Sunday, October 25, 2009

So Phil is finally out now huh? Man thats crazy I bet he was really excited. It sounded like a lot of fun, man I would die for some enchiladas right now. I think that is the food I miss the most. Mexcian Food. Trent is in the Branch Presidency? Thats awesome. The area in our district that is 3 hours away is the same. They have One active member so on Sunday it is usually just the 3 of them sometimes if he can't come its just the missionaries.

Sounds like Thanksgiving is going to be fun. I have been wondering what we should do on Thanksgiving. Maybe we will just go to a nice restaurant or something. Some elders did that last year here in Tanabe and ended up baptizing the lady that works there. She is way cool and a strong member and helps us out a lot.
It looks like Whit had a good time at the dance. They can be a ton of fun or really bad but I am glad she had a lot of fun. The pictures turned out really good. Dad did a good job. I will remember her next Sunday in my fast.

So everyday I am in Tanabe I like it more and more. It is an awesome place. It's really green and we can see mountains and things its pretty sweet.

Monday - After P-day we went back to the apt and ate and rested until it was time to head back out. We went out housing and hadn't really had much luck. We walked up to a house and 2 dogs came out barking at us. We went up and started to pet them and stuff when a car came flying into the driveway and kind of surprised us. We hurried and knocked on the door so it looked like we were doing something and the guy came out of the car and we started talking to him. He was really nice and we told him we were missionaries and he told us to wait for a bit and ran inside. He told us his wife was really interested but had just gotten into the bath so we made an appointment to come back another day. It was really great.

Tuesday - We went and walked around Tanabe and talked to people most of the day. We actually handed out a Book of Mormon to a girl that was working at a phone store. Hopefully we can turn her into an investigator soon. We also had Eikaiwa this night which is always fun.

Wednesday - We did some more walking around Tanabe in the morning and then we had to go to Gobo the area next to us to teach Eikaiwa and visit a member. It use to have missionaries in it but got closed down so it is our responsibility now. We visited a member named Azuma and he is way crazy but needs to be visited. He is way funny and does some crazy stuff but its fun. We taught Eikaiwa then took the 50 min train back home and the day was over.

Thursday -Today was our weekly planning session. After planning we went back out housing and went back to meet that guys wife that had interest. We ended up giving her a book of mormon and got a return appointment to teach her on sunday. It was really exciting. We did a bunch of housing after planning and didn't find anyone but may get a few new Eikaiwa students.

Friday - In the morning we visited with a sort of less active member. She teaches dance and does tons of volunteer work but is too busy sometimes to come to church. She also wants her daughter to be baptized so we are working with her to help her with that. She is awesome and we should be able to baptize her daughter soon it seems like. After that we ate lunch and looked up a bunch of names in the area book to go visit and hopefully get some new investigators. We went way way out into the middle of no where to get some of them and were really only able to contact one of them. She knows some members better and we will have to talk to them about her. Hopefully we can start teaching her soon. After that we went back and had our so called "District Meeting" that we do over the phone for around 20 min because we are too far away from the other area to actually meet. After that we went out and talked with some people and came back home.

Saturday - We did contacting in the morning and around dinner time we had an appointment that Elder Payne had made with a guy around a month ago. Suprisingly enough he remembered and had made sushi and stuff for us. It was really cool. We are going to teach him again this coming week. He is a really nice guy and has a small family also so it could turn out to be really great.

Sunday - This was a way good day. We went to church and had a good time there. It is still surprising to me how small our branch is. We only have around 4 priesthood holders. Definately different from Utah. After church we ate and went and did a little lesson with a member. After that we went to Risa (the lady we gave a bom to and made an appointment with) to teach her with the branch president. The lesson went really great and she really wants to know about the church and said she plans on reading the BOM cover to cover which was way cool. We will be meeting with her again this week. After that we headed home and the day was over.

It was a great week and we have some really good potential right now. We just have to keep trying our best. Tanabe is an awesome place I really like it out here. I hope I get to stay out here a little longer than my last 2 areas.

Anyways it sounds like everyone is doing good back home. I hit my 7 month mark yesterday which is way crazy. Its gone by really fast and at the same time it feels like forever ago its a weird feeling. Thanks for everything i can't wait for the package.

Love you tons Cam

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