Monday, September 6, 2010


How is everyone doing? We went out to down town Osaka and ate out with a bunch of missionaries so this email is a bit later than normal. Akina, Murphy and a few other really good friends were there so it was a lot of fun and a good break.

It was both a good and bad week

Tuesday - We went in the morning to teach our 15 year old investigator Chihiro who was committed to the 12th for baptism. We were about half way through our lesson when he started to look really sick and his face went all pale and stuff. He said he wasn't feeling good so we just decided to end it right there and give him a break and come back another day. We called later that night to see if he was ok and to try to set up another appointment with him. His mom answered the phone and she said he was ok but she asked us to stop coming over and to quit teaching him. Pretty frustrating. What makes it worse is that his mom is a member and a RM but pretty against the church at the moment. No one in the ward really knows why so its a bit crazy.

Wednesday -
We rode our bikes way out to a more country side area that we had never been to before and visited our bishops house. Only his wife was there but we shared a quick message with her on the doorstep and went back. Other than that we tried really hard but didn't have any luck.

Thursday - Pretty much the same as Wednesday not much happened, streeted housed etc no luck.

Friday - We had zone conference which is always fun. We talked alot about finding and make natural conversations out on the street. Hopefully we can apply that in our own area so we can find more people.

Sat. - We got 2 referrals from the elders in the area next to us. They found these 2 college guys named Rei and Shun. They both went to church in their area once and accepted a date to be baptized. They lived in our area so they had to refer them over to us. We met up with the elders and Rei and Shun and went out to eat. We went to this pretty well known chain restaurant in Japan called sukiya. They have different dishes the one we got is called gyudon its rice with meat and onions pretty good. They have different sizes and one elder knew about a size called the King size that isn't even listed on the menu and we all decided to give it a try. IT WAS HUGE. I almost threw up but it was way fun. I didn't have my camera on me but I will try to get the pic from the other elders. Afterwords we went to the church and taught the 2 guys about plan of salv. and also Word of Wisdom. They both accepted to follow it even though they both love beer and Rei smokes but they are going to try to stop. Their date is next Monday so its way fast. Hopefully we can get everything taught and finished up before then so we are pretty excited. We have another lesson tonight at a members house and are going to teach Tithing. I really hope it all goes good.

Sun - We had normal church and then afterwords we got to go to our bishops house which was a ton of fun. We ate dinner over there and shared a message. The bishop here is one of my fav. so far. He is way nice and seems concerned about what is going on.

So yeah it was a pretty good week. Sad that we lost one person who was committed to baptism but we got 2 more. Who knows by this time next week we could be having a baptismal mtg.

Love you tons

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