Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Hey Everyone,

Time is flying by isn't it? This week felt a little longer than normal but September is halfway over already and I can't believe it. It's crazy stuff.

Sounds like dad is going crazy in the house with the bedrooms. When he wants to get it done he just goes for it makes me laugh hearing about it all. Sounds like all of the kids are really busy with school, basketball and dances. Hope they have fun and all of that.

Ok this week

Wednesday we had District Mtg. but we wanted to meet as a zone so we took the train for around an hour to the mid point in our zone. We had our individual District Mtg. and then went to lunch. All you can eat restuarants are a big thing in Japan. Get 10 missionaries together and you can bet where they are going to want to eat. We went to a yaki niku place where you get a bunch of meat then cook it at your table on a little bbq thing that is built into the table. It was a ton of fun and really good too. I got to talk to a bunch of missionaries that I hadn't seen and that is always a blast.

After DM we taught Iwamura but it went about the same as usual, I think we may have to drop him soon but we will see what happens with him. I hope he starts to make some more progress soon.

Thursday was an open day. We went out housing in the morning then did weekly planning. Afterwords we went to a part members house and visited with them. The dad was baptized around 2 or 3 years ago I think but the mom thinks baptism is weird and she won't be baptized or let the kids be baptized either. It's difficult and we have been working with them but they don't seem to have any motivation to be baptized. After that short lesson we went back to the apt.

Friday I had service which is always fun and an english class that we teach at once a month. The class was my first time and it was a good time. We did a lesson on cooking in english and gave them some cinnamon rolls that Elder Fukui had made. They were really good, but Mom's are still the best I think. We went out contacting afterwords but no luck.

Saturday we had Eikaiwa. It was a way good class because we got around 4 new students it was awesome. Some of them will be coming back for sure too. Hopefully some of them can turn into investigators. Afterwords we went housing for awhile but didn't get anything

Sunday was Kobe's stake conference so we went to that. Nicholas came along too. It went well and the conference was great. President McIntyre spoke, it was great to hear from him. We came back after that and went out to Tarumi. They had this big dance festival going on. It was really cool and some of the groups were pretty good. We tried to go contacting during it but people were too busy to stop and talk. We went back and watched for a little bit right before we went home then left for the apt.

Monday was Zone Conference and it was really great. We all gave little presentations of things we wanted to teach. Our's wasn't very creative but some of them were really funny. I am sure you will see some pictures on his blog in the next few days. It was alot of fun. I also got to see some old friends and all of that. Zone Conference is always a blast I love it. We headed home and only had an hour left so we housed for a bit and went home.

That was the week, we were going to go to Himeji Castle today but it was raining so we are planning for the 28th of Sept. It should be a lot of fun. I think you should still get an email from me that day. I will take a lot of pictures I promise. It will be sweet. This next week will be busy too. I am doing well with my new comp. there are definatley times where I don't understand what all he is saying but I understand most of what he says. I get alot more opportunities to speak Japanese now and I am trying my best to get better everyday, but there is still lots of work to do. It should be fun

Thanks for everything,
Love you,

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