Monday, November 23, 2009

Hey well crazy stuff has been going on this week so far. After Payne Choro left I had to head up to Wakayama to spend these 3 days with 2 other missionaries. We actually weren't able to do email because it was a holiday so I probably won't have a lot of time to do it today. Anyways we had transfer calls and well its pretty crazy. I am of course staying in Tanabe but I am going to be a Trainer and also am going to be District Leader. I was pretty shocked to say the least. It is exciting and scary at the same time. I know that if we work hard we will be just fine. I won't find out who my new Comp. is until this Thursday when I go to pick him up. Its going to be a lot of fun.

Ok anyways here is our week.

Monday - We had just a normal P-day but afterwords right before we headed out we got a call from the Enamoto's. They invited us over for Sukiyaki. It has got to be one of my favorite things to eat in Japan so far. It is a pot with a mix of soy sauce sugar and a few other things and they put a bunch of Meat, Veggies and tofu and stuff in it and boil it up. You then grab whatever you want dip it in raw egg and eat it. It is way, way good. I love it. It was a ton of fun.

Tuesday - We were suppose to have a lesson with Risa but she cancelled on us again. She said she would come to church on sunday but didn't show up. She started out with so much potential but kind of has dropped off of the map. Its a little disappointing. Instead of meeting with her we went housing I think. We went to see if we could find any service activities at the community center but we couldn't find any that didn't involve kids (we can't do service with kids). We also got together our Eikaiwa class and went out to eat that night. It was a ton of fun and we ate a ton of food.

Wendsday - We had interviews with president this day. After interviews we went to a Yaki Niku all you can eat restuarant. Yaki Niku is one of my favorites also. You go and get a plate fill it with a bunch of raw meat and then cook it at your table over an open grill that is built into the table. Its really good, I wish they had them in the states but oh well. It was a 3 hour ride one way so we went back and taught the Gobo Eikaiwa and the day was over.

Thursday - We had a totally open day so we went housing most of the day. We went and contacted a bunch of old Former and Potential investigators but none of them had any interest anymore. It was a little disappointing that we couldn't find anyone but it happens.

Friday - We had to wait for the Airport people to come pick up Payne's luggage so we waited for that for 3 hours or so. After that we went housing then to service and then ate dinner. We did some more housing afterwords but didn't have much luck this day either.

Sat. - In the morning we headed out and started to dendo. We were able to talk to a guy Payne has met before. He is a guitar teacher that studied in the U.S. A really cool guy, has a family and all that. He is a good potential investigator and hopefully we can get him to change into a real investigator soon. After that we went back and ate lunch. While eating payne choro started cleaning up his stuff and we ended up cleaning the apt. I didn't realize how disgusting it actually was until we started doing it man it was bad. We got it all cleaned up though and man it looks half decent now. After all of that we went out and housed for the rest of the night without much luck.

Sunday - We had 2 people come to church which was awesome. One girl is the daughter of a member that we need to start teaching once she gets some free time. Her mom is really great and helps us out with some of our new converts. Hopefully we can get the ball rolling on her soon. She said she would give us a call when she has some time. The other girl that came was an old investigator that is friends with the girl Payne choro baptized last transfer. When she was committed to be baptized she kind of fell off. She said this time though that if she finds it to be true she will be baptized. We are really excited to start to teach her and hopefully will make a date for her next time we teach her. For the rest of the day we talked to members did a little bit of contacting and got Payne choro ready to head home.
Monday - We had to get up a little early and took the bus to Wakayama. On our way we got a call from President McIntyre and i found out that I will be training and also be the new District Leader. We dropped Payne Choro off in Osaka with another elder that is headed home and I left with the Wakayama Elders. I will be with them until Thursday morning then I have to head back to Kobe and get my new comp. It should be fun

Thanks for all of the emails this week. I want to try to make that bread for people in the ward as christmas presents we will see how it goes. I will try to get some of those questions answered I hope i have time.

love you tons thank you for everything.

Love you

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