Sunday, October 24, 2010


Thanks for doing that BYU stuff for me. I will try to figure out the whole print out stuff hopefully we can get this all done in time. I will try to print it out today. Man, I need to find time for the essays too. Crazy, I don't have time.

So it was a pretty good week.

Our zone has been having a tough time so we took 3 days out of the week and did a bunch of different exchanges which helped a ton. We are going to try to take a new route with the zone and hopefully things get better. We will be having transfers this week so that should help things change a bit also but we were able to see more success in the zone.

We were able to get 2 more people committed to baptism this week which was pretty cool. Shinta didn't go through but we re committed him and he came to church he should get baptized this next coming month pretty easy.

I can't believe that this transfer is already over. I will be saying good bye to Elder Muraoka which is way sad. I really have had a good time being his comp and he is an amazing missionary. One of the best I have ever been with, I will miss him for sure. I obviously won't be transferring but someone will come and take his spot this thursday. Its kind of weird sending someone home again did the same thing a year ago.

Sorry this is so short, but I'm running out of time. Oh yeah as for Kaori I do know the Yabutani's. One of their sons Kou is letting us teach his girlfriend he is way cool. I actually did an exchange in Sennan this week. I didn't get to visit Sister Fujita's house but I plan on doing it this next coming transfer sometime. It will be a lot of fun. I have been writing Brandon my whole mission and he seems to be doing pretty good.

I am excited for the package, I am sure that it will be great. I sent both Whit and Derrick letters last week so they should get their sometime this week. It is always tons of fun getting them from them.

Love you all tons

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