Monday, March 7, 2011


Well it was another great week with a lot of miracles.

Monday - We had a good prep. day. Not a lot of stuff really but when we went out and dendoed we were able to find 2 investigators. and also taught a lesson to an eternal investigators. that we will probably give a break for the next transfer. pretty good night.

Tuesday- Found out that me and Schramm were getting split up. My new comp. is Elder Moffatt he is a cool guy and is from Washington. I think that we will get along well this last transfer. We were suppose to have 2 appointments and both of them fell through which was disappointing but it worked out. We had English class that night which was pretty normal.

Wednesday - Most of this day was spent packing and visiting members. Later that night we had a lesson with the Tachibana family. We had decided to try to get the kids with a baptismal date because they seemed to be so interested in baptism. We both were pretty nervous and didn't want to come off pressuring them or anything but felt like it was the right thing to do and wanted to get a date for them. We taught about fasting and connected it to the Gift of the Holy Ghost and how it can guide us in our lives. We then committed the kids and they both said yes to a date. When we asked the mom if that was ok she said that she had been on facebook talking to her nephew and found out he was a member and he really gave a great testimony. She said she has been feeling that this church is the right one for her and said that she wanted to be baptized on that day too! They ended up not being able to do it on the day we committed them too and moved it to April 24 to get baptized as a family. Sadly, I probably won't be there but I don't care as long as they get baptized. The spirit was totally in the lesson and really strong. I was really nervous when I started the lesson but when I committed them to baptism it just felt like the right thing and I was able to do it really smoothly and it felt like the spirit guided everything I said. I really hope we can get them baptized soon. It was a great way to end the transfer.

Thursday - We got our new comps and spent most of the day planning. Did some finding but not a lot of luck

Friday - Had a member visit and lots of finding but not much luck again.

Sat - We were able to find one new investigator who actually did a home stay in Utah. She knows all about the church and we are hoping to get a few good lessons with her next week. We tried to do game night but only one member showed up this week. Better than last week where no one showed up but I don't know if we can keep doing it or not.

Sun - Good day at church. We had a really good day finding and were able to find 3 new investigators through housing which was a surprise. Turned out to be a really good day.

This transfer is starting off great and I am sure that we will see tons of miracles. I can already tell its going to go by fast because we have tons of meeting and events and good investigators to teach. Still can't believe that its my last transfer but I plan to work my hardest and see some miracles.

Love you all

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