Sunday, August 15, 2010


Thanks for the email. Its great to hear from you and sounds like you had a pretty busy week with all of the cousins over to visit.

I am glad that you had a good time giving your talk. I wish I was as good of a writer as dad is and could write good talks like him. In this ward the bishop has the missionaries give a talk every week about missionary experiences so we switch on and off. I gave mine yesterday not too big of a deal, we are pretty use to it but its only around 35 people so not too bad.

This was a pretty good week.

Tuesday - We had a decent day. We spent the morning out trying to visit old investigators and LA members. We didn't actually get to meet any of them but left notes and one of the LA's came to church which was pretty cool. While we were out we met an old investigator and made an appointment which was cool. We had english class later that night but it rained super hard and no one came which was a first so far. For some reason the Habikino english class is really weak and something we really need to work on and strengthen. Hopefully its some thing we can do this transfer.

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday -
We had the leadership conference in Kobe for 3 full days. I stayed in Kobe with around 12 other missionaries and man it was probably the funnest 3 days of my mission so far. We really learned a lot of great stuff from president McIntyre. My fav. part was learning about the Doctrine of Christ and really getting down to the purpose of missionary work and then working up from there. Its kind of sad sometimes how we forget about it but the doctrine of Christ is really the center of the gospel and we just build on it from there. Its something I really want to learn and understand better then teach it to my investigators and hopefully see them change.
It was a ton of fun to see a bunch of friends and make new ones. 12 missionaries in one apt makes it pretty crazy and a ton of fun. I can't wait for the next one and hope that I am still in a leadership position so I can go again

We were able to find one new investigator. He was kind of weird but agreed to meet again on Tuesday so hopefully that works out. Other than that not much luck. We spent most of our time out trying to find people because I had been in Kobe for 3 days and my comp went to a different area so our numbers were pretty bad at that point. At the end of the day we met Ishams wife randomly and found out that he didn't go to Nagoya which was cool. We called him up that night and invited him to church which he said he was going to go to but never showed up.

Sunday -
In the middle of sacrament one guy that is from canada in our ward waved to us to come out and there was some old guy standing outside the church with a Jehovahs Witness bible in his hand talking about religion and stuff. Somehow we managed to get him into the last half of sacrament meeting. He is researching lots of different religions and is interested but doesn't believe that just one is correct. Hopefully we can change that. We didn't get to do a lesson because he had to leave right after sacrament mtg but we should be able to meet with him sometime this week.

After church I headed out to Abeno (Downtown Osaka) to interview the sisters baptismal canidate. She is 7 years old and he grandparents are helping her get baptized. Since both of her parents are not members its considered a convert baptism and I had to do the interview. She was pretty nervous but did a good job and is going to be baptized this coming Sunday. Afterwords we headed back ate some food and went out streeting, we only had an hour and didn't have much finding but for only being in the area for 3 days it was a pretty good week I would say.

Thanks for the package it was really great. I think that this coming week is going to be really good and we should be able to get a few people committed to baptism and hopefully get dates set up.

Thanks for everything
Love you tons

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