Sunday, July 18, 2010


Hey how is everyone? It sounds like the trip out to Oregon was a fun one. I remember going there when we were all pretty little. It was fun and we got to see all that underwater reef stuff. Yeah we have heard all about Spain winning the world cup sounds pretty cool. Wish I could have seen it. Oh well I guess there is always the next one.

So this week was pretty good.

Tuesday - We had a TON of rain all day. We spent a lot of time housing and walking around in the rain but its pretty tough to do missionary work during the rain. We were able to teach Hashimoto again this week. We went over the Plan of Salvation and had him teach it to us to review. He did a way good job and understood almost all of it. He is still working on his parents but during the lesson he pretty much said that we were going to have to wait until he gets a job. After the lesson we did english class which is pretty weak in this area and we are hoping that we can strengthen it over the next few weeks.

Wednesday - It rained all day again. We were lucky enough to stop a guy in the morning when it stopped raining for about 10 min and set up an appointment with him. We also got another by walking around in the rain and I think the guy felt sorry for us so he decided to make an appointment. Other than that just a lot of rain but 2 investigators is really good in the rain.

Thursday - We did a lot of streeting again and were able to find 2 investigators. Also later that night I kind of had a crazy phone call with Hashimoto. While I was talking to him and answering his questions I could hear his mom yelling at him in the background and stuff and he had to hang up on me. I later found out from a member he texted that his mom went crazy on him and said he couldn't go to church at all and stuff, that they were going to disown him and all this other crazy stuff. Its all cleared up now and but it was pretty scary at the time, we thought we were going to lose a way solid investigator because of it. Pretty good day

Friday - We had interviews with president. They have now changed how they do interviews and ZC for all the missions around the world. Interviews and ZC are only once a a quarter now and they have other trainings that the mission president can do and stuff so we won't have another until October which is kind of weird. My interview went good, sounds like I might train again next transfer but its still too early to tell so we will see what happens. After interviews we took an investigator to a YSA activity. They have them every week and the missionary couple that ran it went home and since they left it slowly has been getting worse and worse kind of falling apart so its not as good as it use to be but its still pretty fun. There is a new Japanese couple in the mission running it and hopefully they can pick it back up.

Sat. We got stood up by one of our solid investigators which was way frustrating. I was really hoping to get him a baptismal date at the lesson. I guess he isn't as serious as we thought he was but we were able to make another appointment with him on the phone and we will see what happens next week. We also got a call from Hashimoto telling us that he couldn't come to church this week but that his parents are not going to throw him out and stuff and that his mom is going to come to church next week! So we are way excited, hopefully she will come and the members will do a good job and his mom will let him be baptized. I really hope it all works out, its been almost a year since my last one so I really hope he goes through. We were able to find one other investigator that night which was nice.

Sun. - We didn't get anyone to church this week which was a bit of a let down but next week should be good. After church we went to that weird ladies house that knew all the missionaries which was a giant waste of time. We were only over there for one hour thankfully. She has no interest in the gospel, just in fooling around with missionaries which she has done for 30 years kind of crazy but we probably won't visit her again. After that we did some streeting but it was pretty dead.

So yeah a decent week with some progress with Hashimoto. I really hope he can be baptized he is really prepared and so ready to get baptized he just needs the go from his parents. Hopefully this week turns out good for him.

Thank you for getting that package ready its going to be great I am sure. I am way excited for the books and stuff.

Thanks for everything
Love you

So yeah I just got a phone call from Hashimoto and he totally dropped us. Yeah so his dad supposedly got sick because of him wanting to join the church. His dad stopped eating, sleeping, talking and just was sitting in a chair and all this bull crap. So he decided to drop us and wait until his dad dies to get baptized. I was super super bold with him and straight up told him that he getting baptized is more important than his dad. That he knows its true through the spirit and he has to act on that and stuff but he wouldn't change his mind. His dad is pretty good I won't lie I didn't expect that but man its so frustrating.

I guess we did what we were suppose to by giving him the chance to enter the waters of baptism but he obviously doesn't have as strong of a desire as we had hoped. I am going to try to do kind of a low move by asking him for his address so I can write him and then visit his family by surprise sometime. He said he still wanted to be friends and get my address and stuff and come visit if he was in America and stuff. I don't want to fully give up yet but we will see how it goes. Looks pretty bad right now I pretty much told him straight up that this is his chance to accept the gospel and if he doesn't he will not be saved but he still refused. Man I am pretty frustrated but I guess we just have to work hard and find some other people to teach now. Maybe it will all work out some how.

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