Sunday, September 19, 2010


Well our 2 Baptisms went through perfect. They both were really nervous but did a good job bearing their testimonies afterwords and a lot of good members showed up and were able to encourage them. It was really cool. I got to baptize Rei (The bigger one) and Suzuki, Shun the skinner guy with long hair and a bad mustache. Man it was pretty awesome and felt way cool to finally get some baptisms again. I actually transferred so I didn't get to be there for their confirmation but hopefully it all worked out yesterday.

Well yeah I transferred. I am now in Wakayama actually the place where I spent Christmas last year when I was in Tanabe. Its a Zone Leader area so yeah I guess I am a ZL now. Our Zone is the biggest in the mission so its kind of crazy with Phone calls and we will be doing at least 2 splits a week with all the other areas while trying to keep our area up and running. My comp. is an amazing missionary from Okinawa (The Island way below Japan with a bunch of American bases on it) He is on his last transfer and is pretty pumped to work hard these last few weeks. He is a really really good missionary and I am going to learn from him. I feel like a new missionary again when I dendo with him because the gap is so big on skills and teaching but he is patient and puts up with it. I am pretty excited for this transfer. We have at the moment 9 people committed to baptism that have a date. Its pretty crazy insane how hard they have been working in this area, hopefully I can keep it going and not let it all go to waste.

Monday - The baptism went great. Members came and even president came to see it. Hope you like the pics. they didn't turn out as good as I hoped.

Tuesday - We got the call for transfers and spent most of the day packing. We had Eikaiwa that night but not too many people came.

Wednesday - We spent most of the day visiting friends and old investigators people that I had met while in Habikino. Also met with Rei and Shun got their addresses and said goodbye. Kind of weird thinking I only met them like 2-3 weeks go but we got to be pretty good friends in that short space of time.

Thursday - So it was transfer day. Hauled all my bags out to Wakayama which is a decent ways away. Its actually in the same stake as Brandon's Grandma so when I go on a split over to that area I might have time to visit her which would be awesome. We did planning and then later that night we had 2 lessons. One was with a guy who has a date already and we taught about lesson 1. He seemed to think it was good and said he would read and pray.

Then next lesson was with Shimada. He had a pretty crazy story. I guess he showed up to church last week on Sunday and wanted to talk to the missionaries. Turns out he was contacted 2 years ago by them out by some train crossings. They talked about some stuff and whats important in life and gave him a flier and parted ways. Turns out when he got contacted by the missionaries he was waiting for a train to come by so he could jump in front of it. Yeah so they pretty much saved his life. We were able to set a date in the lesson for baptism and also set up another appointment. He said he was going to come on Sunday but he never showed up unfortunately.

Friday - We had a day full of finding and streeting and were able to make 3 appointments which was pretty cool. Elder Muraoka is really good at streeting so hopefully I can learn from him this transfer.

Sat. - We had Finding time and found 2 investigators. We also visited a guy who was suppose to get baptized but got scared and didn't show to the baptism last week. We scheduled him again for yesterday but he didn't show again. He said he is going to do it today but we will see what happens. We also tried to visit a guy they baptized 3 or 4 weeks ago who has stopped coming to church and won't answer their calls but he wasn't home

Sun. - We had a lesson with a Chinese guy named Kakaichi. His date is for next week. We taught Word of wisdom, Law of chastity lesson 2 and a few other commandments which he accepted. He is looking good but just is really busy so it will be hard to meet with him before Sunday hopefully we can do it.

Also we had a lesson after church with a member and her boyfriend and set a date for him to get baptized and work towards. He doesn't know if its true or not or if its what he wants to do but we are going to be teaching him from here on out. We were able to find 1 more investigator after church.

So yeah its pretty dang busy. I feel a little overwhelmed but am excited to be here and hopefully help my zone out. I am glad that I got a way good comp and am excited that I will get to work with him. It should be a fun fast transfer.
Sounds like everyone is busy back home.

Love you

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