Sunday, October 18, 2009


Hey how is it going back home? Sounds like you are all busy and have alot of stuff going on with school and all of that.
My new comp. Elder Payne is really great and We get along well. Tanabe is a cool place. It is way Inaka (Country) and I really like it. I thought it would be tough being in countryside because most missionaries don't like it but so far it has been great. It's really funny because people don't see foreigners much, hardly at all actually, so its a blast. They always look at us and say Hello and other things. The other day we rode by some kids playing soccer and they said "We soccer together?" We played soccer with them for 15 min. or so and it was a blast. Its a way cool place and all the members are awesome.

Ok so last week

Not much really happened this day because we had to get ready for transfers. Almost the whole morning was spent packing and getting ready to go. It was a little weird it felt like I had just gotten there. After packing and all of that we went out housing. The investigator we dropped called us and wanted to meet again. I told him about me transferring and he said he would buy us dinner so we went. We didn't really bible bash this time but I think they will probably keep him dropped. He isn't going anywhere.

Transfer Day. We woke up and met in Kobe with the other missionaries I rode trains all day for around 8 hours until we got to Tanabe. It is really far away from everywhere else in the mission. The next area to us that has missionaries in it is around 2 hours away. The area in our district is 3 hours away and we do district mtg. over the phone. Its pretty crazy but it's fun. By the time we got to the apt. The day was over so we did our planning and called it a night.

Friday we did alot of planning for the transfer, unpacking, and just getting things ready. We went to a place to eat to kick off the transfer. A recent convert works there and it was fun to get to know her. We came back and unpacked, planned for the transfer and put my bike together. At 5:00 we had service for a less active in our ward. She teaches dance and does it for some handicapped kids for free. They bang on the mirrors and things so we go and wipe it down for her. It didn't take long but it was fun and we got to know her better and got an appointment with her. After words we did some more planning and that was it.

We finished up all our weekly and transfer planning in the morning and headed out. We went out to a place called the Big U. It is like a giant study hall and we talked to some people there. We did a practice lesson with a member there too. We practice with them and they help us with our Japanese and how we can improve. It's really useful and we are planning to do it with Less Actives in our ward as a way to reactivate them and it helps us become better teachers too. We did some talking to people out there until it was time to come home.

I was excited to see how the branch was and how big it was in Tanabe since the Akashi and Nishinomiya both were pretty big wards. We had around 15 people there so it will be easy to get to know everyone. It was a good meeting and I got to know some of the members. Since it is small most people have 2 or 3 callings it's amazing how hard they work. They are going to be great to work with. After church we came back and ate, then we visited a Less Active and talked to her. She was doing well and praying everyday. We challenged her to read also and she said she would. Hopefully we can get her back to church soon.

We went to this giant park to do some contacting at afterwards. It was gigantic I have never seen one in the states even close to how big this one was it was really cool. Not very many people were there so we went back to the Big U place and talked again to some people we knew. We were able to give out a Book of Mormon but unable to get a new investigator which is sad but it will happen soon. After that we had to go home and our day was over.

Tanabe is a way cool place I like it here. Its pretty small but it reminds me of home and Springville being the little hick town it is :). All the members and people here are really nice to us and try to help us out in any way that they can. Its going to be a way fun transfer I am sure.

The flu thing isn't much of a problem I don't think over here but you see people wearing masks all the time because its Japan. It might be Im not quite sure to tell you the truth. I know some missionaries have gotten sick. Whats it like back home right now?

How was the new ward? You go to our old building now? Thats kind of a weird change too I bet. How is everyone adjusting to it all? I hope whit is ok let me know what happens with her. She is being watched over thats one thing I am sure of.
Thanks for Joe's address I will send him a letter sometime when I get the chance. When does he leave for the field?

For the Christmas package the only thing I could think of would be gloves. Something I could wear while riding a bike that keeps my hands warm but not like way hot sweaty ones. Other than that I think I am fine. It has gotten a little colder so winter is coming.

Tanabe is great, I really like it out and and am having a fun time. I hope everything is going well back home. Have fun Love you tons.


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