Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sweets Paradise

Snow already? It's still hot out here for the most part but it is slowly starting to cool down, which is way nice it was so hot. It has been raining a bit the last few days too.

Sounds like you all had fun with Jason over there. That was a way cool story about the guy's in Sapporo. I don't think we will run into that anytime soon but if we get desperate enough I will start taking matches around with me.

Yeah I will send Joe a letter soon, today I have a bunch to write so I will get him one. I am sure that you have his address. Could you send it to me please. I got your package this week. It was really great thanks for everything I will be sending pictures back this week I hope you like them and those USB keys were awesome now I don't have to worry about losing my pictures like before.

Eggrolls? I have yet to eat those over here yet. They are actually Chinese food so we don't see a lot of them but they do eat a lot of chinese food. Its good stuff.

Ok anyways, here is my week:

Tuesday - We had interviews with president in Kobe. We ate as a zone at a place called Sweets Paradise. It is an all you can eat dessert place. Tons of cake, Ice cream and all sorts of other stuff. It was really good even though we pretty much ate until we all felt sick. It was a blast. The all you can eat places seem to be a big thing in Japan there are a lot of them and it usually is pretty good food. Afterwards we had interviews with president and district meeting. We also had an exchange planned so I was with my old District Leader Muai choro. We went back to Akashi and the day was over. We also had the Elders from Akou over too. So we had 6 people in the Apt. that night. McBurney (From my MTC Group) is in Akou right now so he was there. It was a blast, maybe a little too crazy but we had a ton of fun. It was a really nice break for me. Man, it was a crazy night but it was way fun.

Wednesday - It rained all day so Muai choro and I went housing. Not much luck there. After housing we went to teach Iwamura, the bible basher guy. Same old story there. I think we are going to drop him this week. He isn't making any sort of progress at all. It is nice to have a lesson each week but he just wants to argue. After that lesson we went back switched comps. and the day was over.

Thursday - We went out contacting most of the day but we didn't have any luck. We were suppose to meet Nicholas and have a lesson but he didn't show up. I talked to him on the phone last night. He said he has been super busy and kind of sick so we won't be able to meet with him for awhile. He really is the only decent investigator we have at the moment. It's a little disappointing.

Friday - We had service in the morning nothing different there. After service I had another exchange with an elder in Kakogawa. It was fun, I like going to the different areas and seeing how other missionaries do things. It was a good exchange. We went housing and found a potential investigator that was really nice but nothing really solid.

Saturday -We went out for a little bit in the morning and then the exchange was over. Went back to Akashi and ate lunch and streeted for around an hour. Afterwords we went back to Kakogawa for this big activity for the YSA in our stake. It was mostly missionaries there but it was still a blast. We played this sport called Kinball. Its a sport from Canada it was pretty crazy. You play with a HUGE ball, 3 teams of 4 people and you have to hit it to other teams and they catch it. If they miss you get points its hard to explain but it was a lot of fun. We got to see all of the missionaries from the zone, it was a blast.

Sunday - We didn't have any of our investigators come this week. Fukui and Shinozaki are doing really great right now though. They should have at least 2 baptisms next week with the possibility of 4. They had a few people come to church. Hopefully all of their baptisms go through. Do you remember that lady I gave a BOM to at church that the member brought. She and her 2 kids are scheduled for next week hopefully it all works out. Also another guy is probabely going to be baptized next week too. They are doing great. Anyways we just went to church and afterwords we went out tracting all day but no luck.

Thanks for the Package it was great. We will get to listen to conference the coming saturday and sunday one week after everyone back home does. I am excited for it. I heard that they are building a temple in Sapporo, Japan. All the members yesterday were excited.

Next week we are going to go to Kyoto. It is where all the big temples and shrines and things are. I am not sure how much of an email if any I will be able to send you but I think you will get one. I am going to send some pictures too today let me know what you think. Tell everyone I love them.

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