Monday, August 23, 2010


Man, it is crazy hot. I think this week has been by far the hottest yet and probably the one where I have been the most tired but we had another good week which was great.

Tuesday - It was a long hot, hard day and we didn't have much luck to start our week off. While we worked hard we didn't have much luck and then no one, not a single person came to english class which is a mission first.

Wednesday - We spent the morning going out and visiting LA and old investigators. We decided to go meet one younger investigator whose parents are members but LA. We met with him and were able to make another appointment. When we told the members they all got pretty excited and think that we will have a good chance of baptizing him so we are excited about that. we are going to meet with him this Wednesday.

Also later that night we were out by a train station doing some streeting and as we were headed home i talked to a guy i was standing by while at a stop light. Turns out he was going to church that night and we talked for a bit and introduced the BOM. We were able to set up another appointment for the next week which was way awesome.

Thursday - We were able to meet with Isham at his restaurant which was cool. We were hoping to do a lesson with him but he had a few people eating at his place and his daughter was really loud and stuff so we just ate and invited him to church. He didn't show up which was a bit of a disappointment. We had a lot of hope for him but not much really going on with him and it seems like his desire is not as strong as we thought it might be.

Friday - we found a guy that is from California. His name is Qamar and he agreed to meet with us next Thursday. He is way smart and we talked in english for about 30 min on the side of the street. I am excited to teach him but I think it will be pretty tough the guy is super smart and has really studied a lot about religion and things like that so we will see how it goes.

Sat. - We had a lesson with the random old guy that came to church the week before named tatsumi. He is really weird and we thought that he might be crazy but after the lesson we figured out he isn't handicapped or anything just really weird. So we tried to teach him but he kept taking things off subject and stuff like that which was hard. We were only able to teach the first 2 principles of the first lesson. He agreed to come to church the next day and read the Bom

Sun. - Tatsumi came to church which was cool but i was a little disappointed that Isham didn't show. While we were waiting for the meeting to start I was talking to tatsumi and showed him some pictures in the front of the BOM. One is of baptism so I decided to comitt him on the spot and was able to get a date out of him. So Sept. 12 is his date for baptism. He has a long ways to go and we have so much to teach him but he seems pretty interested and hopefully we can help him out. We ended up going out to do some home teaching with a member later that night which was pretty fun

So yeah it was a pretty good week, just blazing hot. This next coming week is full of lessons and things like that so we are pretty happy to see what happens. hopefully everything goes well. I do have one question for you. Could you try to find a talk called: The 4th Missionary by Lawrence C. Corbridge done in 2002. if you can find it just send it over email to me please

Thank you for everything


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