Sunday, January 10, 2010

This might be a short email this week. Its actually a holiday today so we had to go to a place that is a bit more expensive so I can't spend a lot of time sorry.
Thanks for sending the package I am excited to get it. Its going to be way nice to have that triple again and some new music. We have a CD player and almost every apt. has one. No worries there.

All right this week was again a little disappointing. We have been trying to recover after the new years and get in contact with all of our investigators but it isn't working too well. Most of them won't answer our phone calls or anything so we may have to start from the bottom and work our way back up again. Frustrating.

We went housing after P-day and didn't have too much luck. After housing we called a bunch of our investigators and was able to get one appointment with one of them which was nice. We also tried Bike dendo which is something I really like doing now. Its where you just stop people on your bike instead of walking around and it seems like we can talk to a ton more people that way. We are going to keep doing it for the rest of the transfer.

We went looking for service activities, sports activities anything that we could go to where we could maybe have a little more natural conversation but were unable to find any. Most of the service things they had going on were with children which we can't do. Bummer. We went housing and did Eikaiwa later that night. Not much really happened. We have our meeting with the branch presidency every week after eikaiwa so we did that and headed back to the apt.

We had a bunch of finding time and visited some Potential Investigators but none of them were home. We went housing and contacting but no one seemed interested. I started feeling sick so I took a 30 min nap after lunch hoping I would get better but it didn't help much. The elders from Shingu came down and stayed the night because the next day was transfer day.

I got sick! Not fun at all, I had a really nasty cold and headache so we stayed in the apt most of the day. We got out at night but trying to contact while being sick isn't the best idea in the world but we tried our best. Iam feeling fine now but it wasn't a very fun day.

Enta Choro got sick! yeah I think this usually happens in a companionship. If one gets sick the other is bound to get sick. we stayed inside most of the morning until he felt ready to go out and we headed out but didn't have any luck. we had a lesson with Myuki later that night that went alright. We had a couple that had been couple missionaries in the area a few years ago but the lesson went a little too deep and I think she was pretty confused. She is progressing at the moment and I hope we get another lesson with her soon. She is really the only investigator we have at the moment.

We have been wanting to visit Sister Tsubasa for quite awhile now. She is the girl that Payne Choro baptized before I got here. 2 weeks after he left she stopped coming to church, Eikaiwa, and we had called her a million times but she never answered so we decided to take the hour long bike ride out to her work and visit her. She wasn't as happy to see us as I hoped and could tell something was wrong after the visit. We went to talk to another sister that is good friends from her and we found out that she is at the moment really lost. Her mom is against the church and Tsubasa doesn't believe anymore. We are going to be working with the branch to help her get back to church soon. I really hope that we can help her out. She seemed so strong just a few weeks ago when Payne was here but she is in a tough spot. Definately a sad day. Sunday no one came to church this week but we were able to help the branch put together their ward mission plan. We will have a lot of less actives and part members to visit and hopefully we can help them get their kids baptized soon. We went contacting at night but no luck there.

So not a very fun week. It kind of feels like everything fell apart with us getting sick, our investigators, Tsubasa, and not finding anyone but we just have to keep working and I am sure that the blessings will come soon. We just have to make sure that we keep our chins up and work hard right? Thank you for all the support and for everything else.
Love you

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