Monday, June 28, 2010

Hey its great to hear from you.

Well I did transfer to a new area, I am in a place called Habikino its in Osaka about an hour away from where I was last transfer so not too far. Its one of if not the smallest area in the mission so we don't have to ride bikes that much which is nice. My new comp. is Elder Draper he is just going on to his 2nd transfer so I am still doing a bit of training with him. He is a cool guy.

I was really sad to leave Ibaraki, Akina has been one of my Fav. comps in the mission so far and Elder Murphy was awesome too. I heard from them yesterday and I guess some Part member mom showed up to church and asked them to baptize their 2 kids who are 8 and 10 in the next few weeks. Of course that happens right after I leave but I guess thats how it goes. Since we lost a lot of missionaries this last transfer all of the 4 man apts. went to 2 mans except for one that is a special assignment spanish speakers so the area got combined for the next few transfers. I will miss those guys but am excited to start here.

Anyways I got here on Thursday and we had a big planning session. After planning we went out to do some dendo and were able to find 2 people which was an exciting way to start the transfer off. My comp. is new so I have to do most of the talking but I was impressed with how well he could dendo still and how much faith he has. I think we will see some success this transfer hopefully.

Friday - We got stood up at an appointment but while we were waiting we talked to a few people and got 3 investigators right off the bat which was way cool. I will take one for 3 any day. We dendoed for the rest of the day and I unpacked my stuff.

Saturday it rained all day which was no fun. We were able to find one guy which was cool.

Sunday - We had one investigator come to church. His name is Hashimoto and it was his first time coming. He really had a good time and I think that he is our best bet for a baptism this transfer. He stayed for all 3 hours and we were able to make an appointment with him for Tuesday. We are going to try to nail down a solid date for baptism with him. Hopefully we can pull it off.

I also got to meet a lot of members. They were all pretty cool but I was impressed with the bishop. He really seems willing to work with us and wants to see some more baptisms in the area. The last 2 transfer they have had 1 each but one of them is already less active. We are planning on visiting him soon.

After church we headed out and found 2 more investigators which made 8 in 4 days, most I have found on my mission so far. We have 5 progressing too so I am pretty happy with how the area is doing I just hope that we can see some of them get baptized we will see what happens I guess.

So yeah Its a good area for the most part, Ibaraki had a lot better places to street but I am finding more people here which is awesome. I hope we can keep it up on this pace. Thank you for all of your prayers I can feel them out here.

Oh and for the package I was thinking about a few things. I am no longer district leader, Pres. said they were going to give me a break so i have a lot of free time at night now and want some more study stuff. Could I get a Kansai Ben book? I will get it passed by so I am good to have it. Also if you see a book on amazon or something that you think looks interesting or is suppose to be good to help study japanese grab one (Just one). I am really tired of studying the same stuff over and over. Make sure that it isn't a basic book because I have most of that down but if nothing looks interesting don't worry about it but i do want the kansai ben book if you can find one. (Mark or Dave do you have any suggestions?)

Also I sent you that list of music do you remember? Could I get one or 2 cd's please that are on the list. Thanks a ton. As for shoes I am ok if i need new ones i will buy them out here. i do want some new toothbrushes though that would be nice. Thats all I can think of thanks a ton

Love Cam

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