Monday, July 20, 2009

Trasferred already....

Hey, so we didn't end up going to Himeji Castle because the Zone leaders changed our P-day to Tuesday. Yesterday was a holiday out here so they wanted us out and about contacting and doing stuff.

Today we got transfer calls and guess what....I am transferring already! I am headed out to a place called Akashi not too far from Nishinomiya. My new comp. will be Fukui Choro and he is Japanese but can speak English. I am really excited about it because it will help my Japanese quite a bit with him being a native and all. It's really surprising because most missionaries stay in one area for at least 2 transfers, but the President felt something else should happen. It should be good. The AP's on the phone said that they have 2 investigators committed to baptism over there so we should get some soon. I have mixed feelings about leaving. I like this area of Japan, its all city and we can street and don't have to house unless it rains. I like all they guys in the apartment and district but I guess this is what happens. I was just way surprised, didn't expect that I would be transferred at all right now.

This week was a decent week for us. We had 2 lessons. Did I tell you about the lady we found housing? Her name is Sakurai and we found her housing. We got an appointment, I don't think she thought we would actually come back, but we did! When we showed up she said she didn't have an interest in religion, but one of the members with us saved it and got us another appointment. Way cool. We taught her about families because she is a mom and she really liked it a lot. We are teaching her today. At the end of the lesson last time, she said the reason she didn't have an interest in religion is because of how many there are. She asked how she could know which one is true, Pretty much the Golden Question. She also asked what baptism was when looking at the pamphlet. Its great stuff.

Our other one was with a girl named Mameko, an 18 year old college student. We taught her the first lesson. She will read and pray, I hope it all goes well with her. We went finding a lot this week, but just couldn't find anyone. Summer break is coming up and the college feeds this aera and so its hard to find people. We can't contact women at all, it's a rule for all of Japan. Old people don't care so we couldn't find anyone but it was ok.

Last night we took a potential investigator out to a YSA outreach program. We walked up to him and talked to him about a week ago, and asked him if he had any problems with life and as missionaries we would like to help. We had talked to him about his job and stuff before. He told us he wanted a girlfriend, that made us laugh, so we took him to the YSA thing. He got to know some people and became an investigator last night. He's really a great guy, I hope it all works out for him.

I heard about Elder McBurney's baptism. I am writing him and it sounds like he is having a great time out there.

I haven't got your package yet, but I am excited for it. It has been raining the last few days and I found out that my rain jacket thing doesn't like rain. My arms up to my shoulders get wet. If you could find a new one for me and send it out inthe next package that would be great. Just wait until the next month or whenever, I don't need it right now so please don't worry about it until next month.

Well that's it for now. I guess the next time I email you I will send you the pictures of the apartment and the guys that were with mee. Sorry it's taking so long. I will be in a new area so it should be cool.

Alright, I love you all,


PS - Morgan

The apartment we live in is small, especially for 4 people. I will send you pictures next week. The weirdest thing I have eaten is the tacoyaki. I do the dishes all the time and we try to keep our apartment clean, but sometimes it's hard with 4 people in such a small apartment.

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