Sunday, November 8, 2009

Hey how is it going back home for everyone? Having fun?
Sounds like everyone is having a good time teaching the dog how to sit and all that made me laugh. Think sage will still be around when I get back home?

I've been thinking about Joe and Phil. The MTC is a hard place to be at sometimes. It is a great spiritual place but it can be really stressful, the food sucks, and other things too but you learn a lot and grow a lot too so its all worth it. I'm sure they are both doing great and will be awesome missionaries.

I was thinking about how some of the guys I know are hitting their year marks which is way weird. I will hit my 1/3 mark in 2 weeks which is pretty crazy too. It feels like I just left but it also feels like forever ago that I was home so its a weird feeling.

So the new ward is good? I have to admit it will be weird coming home to a new ward. The Peterson's are in our ward now? I didn't know that. Oh before i forget could you send me the information for our new ward so I can tell the honbu that my stuff has changed. I bet dad is way fun in YM with Craig too its gotta be a blast.

Christmas package already? Ok well somethings I thought of are Sweaters for sure. Could you send me my under armor leg things in the next package sometimes it gets cold enough you will want them I guess. I can get gloves and things out here. I think I am fine on shirts and all that. Things I want would be that Kansai Ben book I talked about earlier. Other than that surprise me!

This week was alright but not as successful as the last 2 weeks.

Tuesday we had an exchange with the elders in Wakayama. We were suppose to have a lesson with Risa but she had to cancel or something like that so we weren't able to teach her. We spent most of the day walking around because we only had 2 bikes and the other 2 took them. I was with Elder Magleby a way cool guy and we walked around for awhile when we saw this festival thing going on. We walked over and there were these guys carrying this golden shrine thing on their shoulders that looked a lot like the ark of the covenant. Then there were some guys carrying a guy that was dressed up like a monkey. The guys with the gold thing had to get past the monkey guys without dropping it. It was pretty crazy but kind of cool too. Once they got in we watched some guys pretend to fight each other then they threw free mochi (Rice stuff) at everyone it was awesome and totally crazy at the same time. After that we did Eikaiwa and called it a day.

Wednesday- We finished up our kokan and ate at a tabehodai (all you can eat) which was way good. We tried to dendo at a small mall in our area but we didn't find anyone interested. We left to Gobo and visited a member over there and then taught eikaiwa. Only 2 people came so it's a little frustrating because we have to go all the way out there spend money and time to teach hardly anyone. After class the day was over.

Thursday - We started the day off by doing our weekly planning. Elder Payne got permission from president to register for his BYU classes so we came back to the email place and he registered for all of his stuff. Afterwords we went out housing but didn't have much luck.

Friday - We did a practice lesson with a member in the morning. It helps our Japanese a lot, and we get good feedback so its been something we have been trying to do lately to become better teachers. After teaching we decided to go way out into the countryside area and try it out and let me see some parts of the area I hadn't been to yet. We got all the way out there and of course we have bike troubles. Something happened to Elder Payne's bike and his gear got stuck in the very highest one because the wire just snapped randomly. We tried to find a shop around that could fix his bike but no one had the parts. We headed back to the apt. so we could get it fixed. Just bad luck. We were suppose to have a lesson with Risa but we couldn't get a male member to come with us. That is one thing that isn't fun about the country side is only have around 4 or 5 priesthood holders and when all of them are tied up we can't do much about it. After getting back we went out for a bit and then headed back home.

Saturday- We went and got his bike fixed first thing in the morning and after that we had a lesson with Kinoshita. We taught him lesson one and showed him part of the restoration video. It went well but we think that the Joseph Smith experience kind of freaked him out. He was definatley different after the lesson. He really likes to cook and made us apple pie. It was totally awesome and tasted like the stuff back home. He is really cool I hope we can help him out. After that lesson we went around and housed for a bit. It was Elder Payne's 2 year mark as a missionary so we ate with some members. That was pretty fun. After eating the day was over.

Sunday - We were really excited because we had called Risa and asked her to come to church earlier and she said she would come but she never did. We tried calling her twice but she didn't answer so we are a little worried. Hopefully it all works out. After church we went out and contacted some old investigators and some potentials and didn't have much luck there.

I still really like Tanabe its an awesome place. I can't believe how fast the transfer has gone by. It only has 2 weeks left which is way crazy I can't believe it. Its a lot of fun and we are trying our best. These next 2 weeks are going to be busy and this transfer will be over before I know it. Its been a lot of fun so far out here.
Love you so much thanks for everything

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