Sunday, March 13, 2011


So yeah I guess it sounds like everyone is up in arms about the whole earthquake thing. Wasn't really that big of a deal for us, didn't even feel it in our area but I guess some did in other parts of the mission. My back bike tire had exploded and we were in a dept. store getting it fixed when we got the call from pres. telling us to stay away from the ocean since our island had a really big tsunami warning. We live on the 5th floor of our apt so no worries but we just housed closed to the apt in case we had to head back. One of the sisters in my district is actually from Sendai but she was able to get a hold of her family and everyone is safe and accounted for and no damage to their house so no worries but it took a few days until she could call them so it was scary for a bit and we did a fast but things all worked out.

So yeah it was an interesting week with all of the earthquake stuff. This week we had a lot of finding time. I mean honestly, I think we spent at least 4 to 6 hours a day doing finding but it payed off and we were able to find 7 new investigators. We had a few lessons but they were 30 min away and the only way to get there was to ride our bikes along the coast which we figured probably wasn't the best idea in the world due to the tsunami warning so we had to cancel a lot of our lessons this week. Also the Tachibana's got sick and ended up canceling their lesson too.

On Sunday we had a bit of a miracle and we had 4 people come to church. The Tachibana's ended up getting well again and all 3 of them were able to come to church. Also Hashimoto finally made it to church. After church he gave me a call and told me that he wants to start up the lessons again. Guess he has some friends up by the earthquake and it made him think a bit so it had a positive side for us also. He has some major problems but hopefully we can help him with it and he can get baptized in the next few weeks. We are going to try to set a date with him tomorrow.

Um well other than that not a lot really happened. Everyone is talking about the earthquake stuff so its a good way to start up contacts and get people thinking about their families and stuff. I am way glad that all the missionaries up there are safe and sound. Sounds like it was a pretty big one. This next coming week should be pretty good. We have a lot of lessons and will be pretty busy. Thanks for the email and I hope that you didn't worry about me too much.

Love you tons

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