Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Haha (Mom..No I am not joking it really is haha)

Sounds like a busy trip. The plane ride was really long but I just slept most of the time I think a good 7 or 8 hours. I took some dramamine so I would fall asleep or else I wouldn't have been able to do it. Sounds like they are trying really hard to find out what is wrong and its going to all work out. Let me know what happens with everything.

I got an email from Burns this week sounds like he is having a good time in Norway. I can't wait until we all get back and I get to hang out with the guys again those were fun times.

School shopping, no I can say I don't really miss that but this week during our exchange the day was over and Elder Fukui needed a shirt so we went into this mall. One store had pretty good Ingrish (Terrible english what we call it) on them and I found a shirt that has a hand on it that says Index Finger on it and below it it say's "Even Homer sometimes nods" I had to buy it maybe I will get you a picture some time.

This has been a pretty good week.

Tuesday we had a really open day so we went around trying to talk to people but no one was really interested in what we had to say.

Wednesday was open as well and same situation, no one really wanted to listen. We had a lesson with a guy named Iwamura who is christan. He really knows the bible well and we are trying to show him why need prophets and the book of mormon but it's difficult to get it through to him sometimes. I hope it gets better with him. He is a really good person, if he was baptized he would be a very strong member, we just have to get him there.

Thursday we went up to Miki for district meeting and then came back to Akashi and did Weekly Planning. We only had around 1 1/2 hours for contacting. We were walking down the street and this really big guy, big for back home huge over here walks up and says "Hey Elders how are you doing" All in english. I was surprised to say the least. He has lived in the states and I think heard the lessons but doesn't want to take them again. He said all this stuff how he really respects us and stuff, but didn't want to meet. He was a great guy.

Friday we went out to Himeji and went to their District Mtg. and then had an exchange and I got to see McBurney again. We had a lot of fun trying to talk to people even with our broken Japanese but we got a Potential Investigator. After wards we were going to cold stone when we saw that Huge Guy again. We talked to him again for awhile and he still didn't want to meet but was really nice and friendly.

Saturday we had English class and finished up our exchange. We went out the rest of the day but couldn't find anyone with any promise.

Sunday was super busy. We were at church for 8 hours, and I thought 3 was bad! Anyways, we had a lesson with Armia and committed him to baptism and set a goal with him. He has a problem with coffee but, we will try to help him work it out. I don't think I will be here in Akashi when he is baptized but, he will be baptized this year. I also met another one of our investigators on Sunday. His name is Nicholas Attigah and is from Ghana. Really cool guy, he fed us some Ghana food that night it was good. I am not sure how close he is to baptism but hopefully he will be soon. He is a really great nice guy. Miki the other elders in our district also had a baptism in our building because they don't have a font. Their investigator actually asked Elder Fukui to baptize her so he did that and everything went really well. It's the second baptism I have seen so far and next week that should change to 3. We also planned Yoshida's baptism program and got him all ready I am excited for next week it should be great.

That's the week. It was a good one. I can't believe that I am already 4 weeks in to this transfer and its almost over. It's gone by really quick. I got the package this week. Thanks for the coat it looks like it will get the Job done. The food and treats were great too. Thanks

Thanks for everything,
Love you,

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