Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Hey, how's it going back in Springville? I didn't get an email from you or dad this week. Dad told me in his last one that your e-mail was messed up when he upgraded something, so I hope you get this and got my last one. I still get your dear elder ones so that works.

We taught our first lesson in Japanese this week. It was pretty intense, but we did a good job. It was alot of fun, they were real Japanese people too. They could understand alot of what we were saying so that we pretty cool. We are given scenarios we have to talk about also, and this week it was food. My companion said he liked to eat poisonous food. It was so funny the look they gave us was priceless. We can practice teaching the teachers before we teach the actual volunteers and I said I was Christ's savior, that was embarrassing, so we are both making mistakes, but learning and hanging in there.

Tomorrow we get new missionaries and we'll be sempi. It's weird thinking I have been here for over half my time and am on the home stretch of finishing the MTC. I am really ready to get out of here and excited to get on with it in Japan.

Well not alot has changed here, just trying to learn as much Japanese as I can. It sounds like they speak a different kind than what we are learning in here, in the area I'm going to be serving in, so it will take some time to adjust to when I get there.

Thanks for the cookies they were great. I love those they are one of my favorites.

I remember you saying something about my UCCU card would work in Japan. I think I will keep both just to make sure I have one that works, and if it does work I will just use it all the time instead of the W.F. one.

How is everyone back home? Anything new going on. We keep hearing about some swine flu scare. They won't let us shake hands anymore so that's a little weird. It sounds like they are making a bigger deal out of it than it actually is.

How are the other guys doing that are out on their missions, do you hear from their parents? Any news on Joe's call? I got a letter from Burn's which was way awesome I can't wait to get another one from him.

Thanks for all that you do.

Love you Tons

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