Sunday, January 24, 2010

How is everyone doing? Is it pretty cold out there? Its gotten a little warmer here which is nice.

Thats cool about everyone getting their calls. I am sure that Riley will be great. Let me know where the other guys end up going.

Man, I can see everyone playing rock band. That makes me laugh I am sure that Morgan is quite the singer. I bet our family makes quite the band even if it is just in front of the T.V.

The new stake presidency sounds great. Brother Hilton was my Physics teacher in HS he was a great teacher and a great guy. He will be good as well as the other 2 I am sure.

So not much luck again this week. We tried hard but nothing really happened.


We taught Sister Hirota a lesson and tried to figure out how we can help our new convert who is currently leaving the church. Sister Hirota was her dance teacher when she was little so they have a good relationship and probably can help us out quite a bit. After the lesson we went out contacting but we didn't have any luck at all.


It was zone conference and since we had eikaiwa (English Class) the day before we had to wake up at 5 Am to make it on time the next day which wasn't too fun. It was a really good conference though and I learned a lot. President is awesome and always gets everyone pumped up to be good missionaries and all of that so its always fun. It took us the rest of the day to get home afterwords so we didn't have time to do anything else that day.


We had an appointment with the Kashiyama's to do a home teaching lesson in the morning. It went well and they were really nice to us. They gave us some Mikans (Mandrin Oranges) which I am now addicted to. Where we live is famous for them so we eat quite a few of them and they are way good. Afterwords we contacted for awhile and housed but no interest. We also had another appointment with the Sugimoto family later that night for another Home teaching appointment. It went well and they fed us dinner which was great. After the lesson we headed home.


We went contacting all morning and housed too but didn't find anyone. We had an appointment that night with the Enamotos and they fed us Sukiyaki. Its really really good and something I will try to make once I get home. Its a pot filled with sugar and soy sauce and you boil different veggies and meat and man its good stuff. After the lesson/dinner we headed home.


We had a totally open day and were hoping to find someone but no luck at all. We did get one phone number from a guy but I don't think he really has that much interest so...yeah. That was pretty much our day.


We went to stake conference. The Branch President took us there. I got to meet Fujita Shimai (Brandons Grandma) it was really cool and she was super nice and even gave me a bag with some treats in it. I don't know what I was thinking but I didn't get a picture with her. Man I am kicking my self way hard for that. Man dang. Oh well she was really cool and who would have thought I would have met Brandon's grandma crazy huh. The conference was good and we had a good time. We didn't get home until around 5 Pm so we didn't have a lot of time to go out. We did some housing but no luck there. We visited some investigators that we have been trying to get a hold of. The family that we taught once but went on vacation. They weren't home and we called too and couldn't get a hold of them. We are wondering if they went to the phillipeans or something (the wife is from there). After that we went back to the apt and called all of our investigators and couldn't get appointments with any of them. None of them are really very solid and I think we might have to wipe the board down and start over I dunno.

So yeah another disappointing week. I wish things would pick up but I dunno what to do anymore. I guess we just keep trying but I don't know how we are going to find anyone. Hopefully something good happens this week.

As for the birthday package I can't think of anything special. Maybe one or 2 more CD's? President changed the music rule at ZC so now we can listen to it anytime we want to instead of just before study which is way awesome. I have plenty of Mormon tab. but whatever you feel like. Other than that I can't really think of anything. Thank you for doing that and thinking of me.

Thanks for everything
Love you

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