Monday, July 27, 2009


I think I was just as surprised as you were when we got transfer calls and I found out I was leaving. I had mixed emotions but I am just excited now. My trainer was going home in 4 weeks and told me that he had no more desire to do missionary work a few days before transfers. I think that it was a blessing because personally I was worried about what we were going to do. I hope he does ok with the time that he has left.

My new comp. is Elder Fukui and is a really good missionary (and an awesome cook). I will learn alot from him. He is a Zone Leader and is from Japan but went to BYU Idaho so he has really good English. He only has 1 transfer left after this one so he is almost done.

Akashi is a really cool place. It is on the ocean and has the biggest or 2nd biggest bridge in the world you will have to look it up. It is gigantic. It looked big from the train but when we rode our bikes under it, man I couldn't believe how big it was. It has around 1 million people here so we will always have someone to talk to it seems.

Elder Fukui has been working really hard and we already have 2 people committed to baptism with a baptismal date and a ton of investigators here. Its really great. One of them we taught Prayer, Scripture study and Sabbath day (the commandments). His name is Enkh and is from Mongolia. His brother is actually an RM that went to Mississippi but has gone inactive. When we met with his brother he was smoking and drinking ( a little drunk) He talked about how much he loved his mission and stuff. He was actually and AP and everything but when he got back to Mongolia he had a lot of family problems and stuff just happened. I hope we can help him come back to church. I think Enkh will be baptized he is really excited about it.

We have lots of people to teach, it should be a lot of fun. It is nice to have people to teach and watch them progress towards being baptized. I hope that it all works out well for us.

Since Elder Fukui is a ZL we had to go down to Kobe so he could go to a big ZL meeting and I got to go out with some other missionaries for the day. That was alot of fun getting to know some different guys. Alot of them knew Brandon from the MTC and one of the older ones said that Elder Peterson wanted him to say hi to me for him. Could I get Brians Address from you? I would love to hear from him.

I got the Package this week it was way awesome. The corn nuts, junior mints, chexmix and candy bars and everything were all perfect picks. Thank you so much. I ended up finding a way cheap clock so I bought it but having both is nice so i can put one on my desk. For the rain jacket just get a normal one the long one gets in the way sometimes with the bike. The smaller it packs the better but you don’t need to buy an expensive one. If you send another package all the candy was good and I would love some ranch corn nuts.

Man good news about going to the place up in Minnesota. What is that place for? I hope everything goes well for whit up there. Let me know how it goes. I hope she does ok. Have fun in St. George!

Anyways its been a way busy week which is always good when you are on a mission. Tell Whit,Derrick, and muff that I want to hear from them all. I will have more time to email the place in Akashi is alot cheaper so I can fit alot more in.

Ok thank you for everything
Love you tons

PS. Derrick - funny story for you. So when I was in Nishinomiya there was this really big park that we liked to talk to people in. We were finished and were headed back home to eat. I was riding my bike just looking around and I looked to my left and there is some old dude standing there completely butt naked, no pants, nothing. No Joke. Luckily his back was facing me, but it was weird. I laughed pretty hard, I couldn't believe it. You see some crazy things over here, but so far this is the craziest.

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