Sunday, July 12, 2009

Tacoyaki ....

Dear family,

Man I was really hoping I would find out where Phil is going, hopefully next week, right?! Cool that Colton's going to Brazil, its the place to go. They don't even tract there, just get referrals and baptisms, but we all know that Japan is the best mission so its all good. Let me know where Jake goes too.

It sounds like the trip was fun. I would love to see the redwoods, the sound cool. The jet boats were cool too. I'm sure everyone loved it.

Sounds like Bishop Prawitt will be great. I hope that it all works out, but I will really miss Bishop Burr, he is just an amazing person. I really need to write him a letter, but I never have time on P-day cause it's so crazy.

Morgan's softball games were always fun, I'm glad she did so well. How much longer until they are back in school? I'm loving the emails from Derrick, it sounds like he is having a fun summer and is doing good. Ran into a tree on a four wheeler? Sounds like Derrick! How is Whitney doing. I have been a little worried about her lately, is she going to be okay? I got a letter from her and she sounded alright.

Dad, thanks for your message in the last email, it was great. Usually when we contact people we just talk to them about their lives and stuff. Every single time they ask what we are doing we lead into the gospel from there. People do notice what we are doing and I think they respect us for it. We always try to leave a good impression behind because most of the time it's the only thing that we can do. We have met a few people recently that were promising, we might get some lessons with them. I sure hope so.

The language is rough, but I am starting to understand more and can talk better. It just takes time I guess, but youknow me and how impatient I am. I want to know Japanese NOW. I am trying my best to learn all that I can. I do flashcards every day with 20 words and it seems to help I just need to speak instead of letting my senior do it all. Derrick you should totally keep practicing Japanese. It would be cool if you came here on your mission then we could talk in Japanese to each other. The Japanese people are really surprised when they hear white people talk in Japanese. They think its great even if you speak as poorly as I do.

This week we did a lot of tracting. We had 3 lessons but they all fell through, but we were able to find some people that were interested and we got phone numbers from them. We will give them a call. We also had an open house that we invited people to. We were hoping that the members would invite their friends but they didn't so we didn't have a lot of people but they were really excited. Afterwords we had tacoyagi which is a batter ball with octopus in the middle. It's not quite calamarie but it wasn't bad. It's fun getting to know the members better. My first transfer is pretty much over next week. It's crazy how fast time is flying.

Sorry I don't have an apartment address, just send packages to the mission home through the USPS. The only things I can use is a small flat alarm clock. My comp has one, it folds up and is really small, They are nice. Also a tide pen for stains. Oh and I have no idea what happened to my hankerchiefs. I had one and used it all the time, but I lost it and can't find my others and man we sweat alot over here. Just send it when its convenient or when you want to send some treats:)

Well thanks for everything. I am not sure if you will get an email from me next week. We are going to Himeji castle in Osaka and might not have time to email, but I promise to take some awesome pictures for you.

Love you tons,


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