Sunday, October 3, 2010


Sounds like everyone is pretty busy. Since we are ZL's we are always super busy and its probably the most busy I have ever been on my mission so far. I can't believe its already the 3rd P-day of the transfer and it just keeps on going faster and faster.

Wait Rob Day comes home this month? Wow thats crazy fast. Its going to be way weird with people starting to come home and stuff. My comp goes home this transfer too so its a little weird being around someone who is going home when I am on the last 1/4 of my mission. Its fast thats for sure.

Yeah Elder Chappel came back and guess what... He is in Tanabe in my zone! I served in that area last year at this time so I am pretty excited for him. I have an exchange with him this Wednesday so it will be a blast.

This was a pretty good week.
Monday - We had FHE with the bishop which was way fun. They fed us some pretty good food which is always nice. Shared a message about the BOM with them.

Tuesday - We had an exchange with the elders in an area called Hashimoto. Headed out there and on the way back the train broke down so we had to take a bus to another station and stuff. Took forever.

After that we went out streeting and were able to find 2 people which was pretty cool. We also had a lesson with Shinta who is doing pretty good. We committed him to the Word Of Wisdom and he accepted it. He is a little worried if he can live the gospel well or not and it kept him from coming to church this week which was too bad but I think he will get baptized. He just is comparing himself with other members and doesn't realize they make as many mistakes as he does. Hopefully he can get over it and that we can help him.

Wednesday - We finished up the kokan and dendoed for the rest of the day and were able to find 2 more people.

Thursday - We woke up bright and early at 5:00am and headed out to Kobe for Zone Leader Conference. It was my first time so I was pretty excited. We learned about leadership and it was really great. I got to see a bunch of friends including McBurney which was fun. We stayed overnight in the Mission Home that night.

Friday - President had a bunch of activities which was way fun. We did yard work for the first 2 hours cleaning up the Mission home and stuff. Its been awhile since I have done anything close to yard work so it was pretty fun. Afterwords we went and hiked up a mountain and had a hot dog roast and stuff. Felt like we went back into America away from everything else. It was a blast and we had a fireside up there with the AP's and ZL's and got pretty fired up. We headed home and had a lesson with another investigator who is committed to baptism named Tsuji. We taught Word of wisdom and Lesson 2. He accepted and it went pretty well.

Sat. - We worked hard and found 2 more people.

Sun. - We were expecting 3 people to come to church but not a single one came. A member invited 2 friends but when we tried to set up another appointment with them they said they would call us and wouldn't set a solid appointment or give us their phone number which was disappointing. Afterwords we went out streeting for awhile but didn't have much luck.

It was a good week overall. Had a good time and it went by way fast.
Hopefully we can get some people to church this next week and give them a chance to see general conference. I am pretty excited for GC and it will be fun to watch.

Thanks for all of your support
Love you

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