Monday, September 21, 2009


I don't have very much time at all today so this email will end up being short. Tell Muff and the others I am sorry I can't email them I just don't have time today.

Wednesday -

I had an exchange with a new elder from Miki. His name is Ishihara Choro and is from Okinawa. He is only on his first transfer but knows Japanese so it really wasn't that big of a deal. We went out streeting and things the first day. We were suppose to have a lesson with Iwamura but he didn't show up. Probably a good thing because it would have been a terrible first lesson for Ishihara Choro. We streeted some more after that but no luck we headed back home afterwords. On our way home at a stoplight on my bike some crazy guy came up to me and asked if I was American in English I told him yes and gave him a chirashi he was really weird. He actually came on that Saturday I was way surprised. He was still crazy but maybe he will start coming every week.

Thursday -

We ended the Kokan around lunch time and streeted at the nearby train station before it ended. We didn't have much time so we didn't really get any good contacts but we got one had interest in Eikaiwa maybe he will come. We had gotten a new investigator the day before. He is a friend of the other comp's investigator came to the ward festival, and to eikaiwa. We both were really excited but he told us he had no interest in the gospel when we got there. He just wanted to talk about why we came and are missionaries. We will still teach him I think hopefully along the way we can peak some interest in the gospel from him.


One of the AP's came down to do a Kokan (exchange) with Elder Fukui because they do them with the ZL's all the time. We were suppose to do one with him this day but they ended up being late and we had to do it the next day. We had service in the morning and just tracted all day without much luck.


We did our Exchange with Ito Choro on this day. We really learned a lot and how to make our streeting approach much better than it actually was. We didn't actually find a new investigator but we really learned a lot Sunday After Church we went out streeting. There was a younger guy that I saw so I stopped him, introduced my self and started talking. I let Maeno Choro introduce himself and they started talking and found out he is christian. We asked if he would like to meet again and he said sure. We have an appointment with him tomorrow I really hope that he comes soon. It would be really great to have someone new to teach.


So the reason I am so late writing today is that we went with some members and Ichigawa san to a Grape Vineyard. You go there and pay 500 yen (Around 5 bucks) and you get to eat as many grapes as you want to. Yeah it was cool it was kind of far away and on the way back traffic was bad but it was fun. I got a picture that I will try to send next week. Anyways that has been the week. This week also should be busy and hopefully we get some new people to teach we really need it.

It sounds like everyone is really busy back home. Sorry, I think I am going to cut it short right here we don't have anytime left but I love you all. I will be going to Himeji Castle next week so the email will be late again I am sure. I should have some great pictures in the next email. sorry its short and I will try to email everyone next week.

Love you all

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