Thursday, May 14, 2009

Week 7 at the MTC

Hey this is going to be a short email, sorry, but I'm out of time. I will send a letter as well tomorrow. Thanks for your letters they were great.

This week was the same not much different going on. Lots of new missionaries which is cool it's really fun being sempi and helping them along. Ours weren't so nice to us so we are trying our best to be nice to them and help them along. One of my new roommates played soccer with Easton Folster and Cameron Brink, weird huh. Japanese is a lot of fun, I am loving it. I'm trying to work hard so I can communicate better with people.

We had an apostle come talk to us, Elder Ballard. His talk was pretty amazing, the spirit was so strong, at least for me it was. It's cool to get to hear the leaders of the church speak in person.

This Friday I get to go off base!! Elder Buerger has had some health problems and is going to get them taken care of at the health center. When he exercises he has problems. We will see what they find out, it will just be weird to be outside of the MTC even if it's not that far. I'll let you know how it goes.

Derrick sent me a picture of the dogs, man that puppy is pretty cut. Some of the sisters saw me looking at it and well you know how girls like made me laugh. Sounds like everyone is having a good time back at home. That's cool about Bear, let me know when he gets his call. Sounds like Grandma & Grandpa are working hard. I got a letter from them and it was alot of fun to read.

Thank you for the package. I'm not sure how it all worked out but I got the breadsticks, but not the sandwich. There was an orange letter from the MTC, so they must have opened it. It was great to get some real food. I do really miss your cooking.

Ok, just a few things I'd like to get if you have time. I would like a skinny tie just pure black if you can find one. If you can't don't worry about it. My other black skinny one is apparently too small so I can't wear it, so make sure it isn't too skinny. Do you remember the red one? That one is perfect. Also any ties in my closet that I didn't bring just send so I can trade them. Tie trades are the best every Sunday night.

As for the pictures, just send me ones of our family, house, dogs, or whatever you think would work. One last thing, in the letter I'm sending you I will write down what kind of memory card my camera takes and would like another one so I can send you the one I have and you can get my pictures and videos I have now. I will send it to you before I leave for Japan.

I want you to know that I am doing the best I can. I know that we have to work hard, but if we do with the help of the Lord, we can accomplish great things.

Thanks for everything

Love you tons

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  1. He sounds really good, and tell him he's doing just fine! Diane