Sunday, August 2, 2009

Hi everyone,

Thanks for Brian's address. I want to send a letter off to him and see how he is doing. I sent off another letter today to Brandon. From his last letter it sounded like he was having a good time and trying hard. He said that all his Japanese he learned when he was little has come back to him and can say whatever he wants basically. I am way jealous.

I hope everything goes good up at this new place. Hopefully they can find something new about whit. If you can let me know if you get back in time to send me an email. School starts in just 3 weeks? Man that’s pretty crazy. I left when they were still in school so I guess summer is almost over. July went by really fast and this month is going to be just as if not more busy so I am sure it will go just as fast if not faster.

Jake has sent in his papers? Man that’s weird too. Cross your fingers for Japan. Especially Kobe man that would be way sweet. I would laugh so hard if he went to Norway that would be awesome.

Is everyone excited about going back to school? Has anything really big happened back home?

Well this week had a bit of a rocky start but a good ending.

Right after we got done emailing last p-day we went out finished up shopping and were on our way back to the apt. when we got a phone call. It was Enkh's brother and it turns out that Enkh (our investigator that had a baptismal date) up and moved back to Mongolia. It was really weird, we had met with him 2 nights before and he seemed to be doing just fine. He didn't mention anything about moving or anything like that. We aren't sure why he moved but I guess it was an emergency or something because he got out of there really quickly. It was really too bad because he was so close to baptism and wanted it really badly. Hopefully he will look up the missionaries back in Mongolia. That’s all we can really hope for with him, who knows maybe he will move back that would be sweet.

We had Zone Conference this week which is always a lot of fun. I got to see the guys from back in Nishinomiya and talk to them a little bit. It sounds like it might pick up a little bit over there. One guy that we found while Elder Hinton and I were on an exchange has become an investgator and I gave him a Book of Mormon at the Open house we had. Asked him to read and pray about it. Turns out when they asked him if he had read any and he said just a little bit. Turns out he had read from the start to Mosiah crazy stuff huh. I hope he ends up getting baptized that would be kind of cool because I was a part of finding him. I hope things pick up for them.

I also got to see Elder McBurney my best buddy from back in the MTC. Turns out he transferred too, and is in my Zone and we will be doing an exchange because Elder Fukui wants to do one with their area so I will get to do some work with him. I am way excited it will be a ton of fun.

During Zone conference President really focused on this new Study plan that he came out with to help everyone focus both their gospel and Language study. Everyone was really excited about it and it really should help us all out so that we can become better Japanese speakers and know the gospel a lot better. Zone Conference is always good and something I think I will look forward to throughout my mission.

After Zone Conference we had a lessons and things throughout the next few days but nothing really big. On Sunday we were able to meet with Yoshida who also has a baptismal date. He has been coming to church for like 18 or 20 years something like that but has never been baptized. He has had some problems with some of the commandments but is trying really hard and after meeting with him yesterday and going over the baptismal interview questions with him, we are both confident that he will be baptized on his scheduled day (Aug. 23). His interview for baptism is next Sunday. We also taught Arima and committed him to the word of wisdom. He thinks it will be hard and really likes coffee but is going to try to stop or at least cut down on how much he drinks. Hopefully we can get him baptized soon too.

That’s pretty much it for this week. This coming week is going to be way busy. We have to go to another area so Elder Fukui can interview a lady that is going to be baptized by the 2 other elders in our district. We have interviews with president. A few lessons scheduled and an exchange scheduled. It should be way fun I am excited for it all. I like the new area it’s a good place. I will try to get a picture of the bridge and other things to send to you. Sorry I am terrible about sending pictures maybe next week.

Love you,


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