Sunday, July 25, 2010

So this was a pretty good week.

Monday - so after P-day we went to a place called Nara. So here some Japanese history for you but right now the capital is Tokyo right? Before Tokyo it was a place called Kyoto, I have been there 2 or 3 times and sent you pictures and before Kyoto was Nara so they have a bunch of cool stuff there and its all way, way old. One of the building we visited was the oldest wooden building in the world or something crazy like that. Also we went to another park that have deer EVERYWHERE and you can go up and pet them and feed them and stuff. I will make sure I send you some pictures. It was pretty fun. We went as a district and had a good time.

Tuesday - We had District Mtg and went to eat out afterwords. After that we had some streeting time but didn't have much luck and did Eikaiwa which was normal.

Wednesday - We had an exchange with the other elders in our district. They both came down to Habikino and we did a 4 man in our area for this day. I was with Elder Jones, he is our DL and will be leaving for home next week. He is from Payson so we live pretty close. Way cool guy, really funny, and a good missionary, I was able to learn a lot from him. All together we were able to find 3 investigators for our area and somehow met 2 others from there area and set up appointments so both companion ships got new investigators which is cool. Also we taught Sho the guy that learned english in Australia I don't remember if I told you about him. Anyways he believes in this religion called kofuku no kagaku (Happy Science is the direct translation). They believe that their leader had part of god in him and has been born 7 times on the earth. Each time he was born he started a new religion so our church was already started by him and stuff. Yeah it was a tough lesson but not much came of it. We probably will drop him but we will see what happens

Thursday - We had a lot of dendo time but for lunch we got invited over to a members house. Her name is Tachibana and she is way nice and makes way good food. Apparently Elder Fukui knows her really well (He was in this area) and told her to invite us over which was way nice. Hopefully we can make a better relationship with her over the next few weeks. We were able to find 3 new investigators this day which was cool. One of them is from Morocco and seems pretty promising. He just quit drinking and smoking and says that he misses religion in his life so we will see how his lessons go we are meeting him on sat.

Friday - We had a lesson with a highschool kid but went a little hard and scared him away I think. We couldn't make a new appointment but maybe later when we give him a call. We also found a new investigator that is already christian so hopefully we can help him out

Sat - We had 2 really great lessons. The first one was with a new investigator named Azuma, hiromichi. Way cool guy with pretty good english. He wants to go over to america and work and stuff but anyways he has alot of interest and is one of our progressing investigators at the moment. We were able to teach all of lesson one and committed him to read and pray about it. I think he has some strong desire so he should be able to get an answer pretty easily. We are going to meet him on sat.
The next guy is named daisuke. He actually believes in budism which most people don't. He has an open mind which makes it easy to teach him. We taught lesson 1 and gave him a tour of the church. Hopefully we can baptize him also.

Sunday - We were suppose to have Yuki come to church but he stood us up for the 2nd time in a row now which is frustrating. We did streeting afterwords but not much luck.

So it was another good week. Hopefully we can get these new people to progress a little better and get someone committed to baptism soon.

Thanks for the package i haven't gotten it yet but I am excited I am sure that it will be great. We only have one more p day before transfers which is weird. Its going by pretty fast.

Thank you for everything
Love you tons


  1. I think the pictures at the top that are labeled "Kyoto" were all actually of Nara (that's where my meeting was in June).

    David Dearden

  2. Yeah! I talked to Sister Tachibana a few weeks ago and asked her to invite you elders over for a meal. Tachibana Family is my best friend family on my mission:) They are so nice and sunny couple once you understand OSAKA-BEN:) Have fun and good luck with everything else!