Monday, August 24, 2009

Ok so talk about a busy week this week. It was crazy.

Tuesday we went up to Himeji for an exchange. One of the elders is hurt right now and can't go out so I stayed with him in the apt. while elder Fukui went out and contacted a few of their investigators that they hadn't met with in awhile. That took the whole day.

Wednesday we helped a less active family move out of their house. We did that until around 1:00 afterwords we went contacting and taught Iwamura again. He likes to argue a lot and really isn't going anywhere still. I sometimes wonder if he is trying to convert us but it's fun talking to him he is a nice guy and has good intentions. I just need to learn more about the bible he knows it through and through its crazy.

Thursday was really busy too. We had a lesson in the morning with one of our investigators named Lelia. She has been investigating for awhile now and been committed to baptism twice but rejected both times. We had 2 members with us and they really helped us out. We talked about the Word of Wisdom and the Restoration again with her. We committed her to baptism again and she had a lot of concerns but the members jumped in and helped us out a lot. They shared a lot of experiences they had when they were investigators and she accepted for the 27th of Sept. We will have to keep working with her but it was really good.

After that we went to District Meeting which is always good. Then we took the bus back again and had a lesson with the Kondo family. They are a part member family. The father is a member but the wife and 2 kids are not. The wife thinks that baptism is weird and doesn't want the kids or her self to be baptized. I don't know why the dad doesn't push harder but we tried. It is hard with her, I am not quite sure what will happen. We ended the day after the lesson. Way busy day.

Friday was a little more open. We had service like usual. After that we did study and weekly planning. We looked through the area book and called up old investigators and was able to get an appointment with one of them on Tuesday it should be good. We went out and handed out English class flyers for a good 2 or 3 hours hoping to get some new students for class the next day.

Saturday we had english class but no new students sadly enough. After class we went out and did a lot of finding but didn't have any luck there.

Sunday was a great day. Yoshidasan's baptism went really great. He has been coming to church for 20 years but never been baptized.He had a hard time with some commandments and everyone had given up on him except for Fukui choro. He got him all ready and good to go, it took a few months but it happened. A member baptied him it went great he had a lot of support there which is always good too. I will send a picture to you in a separate email I remembered today. He is the older one.
We also had a lesson with a member and her daughter. Her daughter is not baptised because the father doesn't want her to be but we talked with her about it and she also has a date now for baptism in Sept.

We did a short lesson with Arima and he is doing well too. After church and stuff we went out finding didn't find anyone but there was this group of break dancers by the station it was awesome. I couldn't believe some of the stuff they were doing it was really cool.

One of the busiest weeks I have had in Japan so far. It went by fast and the transfer is almost already over. Sounds like everyone is doing well back home too. This week will be busy too we have a lot of exchanges planned to finish off the transfer. I am not sure where I will be after this transfer but we will find out next week.

Love you,

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