Sunday, July 4, 2010


Sounds like its really hot out there. Man I can't believe how hot it is right now. The humidity is killing me and my comp way bad and it only gets worse from here.

Thats cool about Brandons Bro. They will all be able to speak Japanese when they get home. Hopefully I can study it at school. Thanks for looking at those books for me. I don't know what is good I just need something to help me progress now. I can speak and understand almost everything I just need to work on my vocab., I feel like my grammer is doing ok because I have focused on it most of my mission. But, I feel like I am in a rut at the moment and it would be nice to get out and make some more progress. Maybe the books would help me get out of it. Thanks a ton.

So yeah I am starting to get more use to Habikino. You asked about the apt. its actually one of the bigger ones I have had so far. Not as nice as the Akashi one but its pretty big which is nice. Also has 2 couches which surprisingly makes a big difference.

We had another really good week.

Mon - We had a lesson with a kind of less active family. They fed us dinner it was way good. We get to go every Monday so its way fun and they always feed us which is great.

Tuesday - We had a zone meeting which we planned our goals for the transfer as a zone and ate food together it was pretty fun. I got to talk to Elder Buerger and he sounds like he is doing good. Also Elder Enta is in my district so its fun to see and talk with him. Afterwords we had a lesson with Hashimoto and we were able to set a baptismal date with him for the 25th of July. He is really progressing well and understands everything. Hopefully we can help him along until then. His biggest problem would be that he is trying to hide it from his parents which is ok because he is 25 but i can see it turning into a problem later on so I am not sure what we will do at the moment.

Wednesday - It was a long day of dendo but we were able to find 2 people so we were excited about that.

Thursday - Same deal as Wednesday we had a lot of finding time and were able to find 3 people so things are going good.

Friday - We had 3 appointments set up from the people we had last week but not a single person came which is way frustrating. While we were waiting for them we were able to find 2 more people which made it a little better.

Sat. - We were suppose to meet a investigator at Mcdonalds but he didn't show. while we were waiting i noticed the older man next to us was studying english so that was a pretty easy contact and we were able to make an appointment with him for next week. Later on that day we had a lesson with a new investigator named Yuki. He is really interested and we committed him to be baptized if he finds out it is true and he said yes. We don't have a date yet but he is going to come to church next week and we have another appointment for sat. We have a lot of hope for him.

Sunday - It was a good Sunday. Hashimoto came to church and we were able to do a few lessons with him. In one of the lessons he told us he was doing 3 prayers a day. At first I thought it sounded a little weird the way he worded it so I asked him how his prayers were and how he prays. He told me that he does 3 a day and that he prays first to Heavenly Father then he prays to Jesus Christ and last but not least he prays to Joseph Smith. I was pretty much floored to the ground and tried not to laugh. We had to explain to him again who we pray to and stuff like that. He understood his mistake and said he won't do it that way any more. I guess you have to have that mission experience of someone praying to Joseph Smith some time. He also stood up in the lesson and did a deep bow and apologized about WW2 and the bad things Japan did. He is a bit different than most people but really wants to believe and I think he is going to be baptized.

Later that night we had an appointment with an older guy who just walked up to us on the street and said he wanted us to come over to his house later and talk with his family. He said he just wanted to talk about America and not religion because he doesn't like it. So we headed over and they were way super nice. They fed us this pizza that was dang good, the best I have had in Japan so far and talked to us about all sorts of things. America, Our church, families, culture, missionary work, etc. It was a ton of fun. He had a friend in college that was a RM and I guess has been to church once. He doesn't have much interest but they were nice so we hope there is some way we could help them.

So we found 9 people this week, got an investigator with a baptismal date and a few other progressing investigators so we are really excited at the moment and I am sure this next week is going to be great too. We also have a big meeting with the entire mission on Thursday to kind of meet all the new missionaries from Hiroshima so it should be a lot of fun to see everyone.

Thanks for the package, I can't wait for the books and music. I can't think of anything else but thanks a ton.
Love you tons

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