Monday, November 1, 2010

It was a way good week to start off the transfer. I have a new comp and his name is Elder Everett. A really good missionary from Syracuse, Utah. He actually use to live on the Duplex street around the same time we were there too.

Anyways I don't have a ton of time but I will write down some of the highpoints of the week.

So last week Elder Muraoka and I found this guy named Horimoto and set up an appointment with him. It was a little iffy if he would come or not but he showed up. Elder Everett and I took him to the church and started our lesson and tour. We found out that he had gone to church for around 8 or 9 years when he was younger and was feeling like he needed to go back lately and since we invited him he decided to go. It was pretty easy to teach him and we hit pretty hard on the restoration and the need for authority that was restored through Joseph Smith. We committed him to be baptized by someone holding that authority for 11/28 and he accepted. He also came the church the next day and hit off great with the members. He is looking really good and we can't wait to keep on teaching him.

We also had a first lesson with a 21 year old guy named Shotaro. He showed up to his lesson in a suit so we were pretty surprised and when we started teaching he asked us what we talked about. We told him we talk about God and how we can learn if he is there or not and he replied I really really want to know please tell me… yeah pretty awesome way to start off a lesson. Anyways he asked tons of good question and is really really prepared for the gospel. He just needs faith and the experience now. We also committed him for the 28th and he accepted. He is doing great and already reading and praying.

Wha’ts crazy is that both of those lessons happened in the same day and during that day we found 6 new investigators. It was probably one of the most successful days of my mission easy.

We had a really good starting week and were able to find 12 new investigators and up our people that are committed to baptism to 6 so we are pretty happy with how its going at the moment but we should see some more good stuff this week.

This next transfer is going to fly by and be just as busy as the last I think. We have alot of exchanges planned and we have a few meetings that we have to go to so we should stay pretty busy.
I got your package this week which was awesome. Thanks so much. Did Derrick and Whit get my letters? Hopefully they write me back soon.

Love you tons thanks for everything

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