Monday, September 27, 2010

Hey how is everyone?

So it was another good week man we are so busy its hard to believe sometimes. The days are really flying by and we are already going into the 2nd week of the transfer.

Monday - After email we headed out to that guys house to see if he wanted to be baptized. To tell you the truth Elder Muraoka and I didn't have a lot of faith that he would actually want to be baptized but we were proved wrong. When we pulled up to his house he was waiting in Sunday clothes and ready to go. we were pretty surprised needless to say. From there we rode our bikes together to the church and had a little baptism with him and the bishopric. I actually got to baptize him. When they asked who was going to do the baptism my comp pointed at me and said him so i did it. I only got to teach him maybe 2 times so I didn't do much but it was a great experience and pretty cool.

Tuesday - We had a bunch of lessons planned for this day but they all got canceled except for one. The one lesson we had was with a guy we had found the previous Sunday. His name is tachibana and when we met him we were really excited to teach him. He had read some of the bible which is pretty hard to find out here in Japan. When we met him at the station he seemed a little weird and wouldn't shake my comps hand or the members but he seemed fine with me. He didn't really talk with the other 2 while we walked to the church and just with me. He used a ton of really hard words and a bunch of stuff that I didn't understand at all so it made it kind of hard to talk with him. We got to the church and started the lesson. During the lesson I had no Idea what was going on at all. His Japanese was really weird and I couldn't figure out what was really going on but I just tried to do my best. During one point during the lesson the member asked him what he was saying and that he didn't understand the words he was using then I realized I wasn't the only one having a tough time understanding. I just thought he was weird or something and kept on teaching. Afterwords we tried to get him to pray about the BOM and to say the closing prayer but he refused so we ended the lesson and started for the door and got outside of the church. We started to wave goodbye and he turned around and said that he had one last thing to ask me. I said ok and go ahead and he said he wanted to tell me so the other couldn't hear so he put his hand up to my ear like a he was telling me a secret and told me to be really careful of the girls in Japan because there is a women like a snake after me and that in America there are 2 special people waiting for me and I have to be careful. I promised him that I wasn't married and no one was waiting but he was 100 percent sure. My comp asked him why he only would tell me and he told him it was because he could see that I was pure and then told us goodbye and went home. I found out afterwords from my comp and the member that he was absolutely crazy and saying all sorts of crazy stuff during the lesson. Things like how he had talked to a raccoon in the forest. Trained and gotten 3 names from the emperor of Japan and a bunch of crazy stuff. His Japanese was so hard that my comp and the member only understood about 1/4 of it so yeah it was pretty tough. Pretty funny stuff. Gotta love the crazies in Japan.

Wednesday -
I had a split with an elder from another area that came to mine. It was fun we were able to find one investigator.

Thursday- We had District Mtg. Its nice not having to get it all planned and ready anymore. It was about the BOM and i really felt like i need t use it in my work more often. After that we had a big planning session for the week and the zone. We also had a lesson with an investigator named Shinta. He is a referal from a member and is her BF. He is reading the BOM and praying and really progressing well. We taught about Joseph Smith and the restoration and showed him the DVD. It was way strong and he felt the spirit for sure. We asked him to give the closing prayer and he said in his prayer thank you for teaching me the truthfulness of the BOM and Joseph smith and some other great stuff. We are pretty sure that he will get baptized.

Friday - We went to another Districts District meeting and then another split afterwords. Since we are ZL's we are suppose to go as much as we can and do splits with everyone. Our zone is the biggest in the mission with around 20 elders to split with so we are going to be doing around 2 every week and still not be able to fit everyone in. I went to a different area and worked with another elder. We were able to find 1 but i hoped to be able to find one more but we didn't get another.

Sat. -
We we worked hard but didn't have much luck and couldn't find anyone.

Sun. - It was a good Sunday and we had one person come to church. We have taught him everything and finished up tithing and fasting on this Sunday. He accepted it and is ready to be baptized but he still doesn't feel like he has prepared enough. We set a new date for Oct. 10th and hopefully he will feel ready by then. He is from china and is pretty awesome. He can't really speak Japanese so I teach him in english which he understands pretty well. We also were able to make up for the day before not finding anyone and found 3 new investigators.

It was a way good week and hopefully this coming week will be just as good. We have Zone leader council which is going to be a lot of fun. One day they have just a bunch of activities planned like hiking and a campfire and stuff and the next day is training so we are pretty excited for it.

Thank you for all your support.

Love you

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