Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Hey, how is everyone?

I got your package thanks a ton everything is way great and should be awesome.

So we had transfer calls this week. Elder Draper got transferred to Shikoku a new part of the mission to a place called Marugame lucky guy. I got a new companion and his name is Elder Suzuki. He is transfer 9 and we are Co senior. I am also back to being a DL so my nights are busy again. In my district its just 2 sisters and the senior couple so its kind of boring but oh well it will work. They pulled the elders out of the area due to some problems with members not working with them hopefully they will learn and can get elders back soon.

Tuesday - We spent most of the day getting ready for transfers and getting elder Draper all packed up and his stuff shipped off. We also had Eikaiwa which was normal nothing really special. The one in Habikino is really weak and I would love for it to get stronger but it really isn't moving along too great.

Wednesday - We spent a lot of time running around meeting people. We had a lesson in the morning with Hashimoto so he could say goodbye to Draper. He gets weirder and weirder every time we meet with him it seems like. I don't know if we will be able to do much with him this next transfer or not but we will see I guess. We also met with another guy named Yuta who is a friend of ours we take to activities but he doesn't really have a lot of interest in the gospel. We also met with Isham and said goodbye to him also. We found out that he is going to Nagoya which is way too bad but may be coming back so we still have hope for him. He said he wants to look up the church out there and was going to give me a call but I haven't gotten one from him yet.

Thursday - We went out and got our new comps in the morning. I brought Suzuki back to the apt and we planned for awhile and waited for his luggage to show up. Both of the companies were late and we didn't get out till later and didn't have much luck finding anyone. Suzuki is pretty cool. Something that is driving me crazy though is that since he has come my Japanese has turned into crap. Something I have noticed on my mission is that there is sometimes people you just can't understand or talk to well no matter how hard you try and my comp ended up being one of those people so we are having some communication problems. I haven't been this stressed out about Japanese since my 5th transfer so its way annoying hopefully I can get over it soon. He hasn't had too much luck on his mission so far so hopefully we can see some good stuff this transfer.

Friday - We visited a LA in the morning whose kids have yet to be baptized. The father wasn't home but one of the sons were and we talked with him for a bit. Hopefully we can get a hold of him later. After that we ate and headed out to dendo near a college. Its summer break right now so its pretty barren but we were able to find one new investigator there. After that we went to Fujidera eki and streeted and found one person there which was nice.

Sat. - We met with Hashimoto in the morning and had a decent lesson. We committed him to have some more specific prayers and try to find a way to get baptized. He accepted but was pretty concerned about it we will see how it goes with him the rest of this transfer.

Sun. Pretty normal chuch. Afterwords we visited some people and talked with one LA. He is pretty busy and says he can't come to church but hopefully he changes soon. We streeted at Fujidera like always and it was pretty bad. Some guy freaked out on Suzuki and got up in his face like he was going to fight him so that was pretty random. Not much happened other than that.

So yeah its been alright so far. Hopefully I can get over this weird Japanese wall thing that just popped up soon too its way frustrating. This next week should be fun. I have a 3 day meeting in Kobe where we stay there overnight for all the DL and ZL and Trainers in the east side of the mission. first time they are doing it so everyone is pretty excited. Should be a lot of fun.

Love you tons

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