Monday, September 28, 2009

Six month and 1 pair shoes

Hey how is everyone doing? We just got back from going to Himeji Castle it was really awesome. I am going to wait to send pictures until I get the memory stick thing because when I send pictures it sometimes screws them up on my camera. Anyways it was really awesome the place is huge. It is going to be closed for the rest of my mission starting in October and a year or so after I go home too I think. They are really going to do a lot of work on it. If I ever come back and visit it will be place for sure I will go to again. It was great.

Ok this week.
Monday - After P-day not much happened we went streeting but didn't find anybody to teach.

Tuesday - We went knocking on doors that morning for around 2 hours then we headed back to lunch. After lunch we went to Akashi Eki to street. Maeno Choro had been a little under the weather and he had to take a break so we did that and then went back out looking for people. We were also suppose to meet our new investigator but unfortunately he did not come. We didn't get his phone number either so we had no way of contacting him so we were pretty disappointed that night.

Wednesday - In the morning we went to a place called Nishi Akashi and did some street contacting there. We got a few people to stop but we couldn't get any return appointments. After lunch we went out streeting again until Iwamura's lesson. His lesson was the same as all the others. He just wants to Bible bash and really isn't open to anything. I think we will give him one or two more chances then drop him. He is just wasting our time.

We headed home afterwords around 7:30 and on the way I saw our investigator we were suppose to meet with the day before. It was dark and I have no idea how I spotted him or how we could cross paths but we did. We stopped turned around and went and talked to him. He said something had come up and he couldn't make it but we got his phone number. Hopefully we can get an appointment with him soon.

Thursday -
We had district meeting in the morning. Afterwords we went to lunch as a district. We went housing for around 5 1/2 hours after lunch but didn't find anybody that was interested. A few were excited about Eikaiwa but that was about it. After all the housing we went back home.

Friday -
We had service this day. I always look forward to service we always seem to have a good time. After service we ate and did our weekly planning. We rode out to Okubo station and did housing and streeting out there but couldn't find anyone but we did talk with a lot of people.

Saturday -
This was a fun day. We had Eikaiwa in the morning. Every last Eikaiwa of the month Elder Fukui likes to do a little party after the class. It was fun. Did I say anything about the guy that was a little crazy that ended up coming to Eikaiwa last week? Anyways, he came this week too. He actually came the church a little late last week. He poked his head into the chapel and saw that it was full and went back home. Man, I wish I would have seen him poke his head in. When I told him about that he said he would come the next day. We started talking and he told me about how he doesn't believe god exists because his 5 year old son died. It was really sad he started to cry, but he kept saying he has no interest but still came to church the next day. He is looking for something more and i hope it all works out for him. We are trying to get a lesson with him but he is kind of crazy so its tough.

After Eikaiwa we went to Kobe with one of our investigators. They do YSA activities all the time and if you bring an investigator with you, you are allowed to go. It was suppose to be a hawaiin party. For some reason Japanese people love hawaiin stuff anyways it ended up being fun and we had a good time. Our investigator we took was Shinkuma. He is 31 and we are trying to teach him slowly. He says he has no interest but wants to meet with us. We will see what happens I guess.

Sunday -
This was the craziest Sunday of my mission so far. Elder Fukui really wanted to get a lot of people to church this do so we tried hard. We got 2 of our investigators to come Nicholas and Marou the one from Eikaiwa. Fukui choro and Shinozaki choro got around 8 people to come no joke. So we had around 10 non members there it was great. We had a potluck lunch afterwords and talked to everyone in the ward and got the members involved it was really great. After Church it was around 4:30ish. We had been invited by the ward mission leader over for dinner, he lives pretty far so we headed out to his house and had a really great dinner. After that we headed back home.

Today -
We went to Himeji Castle it was really cool. It is huge with 6 stories a moat and all sorts of other stuff. I will send you some pictures once I can back them up to the memory stick. I definately want to go there again.

The rest of this week should be a lot better than this one. We have Interviews with president tomorrow. I also have an exchange coming up too. We have a few appointments this week also. It is a weird feeling hitting my 6 month mark. I feel like I just left but it also feels like forever ago too. It's weird to explain but it has gone by fast. I have already gone through my black slip on pair of shoes the sole of the right basically fell apart. The insides of both were really torn up. I am fine though, still have the other 2 and they are a lot nicer and should hold up well.

It sounds like everyone is busy back home and having a good time for the most part. Sounds like Joe had a good farewell and I am sure he will be a great missionary. It will be fun writing him.

Thank you for everything,
Love you,

I am going to talk to president tomorrow about other books from home for study tomorrow in the interview. I will let you know next week. Also did you send that t-shirt I talked about in the last email. That would be awesome. Thanks for everything.

Love you Cam

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