Sunday, October 17, 2010


We had a pretty good week this week. Got some new people and also had a cool meeting with Elder Aoyagi from the seventy.

Monday - We had P-day nothing really special had some fun. Afterwords we went out streeting and tried real hard and found 3 investigators which was way sweet. Pretty excited about it.

Tuesday - We had another busy day. We had to go to a Stake meeting an hour away for our Zone and report on how the Zone is doing and whats going on. We did that at night and before then we did a bunch of finding and were able to make appointments with 2 other people. We also visited the Sawamura family we baptized their son this transfer and talked to them about visiting him while he is in the hospital. We are really hoping that we can start teaching them the lessons and get them interested in the gospel. They said sometime they really want to come so we just need to get it done.

Wednesday - I had an exchange with an elder in our zone. We had a good time and were able to find one investigator. We also taught a lesson to a guy that didn't have a lot of interest and didn't want to meet again but oh well I guess it happens sometimes.

Thursday - We were able to visit Brother Sawamura in the hospital and finally get the confirmation done. We were pretty worried about not being able to get it done so its a pretty big relief now that its all done and over with. He should be getting out around the first of Nov. so hopefully around then he can start actively coming to church more.

We also had a lesson with Shinta which went pretty well. He is still thinking about being baptized and if everything goes well he should go through this next coming Sunday. We are pretty excited for him.

Friday - We had a really cool zone conference where Elder Aoyagi came and talked to us. Before the meeting he wanted to interview as many missionaries as possible. I happened to be one of them, and was pretty nervous but it only ended up being like 4 or 5 min. long and just asked me to talk about my mission. It was a great meeting and awesome to hear from a general authority. It was pretty fun.
After that I went out to Osaka to do another exchange.

Sat. - Spent most of the day in Osaka doing an exchange and after that we headed home and had a lesson with a guy named Onishi. He was kind of weird and did some weird stuff during the lesson like go to the bathroom 3 times but he accepted to be baptized on the 14th of Nov. He says he wants to change his life and stuff so hopefully it all works out with him.

Sun. - Sunday was awesome. One of the members brought his G/F to conference last week and she really liked it so she came again and we did a lesson. We taught her about Christ and baptism and she accepted to be baptized on the 14th of Nov. She even teared up and cried a bit so we are pretty excited about her.

We also had Shinta come to church and it just so happened that his G/F had a talk that day so it was a good chance for him to hear her testimony. She talked about missionary work and all about how she referred him to us and stuff so it was pretty good. After church we went out finding and were able to find 3 people so it was a way good day.

It was a good week for our area but our zone is having a tough time at the moment so this next coming week we will probably be spending most of our time outside of our own area trying to help them. Its pretty crazy that this is the last full week of the transfer its gone by so fast. Next week we have transfer calls, I will for sure stay because my comp. is headed home. I can't believe that Rob Day is already home thats way crazy. Before you know it so will Austen. Its gone by so fast.

Thanks for everything
Love you

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