Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hey how is it going? Sounds like it is starting to get cold out there. It is here too but I don't think we will be having snow or anything like that.
Springville is actually good at football? Maybe getting that new coach was a good idea I guess. I am sure they will get destroyed by Timpview but you never know. Hopefully they pull it off. Sounds like Morgan is going to have fun at basketball. I hope she scores some baskets this year. Thanks for the Package stuff. I have interviews this week so I can ask president for permission. One thing you sent in the last package that you actually are not suppose to send is beef jerky. Some weird thing in Japan about it I am not sure but don't send any please. Thanks for the info on the ward. It was weird getting their newsletter and having a bunch of names I didn't know.

Ok this week wasn't the most exciting week ever but we tried.

Tuesday - We had made Brownies and some Pumpkin bread from some stuff that Payne Choro's mom sent to him on P-day. We went around and delivered a bunch of it to investigators, Less Actives, and other people. While we were doing that we visited some Potential Investigators and housed but didn't find anyone new. We did have a lesson right before Eikaiwa with an older man named Sengo. He said he has interest but it isn't really very big at the moment so we will see what happens with him over the next few weeks. Hopefully it turns out right. We taught Eikaiwa after that nothing really special happened there. After the class we got a ride home from a member because it was pouring rain like crazy.

Wendsday - Before we could start we had to walk back to the church in the morning to grab our bikes. After that we grabbed some lunch and went out for a bit before we went to Gobo for Eikaiwa. We went to Gobo and visited Azuma again for Payne choro's last time. He was still crazy as ever. Afterwords we taught Eikaiwa which is starting to get old. We ride a train way out to Gobo just to teach 2 or 3 people. If it ends up being a waste of time we might not do it anymore in the coming transfer. After Eikaiwa we headed home.

Thursday - We had an exchange scheduled this day with the other 2 elders in our district. We went to Shingu and it is 3 hours by train...yeah way out there. So we left in the morning and headed out there. They are in an interesting situation out in Shingu. They have only 1 active member and the senior comp is the branch president. It is a little smaller than Tanabe. I can't imagine trying to work without a branch. It has to be really hard. Can you imagine going to church on Sunday and having 3 people at church and 2 are missionaries? Man its crazy. Anyways we went out and did contacting for awhile then we went to a sushi place. My first time eating sushi in Japan actually. It was really good but pretty expensive. Afterwords we taught Eikaiwa and the day was over.

Friday - We headed back home and didn't get back until around 2:00. We did service for the dance place and did Weekly Planning. We did visit a Less Active Sister Okemoto. She was baptized around 20 years ago but did it for the missionaries and didn't really know what was going on. She doesn't have a testimony and we are trying to help her get one. Hopefully we can help her.

Sat. - We had lunch with the 4 other Gajin in Tanabe on Saturday. We went and ate hoping that we would have a chance to talk about religion and stuff but one of the ladies at the start kind of shut us down by talking about her pastor and stuff back home. It was kind of weird because they all talked about movies, tv, and things on the internet that we had no idea about. It kind of made me laugh how much is going on and we have no idea about it. It was fun to eat lunch with them. After that we rode way out to Shirahama and I saw a little more of the area. We talked to one guy that is a photographer that Payne has met before. He has talked to missionaries in the past and hopefully we will be able to get a lesson again with him sometime.

Sunday - We went to church and had lunch with members afterwords. I actually had to give a 15 min talk in Japanese which isn't the easiest thing in the world. I did alright. After church we went out looking for some Former Investigators but they moved away which was way frusterating. We were able to Visit Risa which was great. Her son got the flu also so we couldn't do a lesson and she couldn't come to church but we have a lesson for tomorrow. She will try to come to church next Sunday too. Hopefully it all works out.

Other than that not a lot really happened so hopefully this coming week is a better one. I guess we will see what happens.

Ok so tons of missionaries keep asking me about the mini PMG so could you tell me the story behind that and where you got it so I can tell them where they could get it and stuff. Thanks. Also your Banana Bread recipe is something I want to try to make when we make things for members and things. Is it hard to make? Could you send that to me also? Thanks

Love you tons Thanks for everything

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