Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hey Everyone,

Thanks for all the pictures they were all really great. It was a lot of fun to see pictures of everyone.

So today we got our transfer calls and..... I am transferring again! I am going to a place called Tanabe and it is way way far away almost as far as you can get in the mission. It is really really countryside, I am pretty excited. It sounds like it will be a fun place.I am way excited to go to my new area it should be a lot of fun. My comp is Payne Choro. He is the one that was Renae Olivas business partner's son right? All the crazy stories come from the countryside areas so it should be awesome. I know its just a small branch. The other area in our district that is the farthest in the mission has 3 members in their branch and 2 of them are missionaries so I am sure ours is small also.

Anyways this week not a lot really happened Tuesday - We went tracting all day nothing really happened at all. We biked really far and did some housing but nothing really special.

Wednesday - same story here. Lots of contacting but nothing really happened. We taught Iwamurasan but he just bible bashed really hard and I told him we were not going to teach him anymore so we dropped him.

We had District mtg. for the last time in Miki. It was fun we went and ate afterwords. Later that night we had baptismal interviews. Elder Fukui and Shinozaki actually got 2 baptisms this week. It was really great. After the interviews we didn't have much time so we went back and did weekly planning.

Friday -
I had service and it ended up turning into an exchange with elder Fukui. It was fun I enjoyed it. We did our normal service but we also did service at an english club with a bunch of old ladies. I taught about Halloween and brought some of that candy you sent me. I think they liked it, but the candy was really sweet for them. It was a blast.

Saturday -We got to watch conference this day. We went down the the Mission Home with our zone and the one next to us and watched conference all day. It was great I really like a lot of the talks but my favorite was elder Hollands on Sunday. Man he is a bold guy.

Sunday -Another busy day. We went back to Kobe and watched conference. We had a baptismal service for 2 of Elder Fukui and Shinozaki's investigators. It was a really spiritual service and really great. Everyone was really happy and I am sure they both are going to be great members.

Monday -We went out tracting all day but nothing happened. P-day got switched because it was a holiday I guess.

Tuesday (today) -Today we got transfer calls and I found out I was transferring I am pretty excited. Anyways after that we went to Kyoto. There we went to 2 way cool places. One was Kinkakojin a golden building shrine place and to Nijo castle both were way cool. I will send you pictures next week if I can. Both were really awesome I loved it.

The Typhoon missed us so it didn't do much. We just had a lot of rain. It has started to get cold here also. It's nice not being so hot all of the time.
I would love to get Joe's address in the MTC I would love to write him sometime. If you could send it to me that would be great. That is too bad about Matt Prawitt. I hope he gets better soon, will keep him in my prayers.

Thanks for everything,
Love you tons

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