Monday, June 14, 2010


Hey how are you doing? Sounds like everyone back home is having a good time during the summer doing all sorts of fun things. Morgan with softball, EFY, and Art city days.

So this week wasn't quite as good as last week but still pretty good.

Monday night we were able to talk to a guy named Matsushima and he had heard of Mormons before. He tutors a guy who did a home stay in the US and stayed with a mormon family. He knew who we were and at first didn't seem to have much interest but after talking to him for a bit he warmed up to us and decided to meet again next monday (Today) at the closest Mcdonalds so that we could introduce our stuff to him. I really hope that he shows up tonight.

Tuesday - We were able to meet one of our new investigators that we met the last week. He was from China and we had high hopes for him but it turns out all he really wanted to do was to try to speak english. Both Japanese and English was really tough for him so we ended up talking to each other by writing Kanji back and forth which he could understand but it didn't work out too great. He said he didn't have interest besides english so we invited him to come to Eikaiwa and couldn't set up another appointment. We talked to alot of people but we just couldn't seem to get anyone to stick which was a little frustrating.

Wednesday - I had an exchange with Elder Murphy. It was really fun, we headed out to another college where we were suppose to meet a new investigator but he didn't show and wouldn't answer his phone. While he didn't show up we were able to find 2 more new people so that was good. Hopefully they will come to their appointments but we will have to see what happens with them. We headed back to the church and taught Eikaiwa which was pretty normal.

Thursday - We had interviews and District Meeting. My interview with Pres. went pretty well. 4 Transfers ago Ibaraki had 4 baptisms and the only one that is still around is one that moved to Takatsuki ward so Pres. is pretty worried about whats going on over here with the members and fellowshipping. Its been a major problem that we have had here trying to work with people who aren't too interested. It sounds like takatsuki and Ibaraki might merge into 1 area for 1 or 2 transfers while the missions merge. If it does happen it will be a little sad but we will see what happens. From what pres. told me I should expect to transfer out this coming week. He said he was going to put me in a place where I could see miracles so I am pretty excited. Who knows I could end up staying too so we will see what happens in the next week. After Interviews we had a bball night which ended up being pretty fun.

Friday - We worked all day but just had a day where we didn't have much luck and didn't find anyone.

Sat - I had another Kokan with Elder Kudo this time. It went alright we got stood up on another lesson and weren't able to find anyone.

Sunday - We had a mtg in the morning that is just starting up so that we can get some more communication with the members going. I just am afraid it took too long to get going and that we might be gone next transfer. No one came to church unfortunatly. Rainy season has started and it rained all day so we didn't have much luck dendoing.

So it was a pretty good week. We were able to find 3 more people but not as many lessons as I was hoping for. We just seem to be having a problem getting people to stick. My good friend Elder Mcburney had a baptism this last week which was pretty cool. It sounds like things are going pretty well for him.
Anyways say hi to everyone for me, Thanks for everything
Love you

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