed out to a nearby temple and took some pictures.
My comp is way into photography and is way good so we got some pretty good ones I will try to send a few to you today. Hope you like them.

We were way busy this week with all sorts of splits and lessons and stuff I think I will just go over the main stuff.

We had 3 lessons with Horimoto this week and he is going to be baptized next week! Yeah way excited for him. He has a problem with tobacco and we had lesson with him about it and the spirit was super strong. He wanted to follow god and his teachings but said it would be really hard for him to quit so we took a few minutes and all prayed together and when we were done he looked up and said he had made his decision. To quit and follow what god wants him to do. A way spiritual lesson and it was way cool to see one of our investigators so determined to follow what the Lord wants him to do. This week we will have his interview which he should do just fine getting through and then have his service on Sunday.

I went on a few splits around Osaka which was fun. Able to find some investigators in different areas which hopefully will help them. One of the districts is having a lot of problems hopefully we can help them out this coming week.

One of the families we found Yamamoto we were suppose to have a lesson with. We got to meet the husband and he tried to tell us that he didn't have interest but we started talking with him and he ended up having some interest after all and we were able to set up another appointment that is a little shaky. We will see what happens I guess this coming week hopefully it all works out.

Anyways other than that this week was pretty normal. I was out of the area quite a bit and next week we will only be in our area for around 2 days. We have a Leadership training mtg and zone leader council so we will be in Kobe for 4 days. I will not be having prep day on Monday next week but Sat. the 4th of Dec. So yeah I wont be sending you and email next Monday but on sat.

Anyways thanks for all the stuff with school its way awesome that you did that for me. As for the Christmas package I don't need much. I would rather you put money in my account so I can buy stuff to take home or things when I get back to tell you the truth but candy and maybe a CD or two that is on the list that i sent you would be great. Don't worry about any clothes or anything. Oh and I do need toothpaste just one tube should be fine. Can't believe its already that time again. Transfer will be over in 2 weeks way crazy.

Love you tons

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