Sunday, August 1, 2010


Hey how is everyone? Sounds like some sad stuff happened back home. I am sorry but well I am sure things will turn out for him and he will be able to be with his family forever.

Anyways I got the package kind of... We got the slip at the apt that the post office has it and we just haven't had a time where we have been in the apt long enough to get it we have been super busy so we don't really have time to wait and get it so hopefully tomorrow we should have time. Also tomorrow is Transfer calls so we will see what happens we are both excited for it.

So this was a pretty good week. Numbers wise actually the worst of the transfer but we had a lot of good stuff happen.

Tuesday - We had District Meeting in Abeno. So the other Elders and Sisters in our district are in a place called Abeno which is the heart of Osaka and its pretty much the most city area in our entire mission. There are people everywhere, lots of crazies, homeless people, and pretty iffy people so its always an adventure going out there. We did a split there later in the week that I will talk about. Anyways we had DM and it was our DL's last time. He is from Payson and is a great guy. It will be sad to see him go he is by far the funnest DL i have had on the mission. After DM we had a mtg with Hashimoto to say ``Good Bye`` I tried to be really bold and commit him to baptism and stuff but it just won't get through. We are going to get some members to help us now because as missionaries I don't think we can do much. Afterwords we had Eikaiwa which was alright then headed back out to Abeno for the exchange and spent the night there.

Wednesday - I got to dendo with my son Elder Enta! (If you train someone you become their dad and they your son... yeah i know missionaries are losers but whatever) We went around Abeno and did some dendo but its really hard because its almost too city and no one will listen to you which is frustrating sometimes but you make it work. We went to a bunch of famous places in Osaka and then ate out at an all you can eat Chinese place which was pretty good.

Thursday - We got stood up for a lesson and then just dendoed all day but it was raining so it wasn't too good.

Friday - We had a tour of the church for a friend of ours in the morning that went alright. He doesn't have tons of interest but I think that it was good for him. Right in the middle of the tour I got a call from hashimoto saying he wanted to meet with us so we met him at the church after the tour. He just wanted to get all of our contact information so after we transfer we can still stay in contact. He says he can't meet with us but its not true. He still wants to meet and keeps coming up with excuses i Think. This Wednesday we will have a lesson I think so hopefully things can get better. We went out later that day and did some dendo and only got 1 investigator.

Sat. - We had a lesson with Yuki in the morning and he stood us up for the 3rd time so needless to say I was a little unhappy. We had a lesson with a guy named Isham at his restaurant later that day too. He is from Morocco and is looking for something new. We got an Arabic BOM and went there but of course he wasn't there. We met his wife and ate some food and left a note in the BOM about church. Our 3rd lesson went through with a guy named Hiromichi. We met him the week before. He has interest but is really into hip hop and rap and stuff so he has more interest in the american lifestyle. I don't know if I have told you or not but everyone over here thinks that america is like the most dangerous place in the world. I can't tell you how many times I have been asked on the street if we carry guns with us every where we go and stuff like that. He was asking us questions like that and we found out he does weed and stuff so its going to be a little harder to baptize him but we will work on it. He is a good guy and hopefully things work out with him. He was suppose to come to church but went out late that night and couldn't wake up.

Sun.- So right after sacrament meeting I looked out into the foyer and I couldn't believe who was standing there. It was Isham the guy we visited before he apologized a ton and stuff and we took him upstairs to do a lesson. It went really good. The day before he met us he decided to quit smoking and drinking and to get away from his bad friends. He is looking really good right now and is a great guy. I guess he has met missionaries before and really thinks alot about our church and wants to join a Christan one. He thinks the word of wisdom is great. I committed him to baptism and he said he would get baptized if he feels its right. The spirit was way strong and I am excited to teach him. He is a way cool guy and can speak Arabic,French,Spanish,English, and Japanese so its pretty crazy.

After church we went to the Kato family`s house. It was our 2nd time and they are the coolest family ever. They don't have a ton of interest right now but like talking and feeding us. They gave us Sushi, and a bunch of other good stuff. Afterwords we went to a park near there house and watched some fireworks show that they do ever year. Some religion does it and man it totally owns americas fireworks hands down way cool.

So yeah it was a good week. Thanks for everything your awesome mom I can't wait to get my package tomorrow. I will let you know what happens with transfers next week.
Love you

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